Shannon McGee Prize

Shannon McGee was a Sociology major and Women's Studies minor in the Colorado College class of 1989. During the summer of 1990, Shannon was studying Islamic women in Egypt on a Watson Fellowship and passed away after an accidental fall while climbing behind the “monastery” ruins at Petra in Jordan.

The Shannon McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies honors her life by rewarding juniors or seniors who have demonstrated a real and abiding interest in Feminist and Gender Studies. More specifically, the award is presented in recognition of the student's active engagement, and activism or leadership, regardless of major or minor. The award may be based on, but not limited to, the student's political or artistic endeavors on or off campus, research, participation in conferences and other related activities intended to enhance the understanding of or commitment to issues related to Feminist & Gender Studies. Such purpose is reflective of Shannon's adventurous and inquisitive nature and her commitment to keeping these issues alive and vibrant.

Shannon embodied the intellectual and political abilities and enthusiasm that make great students and even greater human beings.
-Esther Redmount, Professor of Economics

Prize Winners

2023: Pardes Lyons-Warren
2022: Sakina Bhatti
2021: Eloise H. Kelly
2020: Ramah Aleryan and Judy Lynne Fisher
2019: Judy Lynne Fisher
2018: Baheya Malaty
2017: Jazlyn Andrews
2016: Kierlanya "Naya" Herman
2015: Melissa L. Barnes and Anna Naden
2014: Rosie Nelson
2013: Natalie K. Dupille
2012: Andrea Ruybal
2011: Dorothy Haruyama and Adison T. Petti
2010: Beth Kancilia
2009: Nicki Dunnavant
2008: Lindsay Scallan
2007: Sheldon Kerr
2006: Jocelyn Hallstein
2004: Jennie McDonald
2003: Eliza Vandenbroeck Fernie
2002: Raegan Leann Truax
2001: Eleanor Hunt Collinson

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