Living at Home

We understand that in these ever-changing times you have questions about how your financial aid will be affected by living at home. Below we hope to provide you and your family with information to understand these recent changes.

Students are assumed to be living at home if they are not residing in CC housing or leasing a residence in the Colorado Springs area.

Cost of Attendance Changes for Living at Home

This COA is based on the assumption the student is living at home for the entire academic year.

Fixed Direct Charges

Academic Year 2020-21




Includes fess for all activities through CCSGA.

Housing & Meals


If the student resides at home for the entire fall semester and on-campus for the entire spring semester the total allowance for Housing & Meals will be $7,290.

Estimated Indirect Expenses (based on averages for a 9 month period)
Books and Supplies Allowance $1,240
Misc. Allowance $1,354 Personal expenses
Transportation $1,230
Total Estimated Costs $65,876*


*Additionally, all students are required to have health insurance while attending Colorado College and to provide annual proof of coverage. The annual cost of health insurance through the Student Health Insurance Plan is $2,817. The college offers a comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan. If a student elects coverage under a different plan, their health insurance must meet minimum criteria, which are available on the Student Health Insurance Plan website. More information is available with our Student Health Center.

FAQs for Living at Home

Do I need to tell any office I will be living at home? If so, which office should I contact?

Contact to inform them of your decision. Our offices will be in contact with one another to ensure student records are up to date.

Am I required to live in campus housing for the 2020-21 academic year?

The college has suspended the three-year residency requirement for the 2020-21 academic year. We may reinstate this policy for the 2021-22 academic year. Thus, all students who desire to live off campus are free to secure their own housing for the remainder of the academic year, including Blocks A-C. Students who reside in Colorado Springs will be included in our COVID-19 testing and tracing protocols. Students receiving financial aid from the College and not returning home or residing on campus must furnish a lease with you and your landlord's signature along with the dates of the rental agreement to our Financial Aid Office. To upload your lease, please click here. Otherwise, we will assume that you have returned home and your cost of attendance will be adjusted accordingly.

Will I receive a refund of financial aid if I live at home?

Students living at home will have their cost of attendance adjusted to account for the reduction in CC housing and meal charges. The original cost of attendance allowance for housing and meals per semester is $6,696. The allowance for housing and meals will be reduced by $6,102 per semester, leaving a $594 allowance per semester remaining for lunch expenses while students are enrolled in classes. CC Financial Aid Office will reduce awarded institutional grant aid by $6,102 to coincide with the reduction in cost of attendance and charges.

If I am student on financial aid and will be living at home and on campus at varying times during a semester, how will this affect my financial aid?

The Office of Financial Aid recommends you reach out to the CC Housing office at to inquire about your housing charge. Once the Housing office has submitted your updated charges the Office of Student Accounts they will adjust your charges. Once those two steps are complete, the Office of Financial Aid is then able to determine your financial aid eligibility.

Have more questions?

Click here to see our financial aid FAQs page.

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