Planning for 2022 CLASP Meeting

Dear CLASP Community,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Colorado College in November 2022!

For those who are unfamiliar with CLASP (Colleges of Liberal Arts - Sponsored Programs), I provide some background information.

~ Tess Powers, Director of Faculty Research Support

CLASP (Colleges of Liberal Arts Sponsored Programs) was formed in 1996 as an informal discussion group for liberal arts college professionals whose responsibilities include aiding faculty and staff in the search for and management of external funding support. Since its modest beginning—only six institutions were represented at an impromptu meeting in spring 1997—CLASP has grown considerably. By Spring 2022, there were 613 subscribers representing 319 institutions.

In 1997, CLASP held its first annual meeting at Vassar College and has since held meetings hosted by CLASP subscribers at other liberal arts colleges. The meeting agendas have covered a variety of topics and included guest speakers from federal and private funding agencies as well as from liberal arts colleges and universities. The November 2022 Conference will be the first CLASP meeting at Colorado College.

CLASP's purpose is to provide a resource for sponsored research administrators at liberal arts colleges that will promote and strengthen the member's abilities to respond to research support and policy issues as they arise. CLASP stays connected through a listserv that provides a forum where questions related to sponsored research concerns can be asked and answers are almost instant.

CLASP membership within the structure of individual institutions is diverse, with subscribers located in various offices on campus, including: development or advancement (foundation and corporate relations), provost, dean of faculty, controller/treasurer, or some other administrative or academic unit. CLASP subscribers are responsible for some or all of "sponsored research" management activities at their institutions and increasingly CLASP subscribers have the term “sponsored” in their job titles or are based within a “sponsored programs office.” CLASP is primarily focused on issues relative to small liberal arts institutions, although the same issues are faced by most institutions.


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Colorado College (aka “CC”), Colorado Springs (aka “the Springs”)

Dates - November 2022

Opening reception Wednesday evening, November 9th, 4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Thursday, November 10th - full day, ending with dinner downtown

Friday, November 11th, morning session only

(Pre-conference sessions on Wednesday, November 9th)


We are so thrilled that 65 people have registered!

The registration page for our Fall 2022 CLASP Meeting at Colorado College is now closed.

Covid Reminders

  • Colorado College has a vaccination requirement for its students, faculty and staff, and I am hopeful that CLASP institutions set similar expectations.
  • We have chosen large spaces for the purposes of have a bit more elbow room, but we will not be able to be 6 feet apart.
  • There will be options for a few to eat outside at nearly all meals. (I am working on our Thursday lunch.)
  • For general campus information, please visit our Covid-19 Updates page for mitigation and campus protocols.
  • Please note: Masking is optional on campus. All may choose to wear a mask at any time, for any reason. We ask that you bring well-fitting N95 or KN95 masks for your visit.
  • Please note that, per our Visitors Policy, visitors must not come to campus if they have tested positive for covid within the last 10 days, are experiencing symptoms, or have been told to quaratine or isolate.
  • If you arrive and discover you are experiencing symptoms, please contact Tess at 719-235-3067. I will do my best to "zoom you in" from the hotel.

Exploring the Area

"Get to Know Colorado Springs" - an updated hipper version of the area's attractions (by Admissions).

I just visited the Olympic Museum & Paraolympic Museum in downtown Colorado Springs for the first time - and it is amazing.


  • Pre-conference sessions on Wednesday afternoon (Resource Roundup and CFR/SPO gathering)
  • Wednesday evening - opening reception
  • Full day on a Thursday, late afternoon trip to Garden of the Gods, followed by dinner downtown (included with registration)
  • Half day on a Friday (boxed lunches will be available)

Conference Agenda

Location of Sessions

Spring Virtual Discussions

Conference Staff Support

I wanted to share the wonderful news that a colleague at CC, Debby Van Orden, will be supporting me in the final phase of planning and managing the conference. I am so grateful to have her help, and I know that our time together in November will run much more smoothly with her help. (Bonus: She has a daughter going to Bates.)

If you have questions about registering or other logistical questions, your best bet is to ask Debby. She will loop me as needed. She can be reached at:

Air Travel

Two airports:

  • Colorado Springs - COS (~25 minutes from CC) - very manageable airport!
  • Denver International - DIA (~90 minutes from CC, something of a headache to park/return rental vehicles, I leave the Springs at least 4 hours before my flight when leaving out of DIA, due to weather/traffic/construction on I-25) - might save you some money on airfare, but it's less convenient than COS, but recommended if you plan to take some time to explore the state before or after the conference. Groome Transportation offers shuttles from the Antler's Hotel to DIA.

Carbon Offset Your Travel to CLASP

If you were able to attend the Bowdoin meeting in 2019, you may remember that I expressed concern  regarding hosting the next CLASP meeting, in part because of the carbon impact. I had hoped to incorporate the carbon offset into our meeting registration, but as the payment to offset our carbon is a donation to Colorado College, it was not appropriate to fold it into the registration fee.

However I would be ever so grateful for people to choose to individually either offset their trip via Colorado College or via another method that you are comfortable with. It should be less than ~$10 per person. In a future anonymous survey, I will be asking about who chose to do this, so that we can – ideally – call this our first carbon-neutral CLASP conference!

Learn how to carbon offset your travel to CLASP via Colorado College’s investment in a landfill gas destruction project in Northern Colorado.


We have blocked rooms at The Antler's - A Wyndhom Hotel  for $155/night (plus 12.75% taxes and fees) for two queen beds for Wed. & Thurs night. This rate will be available 2 days pre- and post-conference (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday).

Stay on the location where Katherine Lee Bates started composing her poem, America the Beautiful, after a trip to the top of Pikes Peak.

Deadline to make reservations was noon on October 10th. It may be possible to reserve at the hotel's standard rate.

Two ways to make reservations:

Only a handful of Mountain View rooms are available at this time, but there are two ways to express an interest in a Mountain View room as they become available: 1) include a special request as you book online and 2) ask about availability when you check in. Because we hope you will have your eyes closed most of the time while in your hotel room, we are also finding as many opportunities as we can to hold our day-time gatherings in rooms with a western view.

Parking at the hotel: $22/night for valet and $17/night for self-parking.

Ground Transportation

  • Uber/Lyft to/from COS Airport is ~$25
  • We are arranging for a CC shuttle to go circulate between CC and the Antler's Hotel at appropriate times (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday).
  • We will be requesting travel information in an October survey. We plan to help connect people arriving at similar times. If it makes sense by the numbers, we will arrange for a shuttle to the Colo. Springs Airport on Friday afternoon.
  • If you are coming only for the conference, you probably don’t need a car.

Caution: Thin Air

  • Colorado Springs is at ~6000 feet elevation
  • Tips for adjusting to higher altitude and avoiding altitude sickness
  • Talk to your doctor about getting Acetazolamide? – it’s used to prevent altitude sickness
  • If you live at sea level, I would plan to see other parts of Colorado after the meeting rather than before, to give yourself time to acclimate to 6000 feet first before going to the higher elevations.


We recognize that, in Colorado, we learn, teach, and live on or near the ancestral homelands of the Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Pueblo, Shoshone, and Ute Peoples. We at Colorado College are specifically situated on the traditional territories of the Southern Ute Nation, the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, and the Northern Ute Peoples. We have a responsibility to acknowledge our Indigenous connections, as well as the histories of dispossession and forced removal that have allowed for the growth and survival of this institution. We also have a responsibility to recognize and highlight the continued social, intellectual, economic, and cultural contributions of Indigenous Peoples to Colorado College, Colorado Springs, and all of society. 

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