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Honors Convocation 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Shove Memorial Chapel

Departmental Awards


Marie Wormington Award

The H. Marie Wormington Award in Anthropology was established in 1979 by Wormington and her husband, George D. Volk, to honor the outstanding graduating senior in anthropology.  Wormington, who died in 1994, was a former curator of archaeology at the Denver Museum of Natural History and an adjunct professor at Colorado College.  Her own distinguished career was devoted to the Paleo-Indian period of New World prehistory, but it was the couple’s desire to recognize student achievements in the discipline as a whole.  The criteria for the Wormington Award are a high academic record, notable aptitude for and accomplishment in field research, leadership, participation in the department’s programs, and dedication to the discipline of anthropology.   

Recipients: Samuel Stansel, Kendra Wuerth

The Courtney Cusick Memorial Prize

The Courtney Cusick Memorial Prize was created in 2003 in memory of anthropology major Courtney Cusick, who died tragically in an automobile accident in January 2002, in the middle of her senior year. An avid and accomplished naturalist even before entering college, Cusick left her friends, fellow students, and professors impressed with her hunger for knowledge and dedication to serious academic study. The Cusick Prize is awarded for the outstanding senior paper in anthropology.

Recipient: Caitlin Hegg


Outstanding Senior Art Studio Show Award

Recipients: Nicholas Watkins, Anne MacLeod

Outstanding Senior Art History Thesis Award

Recipient: Audrey Mills

Mary Chenoweth Award

Mary Chenoweth taught art at Colorado College from 1957 through 1983.  She is remembered as a dedicated artist and free spirit whose generosity, enthusiasm, and wit enriched the lives of her students and colleagues.  When she retired, members of the Class of 1983 and others established a fund in her honor.  Each year, a book is given to the graduating senior art major who best exemplifies Professor Mary Chenoweth’s talent, spirit, and dedication to art.

Recipient: Louisa Mackenzie

Craig Herst Arts Prize Scholar Award

The CHAPS award was established by family and friends in memory of Craig Herst, a member of the Class of 1989. In 1998, Herst died tragically of injuries sustained in a car accident that occurred shortly after his graduation from Colorado College. A gifted artist and sculptor whose work reveals surprising maturity and sophistication, Herst is remembered fondly as a very vibrant, athletic, and personally engaging young man with a promising future in the arts. The Craig Herst Arts Prize Scholar or CHAPS is awarded annually to a junior studio art major who embodies Herst’s passion for the arts and has demonstrated excellence during his/her career at Colorado College. The prize will support research or creative work, which may well be a part of the recipient’s senior show.

Recipients: Benjamin Carpenter, Makena Janssen            

The Kirsch Prize

The Kirsch Prize was established in memory of Edith Kirsch, a scholar of Italian art and professor of art at Colorado College from 1982 to 2004.  It is awarded annually to a student for an independent project involving summer travel abroad to study works of art or architecture.

Recipients: Suzy Lewis, Hannah Bollen


Excellence in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies faculty wishes to honor its exceptional students with this prize, which celebrates their high academic achievement in Asian Studies and their outstanding contributions to the success of this program.

Recipients: Anika Grevstad, Alyssa Weaver


Otis A. and Margaret T. Barnes Departmental Service Award

This award was established in 1952 by the Otis A. and Margaret T. Barnes Trust in honor of the chemistry major who, in the judgment of the Chemistry Department faculty, has contributed the most in helping and furthering the chemistry program at Colorado College. It includes a one-year membership in the American Chemical Society.

Recipient: Eden VanDevanter

First-Year Chemistry Award

This award consists of the latest edition of the “CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,” and is given to the first-year student, regardless of major, who is deemed to have been the most outstanding student in chemistry in his or her first year. The handbook is supplied by the publisher, CRC Press, and has been given nationally for many years.

Recipient: Alexandra Barone-Camp

William C. Champion Prize in Organic Chemistry

Professor Champion (CC 1959-1993) was loved by his colleagues and students for his knowledge of organic chemistry; his compassion as a teacher, advisor, and friend; and his high ethical standards. This award, in his memory, honors the most outstanding student in courses in organic chemistry (any combination of Chemistry 250, 251, 155, 255, 351, and 352) taken during the previous year.

Recipient: Eden VanDevanter

Outstanding Senior Award in Biochemistry

Each of these awards is given to a graduating senior, based on scholastic achievement in biochemistry.

Recipient: name withheld

Outstanding Senior Award in Chemistry

Each of these awards is given to a graduating senior, based on scholastic achievement respectively in chemistry. 

Recipient: Jero Miranda

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award

This award goes to a junior who has excelled in analytical chemistry courses and whose plans for a science career promise further work in this field. The award, sponsored by the American Chemical Society analytical division, includes a subscription to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry.

Recipient: Bradley Thomas

ACS Organic Chemistry Award

This award is intended to recognize a senior student who has displayed a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.  The award, sponsored by the American Chemical Society organic division, includes a certificate from the division chair, and a year membership to the Organic Division of ACS.

Recipient: Jenelle Weaver

Crecelius Family Research Award in Chemistry

This award was established by the Crecelius family: Daniel N. Crecelius ’59 and Anahid Tashijan Crecelius, and their daughter, Gia M. Crecelius, (chemistry ’91).  The award recognizes a chemistry or biochemistry student who has done extraordinary work in research.  It is intended to assist the recipient with travel to present research results at a major professional meeting.

Recipient: Nick Humphry

Alfred W. Alberts Summer Prize in Chemistry

Recipient: Cole McCaskill


John Bryant and Miriam Gile Hartwell Prize

The prize was established in 1981 to honor students who have displayed unusual interest and ability in the study of the classics. Hartwell, a friend of the college staff and lover of the classics, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale in 1900, received an M.D. from Harvard in 1904, and practiced surgery for many years in Colorado Springs. He married Miriam Gile, a daughter of Moses Clement Gile, professor of classics at CC from 1892 to 1916, whose name is perpetuated in a chair at the college.

Recipient: Victor Torres


Excellence in Comparative Literature

The comparative literature faculty wishes to commend its exceptional students with this prize. It thereby recognizes their high academic achievements in coursework, creativity in senior theses, as well as linguistic abilities and general personal contributions to the continuing success of this program.

Recipient: name withheld


Robert E. Rubin Award in Political Economy

This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in international political economy.           

Recipient: Luke Henningsen

Robert E. Rubin Award in Mathematical Economics

This award is given to the outstanding senior graduate in mathematical economics.

Recipient: Suzie Frechter

Robert William Kaye Prize

The Robert William Kaye Prize is presented to the outstanding economics major with strong performance in business courses. Robert Kaye was a business major in the Class of 1941. He served his country in World War II in the U.S. Marine Corps and was killed in action in March 1944. This award was established by the family and friends of Captain Kaye.

Recipient: Jake Battock

Kenneth J. Curran Award

The Kenneth J. Curran Award is the result of Curran’s deep commitment to the liberal arts ideal. It is given to the graduate in economics with the highest academic average in courses taken in the divisions of humanities and natural sciences, with a minimum of nine units outside the Department of Economics and Business.

Recipient: Bayarmaa Enkhtur

Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award

The Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award is given each year to the outstanding senior graduate in economics. The award is given in memory of Professor Kenneth J. Curran and his wife, Elizabeth Hare Curran. He was a beloved teacher of economics, chairman of the department, and dean of the college.

Recipients: name withheld, Jairo Pineros Liberato


Lorie Anne Lowe Memorial Award

Lori Anne Lowe graduated from the Master of Arts in Teaching elementary education program in 1991.  Lowe was in the midst of the exciting process of setting up her first classroom when she was killed.  Lowe was a person of integrity and genuine caring for all those around her, but especially children.  Her classmates, family, and friends established an endowed fund at the college so that proceeds from the fund could be used for cash awards to graduating teacher education students who best exemplify her spirit and commitment to learners.  The awards are given to beginning teachers to assist them in setting up their classrooms for their new students.

Recipients: Barak Ben-Amots, Kaori Katsumota


Evelyn May Bridges Poetry Award

The Bridges prize for student poetry has been given for more than 60 years. The award honors Evelyn May Bridges, who, at age nine, published a poem about death that gained her national recognition. After Bridges died in early adolescence, her father endowed the Bridges poetry prize in her honor.

First Place – name withheld

Second Place  Gabriel Fine

Third Place  name withheld

Honorable Mention – Maya Day

Adelaide Bender Reville Prize for Creative Nonfiction

These awards were established in 1982 by Paul Reville, a 1971 graduate of Colorado College, in honor of his mother. The prizes recognize the best stories submitted in the spring of each year to an outside reader chosen by the English Department.

First Place  Taylor Fry

Second Place  Jackson Truesdale

Third Place – name withheld

The James Yaffe Prize for Fiction

First Place  Maggie O’Brien

Second Place  Rowan Wilson

Third Place – Kendal McGinnis

Frank Krutzke Senior Project Award

The Krutzke award was established in 1985 by a 1974 Colorado College graduate. It honors Frank Krutzke, who taught in the English Department from 1939 to 1973. Professor Krutzke taught American literature as his specialty, but he was famous for the breadth of his reading and interests. He exemplified the dedicated teacher, scholarly and humane. The Krutzke award honors the best critical (non-creative writing) senior essay.

Recipient: Gabriel Fine

Colorado College Grants in Writing

Because of the generosity of an anonymous donor, the English Department is able to give financial awards to students to complete independent literary projects of either a creative or critical/academic nature. These students must return to the college after their summer or block projects, and may be majors in any department. (This award was presented to the students at an earlier date.)

Recipients: Naomi Tsai, Sara Fleming, Tara Labovich, Maggie O’Brien


Outstanding Senior Academic Award in Environmental Science

This award is provided to honor that student showing unusual academic excellence as well as a strong commitment to environmental science.

Recipients: name withheld, Aiyu Zheng

Distinguished Service Award in Environmental Science

This award is given to that senior (or sometimes junior), who has given exemplary service to the program and community and who shows unusual promise to go on in the field.

Recipient: Cory Page, Hannah Rider


McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies

The McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies honors the memory of Shannon McGee, who was a gifted and enthusiastic student, a passionate individual, and an ardent feminist.

Recipient: Baheya Malaty


The Richard A. Lewis Memorial Film Award

The Richard A. Lewis Memorial Film Award is selected by an interdisciplinary panel of faculty to recognize the best student film of the year.  The Lewis Award was endowed by Estelle and Barton Lewis in 2002 to honor the memory of their son Richard ’75.  The award serves to recognize exceptional student work as well as provide encouragement and support for future film projects.  (Incidentally, numerous recipients of this award have gone on to become professional filmmakers.)

Recipients: Corrina Leatherwood, Mari Young & Anika Grevstad

The J.H. Edmondson Film Outreach Award

The J.H. Edmondson Film Outreach Award supports the high-quality work of committed student filmmakers by encouraging them to reach out to audiences beyond the college community.  Grantees are reimbursed for costs of up to $100 associated with festival applications or community screenings for the awarded projects.  The award was established in 2012 through a seed donation by the Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation, which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout Colorado’s Pikes Peak region and is steeped in the values of service, creativity, inquiry, and respect for community. 

Recipient: Lila Schmitz

Colorado College Documentary Exploration Awards

Recipients: Lila Schmitz, Anika Grevstad, Fegyi Xu, Samantha Gilbert, Ben Bacher, Joe Purtell, Madeleine Engel, Jabu Ndlovu, Collin Kluchman, Kai Cintorino, Jason Edelstein, Spencer Miller


The Apollonian Award

Recipient: Victor Torres


Award in Excellence in French

Recipient: Zach Herman

Award in Excellence in Italian

Recipient: Helen Pfeiffer

Jeanne Gibbs Memorial Award for Study in France

Jeanne Gibbs was a 1962 graduate of the college who spent her junior year studying in France. Gibbs’s mother established the memorial award following Gibbs’s death in an automobile accident. The award is to be used in “some special way to enlarge or enhance a student’s experience in France.”

Recipients: Shoshana Holt-Auslander, Elizabeth Smith

The Linda Hare Goddard 1977 Memorial Award in French

This honor is awarded to students in French who exhibit qualities of academic excellence and a high level of enthusiasm and curiosity toward the opportunity to study and experience life in a foreign country.

Recipients: Marketa Harastova, name withheld

The Linda Hare Goddard 1977 Memorial Award in Italian

Recipients: Grace Spratley, Jacen-Paul Manning, Sydney Burkhardt, Jake Emilio


William A. Fischer Special Recognition Award

Recipient: Aaron Farquhar

Estwing Outstanding Senior Geologist Award

Each year the Estwing Manufacturing Company of Rockford, Illinois, presents an award to an outstanding geology student at Colorado College for academic achievement and overall contribution to the Geology Department. The person selected will receive an engraved geology rock pick.

Recipients: Everett Smith, name withheld

Association of Women Geoscientists Award

Each year the Denver Chapter of the Association for Women Geoscientists presents awards to the outstanding women geoscience students in colleges and universities throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The person selected will receive an engraved geology rock pick and Certificate of Merit from AWG.

Recipient: Tianran Zhang

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Award

The Neal J. Harr Memorial Outstanding Student Award is made in recognition of exemplary scholastic achievement for the purpose of encouraging excellence in the field of earth sciences. The person will receive an engraved RMAG geology pick award.

Recipient: Sierra Melton

The Patricia J. Buster Research Scholarship

These scholarships, established in 2000 in honor of Patricia J. Buster ’33, support outstanding Colorado College students in undertaking original research in geology and related earth sciences.

Recipients: Aaron Farquhar, Tristan White, Tianran Zhang, Ian Culver, Mason Culver

Donald B. Gould Scholarship Award in Geology

Recipients: Ian Culver, Mason Culver, Aaron Farquhar

Darrell M. Putman Scholarship Award in Geology

Recipients: Isabella Bussian, Andrew Ceglinski, Aaron Farquhar, Lille Hoecker, Tristan White

Charles Rhoads Scholarship in Geology

Recipient: Sierra Melton

William Fischer Family Scholarship

Recipients: name withheld, Everett Smith

Hannigan Family Fund

Recipients: George Fowlkes


Support is provided for a full year of study at this German university:

University of Göttingen Scholarship 

Recipient: Sam Jamieson

Excellence in German Award

Recipient: Sam Jamieson

Anne von Bibra Sutton German Scholarship

The Anne von Bibra Sutton German Scholarship is an award given each year to a student in good standing. Criteria include progress in German language and proficiency and interest in German life and letters. The award was established by Judge Leonard von Bibra Sutton in honor of his mother, who taught German in the 1930s at Colorado College.

Recipient: Ricky Yates

Max Kade Award in German

The Max Kade Award in German is awarded to a student in good standing. Criteria include progress in German proficiency, knowledge of German literature, and interest in German life and letters. The award is made possible through funds from the Max Kade Foundation. Max Kade, a German immigrant, established the foundation to support and to further interest in German life and letters in the United States.

Recipient: Karl Hirt

The Alexey Malyshev Russian and Eurasian Studies Award

The Alexey Malyshev Russian and Eurasian Studies Award honors a member of the Colorado College community whose contributions and leadership have strengthened the Russian and Eurasian Studies Program.

First Place  Lidiia Pletneva

Japanese Language Award

Recipient: Emmanuel Sitinas

Chinese Language Award

Recipient: Jamyoung Dorji


The Caduceus Award

The Caduceus Award is a community service and community activity award that is given by the Health Professions Office for outstanding student involvement. This award is not given annually, but is given to honor the student who uses his or her innovation, creativity, overall character, and drive to make a difference on the campus and in the community. The Caduceus, the universal symbol of medicine, the wand of Hermes reaffirms our commitment to these ideals.

Recipient: Grace Cooke

The Mahony Award in Sports Medicine

Established in 2006, the Mahony Award in Sports Medicine honors the senior pre-med or allied health student who demonstrates academic achievement and clinical potential for a career in medicine or allied health.  Established by team physician Thomas H. Mahony III, M.D. ’67 and wife Jan ’68, the award recognizes student dedication to and involvement with the college’s Sports Medicine Program.

Recipient: Peter Daring


Clyde Augustus Duniway Prize

A Stanford University history professor turned administrator, Duniway served as president of the Universities of Montana and Wyoming, and Colorado College from 1917 to 1923. At Colorado College, his efforts to raise academic standards provoked a storm of student protest. The Duniway prize recognizes a history major’s strong achievement in history courses and contributions to the department.

Recipient: Eviva Kahne

Robert J. Cosgrove Historical Essay Prize

Recipient: Clara Houghteling

Robert J. Cosgrove Thesis Prize

The Robert J. Cosgrove Thesis Prize recognizes distinguished historical research and writing for the best thesis paper. 

Recipient: Brittany Camacho


Florian Cajori Prize

Recipients: Bob Kuo, Hanbo Shao

The Sophie Germain Award

The award is given to the graduating senior who best demonstrates an unusual commitment to the mathematics community, passion for the field, both within the department and beyond, and inspiration and support of others in their own explorations in mathematics.

Recipient: Hanbo Shao

The Steven Janke Prize in Computer Science

Steven Janke is the founder of the computer science program at Colorado College.  He retired in 2016 after decades of service and leadership in the department.  This award is named in honor of his brilliant teaching and scholarship at Colorado College.  The award is given to the graduating senior who best demonstrates unusual talent and achievements in computer science, an unusual breadth and depth of accomplishments and high grades in computer science courses taken at Colorado College.  

Recipient: Nick Crews

The Grace Hopper Award in Computer Science

The award is given to the graduating senior who best demonstrates an unusual commitment to the computer science community, passion for the field, both within the department and beyond, and inspiration and support of others in their own explorations in computer science.

Recipient: name withheld

The Euclid Scholarships

Each year the department awards scholarships to four first-or second-year students who, regardless of major, show exceptional promise in mathematics or computer science.

Recipients: Kon Aoki, Mary Ezell, Ely Merenstein, Marta Nowotka, Qingyuan Zeng, Jerrell Cockenham, Haley Colgate, Liwei Cui, Sarah Dunbar, Zizhen Fan, Darryl Filmore, Samuel LeBlanc, Hanqing Li

Thomas Post Rawles Prize

The Thomas Post Rawles Prize is awarded each year on the basis of a competitive exam. The endowment for this fund was established in 1959 by Thomas H. Rawles in memory of his son, Thomas Post Rawles.

Recipients: Vladimir Vintu, Qiaoning Chen

The Fearless Award

Awarded to the student who submits the best collection of summaries of Fearless Friday Talks.

Recipient: Elias Harkins


Laboratory Biology Award

This award is made to a senior biology major whose interests and coursework are mainly in the area of laboratory-based biology. The criteria for selecting a recipient for this award are: grades in biology courses with a laboratory component, performance in lab-based research, preferably for a senior thesis, and plans for post-graduate work or study.

Recipient: Carly Merritt

Mary Alice Hamilton Award in Molecular Biology

For many years this award has recognized a top graduating biology major, which is based on academic performance, research, and prospects for a successful career in biology.  After the retirement of Professor Mary Alice Hamilton from the Biology Department in 1977, the Biology Department named this award in Professor Hamilton’s honor to recognize her 27 years as a devoted faculty member in the department.

Recipient: Qiu Chang


Max Lanner Prize for Excellence in Instrumental Music

This award was established in honor of Professor Max Lanner, who taught at Colorado College from 1946 to 1975, and was chair of the Music Department from 1951 to 1968. Known nationally as a distinguished concert pianist, he performed widely in solo recitals, chamber music concerts, and as a soloist with orchestras, including five appearances with the Colorado Springs Symphony.

Recipients: name withheld, Anna Lynn-Palevsky, Gwen Wolfenbarger, Grace Hale

Marie Clough Gillis Award for Excellence in Vocal Music

This award was established in memory of Marie Clough Gillis, member of the Colorado College Class of 1918. The award was established in 1989 by her nieces in honor of her love of vocal music.

Recipients: Celia O’Brien, Jack Buettner, Kari Day-Lucore, Sean Fite

David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Music

David Cowperthwaite was a member of the Colorado College Class of 1960 and his wife, Karen, was enrolled as a member of the Class of 1962 when they were killed by lightning during a mountain expedition in 1960. The David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Music was instituted by their parents in their memory in 1962, the year Karen would have graduated.

Recipients: name withheld, Rishi Ling


Arnold B. Scheibel Neuroscience Award

This is an annual award given for the outstanding graduating senior in neuroscience.

Recipient: Allysa Warling

The Shearn Award in Neuroscience

Recipients: Paige Anton, Allysa Warling


Richard G. and Reba Beidleman Award

Upon his retirement in 1988, after 31 years in the Biology Department, Professor Beidleman established this award from funds he received from the Burlington Northern Outstanding Teacher Award. The Beidleman Award is given annually to a student who has demonstrated, through classroom and fieldwork, the greatest potential for becoming a professional ecologist or field biologist. In 1990, after the tragic death of Professor Beidleman’s wife in an automobile accident, the Biology Department added Reba’s name to the award in recognition of her many contributions to environmental preservation in the Colorado Springs area.

Recipients: Brae Salazar, Kelsi Anderson

Jason Wilkes Memorial Biology Award

The Jason Wilkes Memorial Award is intended to recognize an outstanding student of color majoring in biology. This award was started by Lorna Wilkes in memory of her beloved son, Jason Wilkes, Class of 1993, who died in a climbing accident at the start of his senior year at Colorado College, and his lifelong interest in nature and the environment.

Recipients: Amanda Martin, Joshua Zambrano

Enderson Award in Conservation Biology

The Enderson Award in Conservation Biology honors Professor Jim Enderson, who joined the Biology Department in 1962, long before it was fashionable to call oneself a “conservation biologist.” Throughout his career, research centered on the precipitous declines of birds of prey, especially the peregrine falcon. He was the first to breed the temperate North American peregrine in captivity, a line used extensively in restoration of the western population. He served on several recovery teams and working groups for endangered species. At Colorado College he inspired students through independent projects to pursue careers from botany to ornithology, in the lab and in the field. In keeping with his scholarship and breadth as a biologist, the Enderson Award honors a junior or senior biology major who, in the opinion of the faculty, has shown commitment and productivity in an original research project in conservation biology. Candidates are eligible if their work has conservation implications, whether the focus is molecular, organismic, ecosystem, lab, or field.

Recipient: Ellie Harrison

Mary Alice Hamilton Award in Organismal Biology and Ecology

For many years the Biology Department has recognized the top graduating biology major, which is based on academic performance, undergraduate research in both lab and field studies, and prospects for a successful career in biology.  After the retirement of Professor Mary Alice Hamilton from the Biology Department in 1977, the department named this award in Professor Hamilton’s honor to recognize her 27 years as a devoted faculty member.

Recipient: Katherine McGinn 

Laboratory Award in Organismal Biology and Ecology

This award is made to a senior biology major whose interests and coursework are mainly in the area of laboratory-based biology.  The criteria for selecting a recipient for this award are:  grades in biology courses with a laboratory component, performance in lab-based research, preferably for a senior thesis, and plans for postgraduate work or study.

Recipient: Olivia Frey, Mike Beitner


J. Glenn Gray Award

Glenn Gray, who died in 1977, was a distinguished member of the Colorado College Philosophy Department for many years. He believed in the civilizing function of philosophical inquiry and dedicated his life to inculcating its values in his students. The J. Glenn Gray Award honors those students who share his passion for philosophy and best demonstrate his skill and sensitivity at philosophical analysis.

Recipients: Will Schneiger, Cameron Pattison


David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Physics

David Cowperthwaite was a member of the Colorado College class of 1960 and his wife, Karen, was enrolled as a member of the class of 1962 when they were killed by lightning during a mountain expedition in 1960.  The David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Physics was instituted by their parents in their memory in 1962, the year Karen would have graduated.

Recipient: name withheld

Wilbur Wright Memorial Prize

This award was established in memory of Professor Wilbur Wright, a student at Colorado College in 1938 and a member of the faculty from 1956 to 1984, for his contributions to the Physics Department, his many Colorado College students, and to the college community. This award is for a graduating physics major or majors who exemplify Wright’s standards and interests in physics and in academic work outside the department. That is, the award winner or winners should show an enthusiasm for the study of physics by hard work and achievement, though they need not have the highest GPA. Similar efforts in a discipline outside physics should show an understanding of the importance of the liberal arts for a science student.

Recipient: Benjamin Pitta, Victor Torres


Edith Bramhall Award

This award honors Edith Bramhall, who taught political science at Colorado College from 1920 to 1946. She was one of the first women to earn a Ph.D. in political science in the United States. The award is given annually to a student whom the political science faculty deem the outstanding scholar in the department.

Recipients: Steven Ortega, Nathan Davis

Fred Sondermann Award

This award honors Fred A. Sondermann, who taught in the Political Science Department from 1953 to 1978. Professor Sondermann was noted not only for teaching and scholarship, but also for service to the Colorado Springs community. The award is given annually for overall achievement and contribution to the department.

Recipients: name withheld 


William Arthur Blakely Memorial Award

The William Arthur Blakely Award is financed through funds provided by the family and friends of Blakely, who was a member of the Psychology Department from 1931 to 1959 and chair during most of that period. The award is presented to a student who shows exceptional promise for a career in psychology.

Recipient: Emily Gardner

Cornelia Manley Sabine Award

This award is presented annually to the outstanding graduating psychology senior on behalf of Cornelia Sabine, Class of ’49, a longtime supporter of Colorado College and the Psychology Department. This award serves as a tribute to Sabine, who has had a long and distinguished career in public service as a psychologist, working with both children and adults in Colorado. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in music from Northwestern University, Sabine and her husband, Paul, moved to Colorado Springs in 1947, where she obtained a B.A., magna cum laude, and an M.A. in human behavior from Colorado College. She subsequently earned an educational specialist degree from Stanford University, and became a licensed clinical psychologist in Colorado Springs, where she maintained a private practice for 30 years. Her advice to students is to use their knowledge of psychology to bring peace and understanding into relationships in our fractious modern world.

Recipients: Caleigh Cassidy, Sarah Quinn Husney


The Adrienne Seward and Victor Nelson-Cisneros Award in Race, Ethnicity and Migration Studies

This award is presented to a student who has shown a commitment to deepen his or her understanding of the issues of race and ethnicity, as well as their complex social, economic and epistemic ramifications in a national and transnational context.

Recipients: Caroline Olin, name withheld


The Hastings Prize

Recipient: Jules Feeney


Abbott Prize in Sociology

The Abbott Prize in Sociology is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has excelled in their coursework and made significant contributions to the intellectual life of the department.  The award honors the memory of W. Lewis Abbott who was a member of the Colorado College faculty from 1920 to 1949. Professor Abbott was stimulating in his teaching, controversial in his positions, and beloved and respected by his students and colleagues.

Recipients: Clara Houghteling, Meredith Bower, Willa Rentel, Michael Sorensen


Joel P. Benezet Prize in Southwest Studies

The Joel P. Benezet Prize in Southwest Studies recognizes outstanding achievement in Southwest Studies by a graduating senior who has majored or minored in the program.  The prize was established in 2003 through a bequest from Louis Benezet, a former president of Colorado College.  The prize honors the memory of his son, Joel, who was killed in 1963 while enrolled as an undergraduate student at Dartmouth.  Recipients of this award are selected by members of the Southwest Studies Faculty Advisory Committee on the basis of academic record, quality of the senior thesis, and presence in the program.

Recipients: Alexandra Peck


Award in Excellence in Spanish

Recipients: Emma Wilson, Trey Watmore

Felisa Llorente Award

This award was established in honor of Felisa Llorente, who was the unofficial “mother” of the Spanish House for many years. She was generous with her time and talents, helping students to improve their Spanish and feeding many of them, both physically and intellectually. Llorente made costumes for plays and supported all activities of the Romance Languages Department. She was a generous, warm-hearted woman who will long be remembered.

Recipients: Benton Swain, Grace Cooke


Broadway Theatre League Award

In 1965 the Broadway Theatre League, in liquidating its assets, offered a donation to Colorado College indicating a preference that it be used to further theatre on the campus. Since then, this award is given to an outstanding student or students in the Theatre and Dance Department.

Recipient: Trevon Newman

Pamela Riley Prize

During her 11 years at Colorado College, Pamela Riley taught and directed in the Theatre and Dance Department. Our students loved her because of her high performance standards, her infectious energy, her fearless dedication, and her warm good nature. The Pamela Riley Prize is given to the graduating senior who has contributed similar qualities of devoted service and excellence to our program.

Recipients: Lucy Houlihan, Conner McCaslin

All-College Awards


In the first half of this century, Abel J. Gregg was a leader in the YMCA, an organization that sought to break down barriers and offer a new global vision. A strong proponent of higher education, Lucy Phinney Gregg earned her master’s degree at the age of 60 and served as mentor to countless undergraduate students. In their names, the college awards a prize to a student or students who have demonstrated academic excellence, critical religious interest, and a commitment to serve the community.

Recipients: Amelia Atencio, Aaron Farquhar, name withheld, Mostafa Zaki-Taha, Jamie Baum


This award is given to the outstanding student in the campus activities programs. Selection is based upon commitment to all aspects of campus programs, leadership within the various campus committees, and a dedication to the co-curricular mission of the Campus Activities Office. This student has not only shown active involvement in campus activities throughout their career here at the Colorado College, but has redefined and expanded the programs themselves.

Recipient: Tia Phillip


This award is given to a sophomore or junior who is an outstanding up-and-coming student in the campus activities programs and has shown high academic accomplishment. Selection is based upon commitment to all aspects of campus programs, leadership within the various campus committees, and dedication to the co-curricular mission of the Campus Activities Office. This student demonstrates both active involvement in campus activities at Colorado College and the potential leadership to redefine and expand the programs themselves.

Recipient: Zoe Lilak


Awarded to a member of the faculty or administration who contributes significant time and effort to the student body of Colorado College, the Colorado College community, and the city of Colorado Springs.

Recipient: Professor Heidi Lewis


Awarded to the best student work illuminating war, violence, and human values with emphasis on the human experience of war.

Recipients: Pranit Garg, Jared Russell


Awarded to a first-year or sophomore student for outstanding service to Colorado College publications.

Recipient: Caroline Li


The Ruth Barton Award was established in 1996 to recognize Ruth Barton’s dedication to student journalism at the college. In some years, it may be given to a member of the faculty, staff, or administration who contributes significant time and effort to student journalism at Colorado College. In other years it may be given to a student who has demonstrated excellence both in the academic study of journalism and in contribution to student publications.

Recipient: Professor Steve Hayward


This award was established in honor of Mr. E. K. Gaylord, a member of the Class of 1897 and president of the Oklahoma Publishing Company until his death in 1974 at the age of 101. Gaylord was a generous supporter of Colorado College during his lifetime and served for many years as a trustee of the college. Because of his own career in journalism, he took a special interest in student publications. For that reason, the E. K. Gaylord Award is given each year to a junior or senior for continuing contributions to Colorado College publications.

Recipients: David Andrews


The Mortar Board Honoree of the Year award is given to a member of the staff, administration, or faculty who demonstrates a commitment to upholding the Mortar Board ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service. The award honors an individual who exhibits excellence in these three areas in personal, professional, and community life. The recipient is selected by seniors who are members of the National Mortar Board Honor Society.

Recipient: Dr. Paul Buckley


This prize is given annually to the junior or senior student exemplifying the goals of the Press at Colorado College to bring together visual, literary, and historical sensitivity in the making of compelling printed objects.

Recipient: David Andrews


This prize is given to a woman student in the natural sciences who exemplifies Barbara Whitten’s model of achieving personal scientific excellence while helping others do the same.  Personal scientific excellence is a combination of an excellent academic record in the natural sciences, and/or exceptional research in a scientific field.  The recipient should also demonstrate a significant commitment to the advancement of women or underrepresented groups in the sciences through scholarly, community, pedagogical, or other work.

Recipient: Alana Aamodt


The Tashjian-Crecelius Family Prize for Women in Science was established in 2002 by Daniel N. Crecelius (Class of 1959) and his wife, Anahid Tashjian Crecelius, in honor of Anahid’s mother, Elize Tashjian, and her deep commitment to women’s educational opportunities and achievement.  The prize is awarded annually to a female student majoring in one of the natural sciences and an international or minority student. The award supports meaningful scientific research or a project to further understanding of the natural sciences. It recognizes and honors the work of women in the community of science.

Recipients: Nisha Venkateswaran, Vivian Nguyen

Presented by President Tiefenthaler


Harold and Miriam Rice established the Ann Rice Memorial Award in 1950, after their only daughter died suddenly of a rare blood disease. Ann would have been in the class of 1954.  She had been a first-year student at Colorado College, her mother’s alma mater, for only five weeks.  When Harold passed away in 1986, the Ann Rice Memorial Award was endowed in perpetuity through his estate gift. The award continues to honor Ann’s memory each year through the selection of a female student from the junior class in recognition of her personal contributions to the college through dedication to the goals of a liberal arts education.

Recipient: Grace Perry


This award is presented to a Colorado College student who has demonstrated an active commitment to addressing issues of multiculturalism and improving the quality of campus life 
for historically oppressed peoples. The award is a monetary scholarship and is awarded by the Office of Residential Life and Campus Activities.

Recipient: Sarah Reeve


Each year the college’s professional housing staff selects a senior woman who has made significant contributions to residence halls and campus life through positions of leadership. Barkalow was head resident of Bemis Hall from 1934 until her retirement in 1958. Following her death, her family established this award and asked that recipients demonstrate a commitment to working for personal development of campus women through the agencies and organizations of the campus, demonstrate generosity and honesty in their work with other students, and demonstrate a sense of humor — all characteristics Barkalow manifested.

Recipient: Atiya Harvey


Juan Reid was a 1932 graduate of the college. An excellent student and athlete during his undergraduate years, he continued to serve Colorado College for nearly half a century as a coach, dean of men, and director of alumni relations. Juan Reid wrote the official history of the college’s first 100 years, “Colorado College: The First Century, 1874–1974.” This award is presented to the senior best combining scholastic excellence and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Selection is made by the deans of the college and the vice president for student life.

Recipient: name withheld 


The Van Diest Award is given to an outstanding athlete who demonstrates sound character, scholarship, and citizenship. Recipients are selected by the Athletics Department staff.

Recipient: Theodore Hooker


Awarded to the woman athlete who by her excellence in athletics, leadership, and college contributions best exemplifies the high standards set by Laura Golden.

Recipient: Stephanie Ada Kelly


The Crown-Goodman Scholarship Award was established in 1990 to recognize the accomplishments of deserving Colorado College students. The selection of recipients is based on the students’ academic record and contributions to the total life of the college. These scholarships are intended to reduce the loan component of the recipients’ financial aid award in their senior year.

Recipients: Kayla Adams, Alexandra Appel, Audrey Dervarics, Cristina Garcia, Anna Grigsby, Zunneh-bah Martin, Jacob Miller, Niyat Ogbazghi, Bridget O’Neill, Sophia Padden, Elena Perea, Alexander Sanchez, Megan Tomhave, Folke Egerstrom, Khayyon Parker, Robert Malone, Nisha Venkateswaran

Colorado College Student Government Association Awards


This award is given to the Colorado College student who CC students themselves feel has shown outstanding involvement in, and service to, the CC community at large. It is a student who, through involvement in various areas of student life, has actively tried to improve the atmosphere at Colorado College while maintaining the college’s high academic standards.

Recipient: John-Henry Williams


This award is given to the student organization that students feel has made both the greatest impact on and the greatest contribution to the Colorado College community. This includes programming that positively affects both the campus and the community at large. It also encompasses contributions to the improvement of student life or the exploration of issues and problems relevant to all members of the campus community.

Recipient: SOSS (Student Organization for Sexual Safety)


Awarded to the faculty or staff member deemed by the students to be the most helpful advisor.

Recipient: Rochelle Mason


No professional touches us as much as the teacher. From our childhood to our college graduations, we are aided and influenced by teachers. And of those, there are some who particularly influence our course in life, our choices, and our actions. Here at Colorado College, there are a great number of wonderful professors who have profound effects on students every day. With this award we wish to acknowledge one of the greatest of those. Students have chosen this professor based on the intelligence, caring, and exceptional qualifications that he or she brings to teaching.

Recipient: Heidi Lewis