Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission for Colorado College students

Students attending Colorado College using tuition remission benefits can either be the dependents of qualifying Colorado College employees or have parent(s) who work for an ACM college and qualify for the benefit under their employer’s program. 

Need-Based Financial Aid. All students are also eligible to apply for need-based aid from Colorado College if a family feels they may qualify for more aid than just the total of their tuition remission benefit.  Students must indicate their desire to apply for need-based aid on their CC admission application and complete all necessary paperwork by posted deadlines.

Merit-Based Financial Aid. All students who participate in tuition remission are eligible to have their CC admission application reviewed for merit-based awards, on the condition that merit aid will only apply if their tuition remission benefits are ever removed.  A student is not able to receive both tuition remission and merit awards. 

Tuition Remission for CC Employee Dependents

Those CC students whose parent is a qualifying Colorado College employee would receive 90% of their tuition expenses covered by the remission benefit.  Eligible CC employees must complete tuition remission paperwork through the Human Resources Office, specifically with Gina Lujan, in order to have the benefit applied to their student’s tuition balance. The form for this can be found here: Education Program Assistance Form.

Tuition Remission for ACM Employee Dependents

Those students who are attending Colorado College whose parent works at participating ACM institutions and qualify for the benefit based on their schools’ policy will qualify to have 50% of their tuition expense paid by Colorado College.  Coverage of the remaining tuition balance is determined by their employer institution, from 30% to 50%.  Employees must complete ACM tuition remission paperwork through their home institutions. Colorado College receives a monthly report of submitted forms to the ACM home office and will adjust financial aid as required when notified.  Any new award will be sent to students at that time. For a list of participating schools, please visit


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