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News & Events

Faculty and Alumni News 

Acting I Scene Showings 3/12 @ 3 PM

4th Tuesday we will have some scene showings from our Acting I class! Come by and see what students and Professor Tom Lindblade have been working on.

Norberg Studio, Cornerstone Arts Center, Tuesday 3/12 @ 3 PM

Short Film About Dallo FallThis is a link to a short film about our Senegalese dance instructor and DanSix choreographer, Dallo Fall. Her wisdom goes far beyond how to move your body, as she teaches us to drum and to sing and most importantly, how to survive.

A special thanks to John-Henry Williams ’19, film and media major, for making the film.

Dallo Fall Short Film

Congratulations to Dr. Pallavi Sriram

Dr. Pallavi Sriram will be joining the Theatre and Dance Department next fall as an Assistant Professor of Dance Studies.  


This is Modern Art at the DCPA

"Graffiti crews are willing to risk anything for their art. But when one crew finishes the biggest graffiti bomb of their careers, the consequences get serious and spark a public debate asking, where does art belong?" From March 22 until April 15, This is Modern Art, a play cowritten by Assistant Professor Idris Goodwin and Kevin Coval is playing at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Adjunct Associate Professor Gypsy Ames' costume won awards at this years Costume Con. 

The costume titled "Hope" (images below), created from recycled trash, was presented at the International Costumer's Guild 35th annual juried masquerade in Mississauga, ON, Canada.  It won awards in the Master's division for use of recycled materials and for creating an Abstract Art costume for a performance art piece.

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Images copyright Steward Hartman

Artist-in-Residence Patrizia Herminjard recently shot a new short film, Lapse. 

Over time, even the most tender moments come to pass, questioning if they ever happened in the first place.

Click here to watch.