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There are many opportunities to learn German at the Colorado College! We have classes on German literature, film, culture, composition, and conversation. In addition, we offer elementary and intermediate German classes. Check out the course catalog description of the German major and minor.

For information on Topics courses currently being taught, click here

GR 101 - Elementary German, part I

GR 102 - Elementary German, part II

GR 103 - 104 -German Skill Maintenance

GR 201 - Intermediate German I

GR 202 - Intermediate German II

GR 205 - 206 - German Skill Maintenance

GR 209 - German Theater Workshop

GR220- Intermediate Topics in German Studies (Taught in English)

GR 305 - German Composition and Conversation

GR 306 - Advanced German Composition and Conversation

GR 311, 312 - Independent Reading

GR 320 - Advanced Topics in German Studies (Taught in German)

GR 416 - Senior Thesis