Housing Scholarship

2023 Summer Student Researcher Housing Need-Based Scholarship


  • Continuing Colorado College students
  • Participating in full-time funded summer research experience with CC faculty for the period of active research
  • Funding source for the student's stipend must be from a CC managed fund (e.g., Faculty Student Collaborative Grant, divisional executive committee grants, faculty research account, and external grants awarded to CC faculty)
  • Receiving need-based financial aid from Colorado College (awards are prorated according to need value) 

The official application will open 2nd Tuesday Block 7 (4/11/23) here and is first come, first serve.

Students must also submit an application for on campus housing. The application for need-based housing support is separate from the Summer Housing Application.

To review rates and information about Summer Housing, please visit the Summer Session Room and Board webpage.

Meal plan: You can choose to purchase meal plans A, B, or C.  The meal plan dollars will be available to you for the whole summer. The meal plan cost is NOT covered by the housing scholarship.

Tax: For income tax purposes, the housing scholarship income may be taxable.

Special information for International Students: For students who are nonresident aliens, US law requires a withholding of federal income tax on research fellowships and housing scholarships.



The application opens the second Tuesday of Block 7 (4/11/23). Scholarship awards are made for the actual dates covered by the research stipend, for up to 10-weeks. Awards will be need-based, and will granted first-come-first served (applications are time-stamped) until the housing award fund is exhausted. All awards will be based on the rate of a double room. Students are encouraged to submit their online application as soon as possible.

Step 1: The ONLINE APPLICATION FORM will open and be activated here.

Step 2: After you fill in the housing scholarship form, you need to complete the Summit Residential Life Housing Request Form. You can cancel your housing request if you do not get sufficient housing scholarship award.


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