Financial Aid

When will my aid disburse to my bill?

Aid will disburse the first week you attend class as long as you have completed the check-in process through Self Service Banner. If you do not attend Block 1, your aid will remain estimated until you begin Block 2 or the first block you are enrolled. For further questions regarding the disbursement of aid, please contact Financial Aid at financialaid@coloradocollege.edu.

How will my Pell grant be disbursed?

For returning students who are registered for the entire semester, Pell grant will be disbursed fully in Block 1. For first year students, as they can only enroll for two blocks to start, half of the Pell grant will disburse when they begin classes and the other half will disburse as soon as registration is completed for the rest of the semester. Typically, this occurs during Block 3. For further questions regarding disbursement of aid, please contact Financial Aid at financialaid@coloradocollege.edu.

Do I need to check in? How do I check in to receive my aid?

Yes, every student must complete the check in process through Self Service Banner the week prior to their first class. The process is not open until then, so this cannot be completed early. Aid cannot disburse until this process is complete online. For further questions on the check in process, please contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@coloradocollege.edu.

If I drop an online course at any point what will happen to my aid?

If you choose to drop a course, whether it is taught online or in person, you may be considered a withdrawn student per federal regulations unless you return to class within 30 days during the same semester. If you are a student who chooses to drop courses and this adjusts your enrollment status below full time (3 units between Block 1 and J, or 3 units between Block 5 and 8), then your aid will need to be adjusted to less than full time and this will affect your bill. For some, this may reduce what you owe. For those who have received any refund you may owe a portion of it back immediately.

Will my meal plan be increased?

No, your meal plan will not be increased. The college is working on a plan to offer an application process for those students who are Pell Grant eligible and who are on campus all 5 blocks in each of the housing blocks (fall is Block 1 through J and spring is Block 5 through A) to apply for limited funding if they run out of meal plan funds. This is not finalized at this time.

If I take fall semester (Blocks 1-4) off what will happen?

If a student chooses not to take Blocks 1-4, they will not be reported to student loan lenders as enrolled at least half-time for the fall semester. This means that any loans that have been borrowed previously will go into repayment. Federal Direct student loans offer a 6 six month grace period after a student is no longer enrolled at least half-time before they go into repayment status. Please pay attention to any attempts by your loan servicer(s) to contact you.

  • You can find out who your loan servicer(s) is/are by logging into the National Student Loan Data System. Once you are again enrolled at least half-time in classes at CC your loans should go back to deferred status. Please contact the CC Registrar office at registrar@coloradocollege.edu if you have questions about the reporting of your enrollment status to your loan servicer(s).
  • Students will also have their aid adjusted to what their actual enrollment represents. For students who expect to use financial aid to help pay for room and board while they are not in class, this is not an option. Financial aid is based on enrollment in class, so if this is a concern, students should plan to enroll in classes.
  • For further questions regarding taking time off, please contact Financial Aid at financialaid@coloradocollege.edu.

How is tuition going to be charged for the year now that we are eligible to take up to ten blocks?

Tuition will be charged as follows for the 20-21 year.

Students will be charged 1/3 of a semester tuition cost ($10,144) for their first three blocks, and then will receive one free block. The 5th, 6th, and 7th block a student is registered for will then be charged at 1/3 of a semester cost per block, and the 8th, 9th, and/or 10th block will not be charged for tuition. Aid will be disbursed based on enrollment and, thus, aid will remain proportional to charges.

  • For further questions on how tuition will be billed, please contact Student Accounts at studentaccounts@coloradocollege.edu.
  • If you are considering dropping blocks, please work with the Advising Hub on the best course of action at advisinghub@coloradocollege.edu. We strongly recommend students take advantage of the ten block eligibility and not wait for January 2021 to enroll in classes.
  • You may also contact Financial Aid at financialaid@coloradocollege.edu if you are concerned about how it will affect your aid.

How will my loans be applied? For example, do my loans go straight to tuition only, to room & board, to my meal plan, etc.

We adhere to the principal that college funding is a partnership between the parent(s)/guardian, the student, and the College. All funding is combined to meet the full cost of attendance and grants dollars from the College are applied after the family contribution and student self-help. The 1098-T form that is sent to you at the end of the year will show, however, all grants toward tuition first, as this is an IRS requirement. This does not mean we look at it that way as a college, but must be federally compliant.

I have accepted my student loans. How will my loans be disbursed?

Loans will disburse directly to your student account the same time as your grants/scholarships, only after you have completed the online check in through Banner Self Service and completed the entrance counseling and master promissory note found at www.studentaid.gov. If you borrowed loans to help pay for other expenses, these funds will be refunded on the standard refund schedule through Student Accounts.

How does Colorado College's plan for Fall 2020 affect tuition?

The 2020-21 academic calendar format provides a substantial per-block discount on tuition. There are different ways to think about this (all can be considered a tuition discount):

  1. CC's current tuition fee is $60,390. On a traditional eight-block academic year, per-block tuition cost would be $7,548.75. Now that students can take up to 10 blocks for the same tuition fee, the per-block price has been reduced 20% to $6,039.
  2. Assuming a student is on track to graduate, taking 10 blocks in one year at the price of eight provides a savings of two future blocks. Under CC's regular tuition policy, if a student takes two blocks off per semester, they are only charged 2/3 semester tuition. Taking an extra two blocks this year can potentially save students $10,065 in future tuition payments, or a 16.67% discount.

If students take summer blocks, does it use their Wild Card?

A student who pays the total annual comprehensive fee may take 10 blocks at no additional cost without using their Wild Card. Any additional blocks will be billed separately or students may elect to use their Wild Card.

Financial Aid & Housing

If I am a student on financial aid and will be living at home and on campus at varying times during a semester, how will this affect my financial aid?

The Office of Financial Aid recommends you reach out to the CC Housing office at housing@coloradocollege.edu to inquire about your housing charge. Once the Housing office has submitted your updated charges the Office of Student Accounts will adjust your charges. Once those two steps are complete, the Office of Financial Aid is then able to determine your financial aid eligibility.

If I am living at home for the 2020-21 academic year, how will this affect my financial aid?

There is now a page created to answer questions related to living at home while enrolled in CC courses.

Am I required to live in campus housing for the 2020-21 academic year?

The college has suspended the three-year residency requirement for the 2020-21 academic year. We may reinstate this policy for the 2021-22 academic year. Thus, all students who desire to live off-campus are free to secure their own housing for the remainder of the academic year, including Blocks A-C. Students who reside in Colorado Springs will be included in our COVID-19 testing and tracing protocols. Students receiving financial aid from the College and not returning home or residing on campus must furnish a lease with you and your landlord's signature along with the dates of the rental agreement to our Financial Aid OfficeOtherwise, we will assume that you have returned home and your cost of attendance will be adjusted accordingly.

Will I receive a refund of financial aid if I am living off-campus for a semester in a Colorado Springs residence?

A student's cost of attendance will not be adjusted if they provide a signed lease for a residence in Colorado Springs to the Financial Aid Office. Because the cost of attendance will not be adjusted in this scenario a student's financial aid will not be adjusted. Charges for housing will be adjusted by the CC Student Accounts Office based on how much a student utilizes campus housing options and meal plans during the semester. If a student's total accepted grant, scholarship, and/or loan awards exceed their CC charges for the semester they will receive a refund of financial aid.

Who needs to submit/upload a lease?

Students on financial aid who will be living in non-CC housing in Colorado Springs will need to upload their signed lease agreements. Upload your signed lease agreement

How will advances work for off-campus housing?

Advances can be issued to students who are due a refund from their financial aid for the semester. For students who need to have part of their funds (up to $1,000) prior to the start of class to help pay for expenses, you can request an advance from the Financial Aid Office. Advances are not possible until 30 days prior to your first registered class. If you choose to drop your first block after an advance, please note that it will be due back to the college. An advance will reduce your remaining refund eligibility for the semester. For further questions regarding advances of aid, please contact Financial Aid at financialaid@coloradocollege.edu.


For more information on billing, please visit the Student Accounts page.

For additional questions regarding billing, please contact Student Accounts at studentaccounts@coloradocollege.edu or by phone at (719) 389-6698.

Student Employment/Work Study

Can I work remotely if I live outside of Colorado?

No, due to varying state tax laws students are unable to work remotely after block 1 if they do not reside in the state of Colorado.

I will be residing in Colorado either off campus or on campus. Can I continue to work? If so, what are the requirements for working?

Students are able to work remotely if residing within the state of Colorado. Students must present documentation to their supervisor(s) of their residence. Most commonly produced documents will be state ID, utility bill in students name, lease agreement or some other form of documentation showing their residence.

How do I find a student employment job?

Students will search and apply for student employment jobs through Handshake. Handshake is accessed through the Single Sign On page.

I am awarded work-study, but am being sent home. What is going to happen now?

Students who are allowed to live on campus may work on campus. Those living off campus but in Colorado are eligible to work remotely for the College. Priority for new hires remains with students who have been awarded work study. Students who do not reside in Colorado will not be able to work for Colorado College in any capacity. If you are living in Colorado but not on campus, you will need to provide proof of your Colorado Residency to your supervisor with a lease or a license showing your permanent address is in Colorado.

For those students not able to work because they reside outside of Colorado Springs, not employed in an CC position, and accepted their work study award, the College will be replacing half of your fall student employment award with a grant. This will be credited to your student account directly. Contact studentemployment@coloradocollege.edu for more information.

How will my work study amount be affected if I choose to make up or take extra classes over the summer?

Your work study award is based on Blocks 1-8. Summer employment is different and has not been determined at this time.

If the student declines to work due to COVID19 concerns, what will happen to their pay and/or work study award?

We understand that some employees may not feel comfortable completing their employment duties due to the pandemic. As hourly employees this is their choice. However, if they are not working these hours, they will not receive pay for working. We would encourage students who feel this way to search for other job openings on campus that are more comfortable for them.

If a student employee is awarded a work study award there will not be any affect to their financial aid package for not working. They will not earn their work study award amount. Note, a work study award does not provide a guaranteed payout. Instead a work study award provides hiring preference and the ability to work off-campus with a CC community-based partner. Students must work in order to earn funds from student employment programs/awards at Colorado College.

I am a full-pay student and am not eligible for federal work-study but worked two jobs last year. Am I guaranteed on-campus employment this year?

Our policy has always been to prioritize employment for students who are eligible for federal and state work-study or institutional employment. Should we have additional jobs available this year, you can apply for those positions beginning Block 3.

I am a work-study eligible student that worked three jobs on campus last year so I would not have to borrow student loans. Can I work three (or more) jobs this year?

Due to the reduced jobs available on campus this year, all students will be limited to no more than two jobs. Temporary positions will be exempt from this policy. Temporary jobs examples include: NSO Move-in Workers, FYE Mentor, Peer Consultants, Bridge Scholar Mentors, Events, IM Referee, Group Fitness Instructor.

Will there be an annual Student Employment Job Fair in fall 2020?

To protect the health of our students, staff members and CC community there will be no Student Employment Job Fair planned for this year. To view and apply for student employment jobs, please visit Handshake by selecting the Handshake icon on the Sign into CC page.

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