Intermediate German II

A continuation of German grammar review begun in German 201, with special emphasis on vocabulary building through readings, discussions and special projects. Meets the Language Requirement requirement.

Prerequisite: 201 or equivalent.

Degree requirement — Language Requirement

1 unit — Lisiecki

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Intermediate German II focuses on the German language as well as the culture and history of German-speaking countries.
Photo of the German countryside
German 202 is the second half of a two-block sequence focused on the German language as well as the culture and history of German-speaking countries. Like German 201 it aims to further develop all four language skills: reading, speaking, writing and listening. It emphasizes communication and comprehension, but also builds on the grammar base acquired in previous courses. Throughout the block, we will examine a variety of cultural topics, such as holidays and traditions, science and technology, justice and environmentalism, the German economy, history, and society. We will also discuss what is happening in Germany today, above all the upcoming federal elections, the rise of right-wing populism, and Germany’s refugee policy. We will read authentic German texts, watch German films and short films, and read German short stories or excerpts from longer literary works. Students will also work on their own research projects. The course will also include field trips, such as a visit to a German restaurant and, if appropriate, the exploration of other local opportunities (Fine Arts Center, Denver Art Museum, hike in Garden of the Gods etc.).``


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2021 Block 4 Intermediate German II William Davis TBA 3 / 0 05/15/2022
Spring 2022 Block 6 Intermediate German II Christiane Steckenbiller Armstrong Hall 348 18 / 13 05/15/2022
Spring 2023 Block 6 Intermediate German II Chet Lisiecki TBA 18 / 18 05/15/2022
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