The Feminist and Gender Studies Program offers core courses taught by its core faculty, Professor Heidi R. Lewis (Director & Associate Professor), Professor Nadia Guessous (Associate Director & Associate Professor), Professor Rushaan Kumar (Assistant Professor), and visiting faculty in the program, as well as cross-listed electives taught by faculty in a wide range of departments and programs, including but not limited to Race, Ethnicity, & Migration Studies; Music; English; and others.

  • Our 100-level courses introduce students to foundational theories, modes of inquiry, and key debates within Feminist & Gender Studies. They are survey courses that emphasize breadth without preoccupation with comprehensiveness, locating and historicizing feminist thought and politics. They assume no prior knowledge and emphasize accessibility to different learning styles, requiring varied assignments that require minimal original or secondary research outside the syllabus.
  • Our 200-level courses cultivate deeper understanding of theories, concepts, and interdisciplinary sub-fields within Feminist & Gender Studies, assuming no prior knowledge and requiring no prerequisites. They emphasize ways of connecting, synthesizing, and employing feminist theories and concepts, continuing to pay attention to foundational texts and concepts in relevant sub-fields, while recognizing the always shifting landscape of Feminist & Gender Studies. Assignments require intermediate level independent thinking and research skills.
  • Our 300-level courses generate complex understandings of theories of identity and subjectivity within relevant sub-fields, paying attention to intellectual and activist legacies, including a consideration of methodological questions. They permit more engagement with advanced contemporary texts and require prerequisites in order to presume prior knowledge and skills that may or may not be related to the relevant sub-field. Building on prior intellectual work, students position themselves within relevant sub-fields in service to their developing critical preoccupations, so these courses emphasize advanced level independent thinking and research.
  • Our 400-level courses require senior standing and are taken within the pass/fail paradigm. They permit critical interventions that generate fresh perspectives on relevant sub-fields in Feminist & Gender Studies, emphasizing the co-creation of various aspects of the course curriculum with the professor. They also focus on the impetuses for and broader implications of feminist epistemologies.

Feminist & Gender Studies core courses can be found here for 2021-2022, and here for 2022-2023. You may also use this link to see all core and cross-listed courses being offered at any given time.

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