Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Fund

Colorado College encourages innovative, discipline-specific and interdisciplinary faculty proposals, include "team" proposals that will increase the number of CC and CC-affiliated international programs, improve international programs already established at CC, or broaden the range of the College's internationally-oriented courses. Through the generosity of the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, awards approximately $15,000 annually to support course development and affiliation/exchange development.

Faculty will be invited to submit a proposal in Block 1.

Please see the Sept. 2023 call on the Dean of Faculty Internal Grants page.


Proposals should contain the following sections in this order:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Title of the proposal/course
  3. Project description
  4. Process and timeline. Identify the timeline in the development of the course or exchange program. This will include activities to be performed before and after the travel. Identify when the proposed course/exchange program will be launched.
  5. Itemized budget and budget justification. Include supplementary sources of funding that you have secured/will seek to support the project.
  6. Other relevant information

Eligible expenses:

  • Flight: Least-cost economy fare
  • Ground transportation outside of the U.S.
  • Living allowances for lodging and meals. Receipts will be needed for all expenses. CJE grant living allowances are not available using the per diem (no receipts) method.

These are the maximum budget values based on the duration of the trip.

  • $125 per day for days 1-7
  • $100 per day for days 8-15
  • $75 per day for days 16-30
  • $50 per day for days 31-42


Anticipated in Block 2. Additional applications will be considered if funds are still available after the deadline.

Finance and reporting procedures:

  • All expenses must have receipts.
  • Grantees are responsible for organizing the receipts and converting expenses into USD.
  • Expenses are to be charged or reconciled to the grantee's research account.

Eligibility and conditions:

  1. The grant is only available to continuing full-time faculty members who will be able to implement the proposed course/project at CC.
  2. A grantee cannot receive a supplemental grant in a subsequent year to offset a failure to cover expenses with an earlier grant.
  3. If substantial revision to a proposed project is needed, the faculty members should discuss the modifications with the Assistant to the Dean.
  4. Grantees must submit reports to the Dean's Office at the end of the grant period, summarizing achievements and expenditures. The grantee cannot be considered for additional support until this report is filed.
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