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Chinese Listing

101 Elementary Chinese. Introduction to Mandarin Chinese, emphasis on basic grammar, speaking, and listening comprehension as well as mastery of some 500 characters for reading and writing. Language laboratory required. (Also listed as PA101.) 2 units.

103/104 Chinese Skill Maintenance.Conversation and limited reading and writing practice in Chinese language. Prerequisite: Chinese 101. (Also listed as Asian Studies 113/114) .25 unit each.

201 Intermediate Chinese I. Emphasis on continued development of speaking and listening skills and the use of basic structures through reading, writing, and films with a view to building proficiency in using the language. Prerequisite: Chinese language 101. (Also listed as Asian Studies 201.) 1 unit.

202 Advanced Intermediate Chinese II. The course builds on the language progress made in Chinese 201. Extensive use of films and increased application of the written and spoken language in order to build proficiency. Prerequisite: 201. (Also listed as Asian Studies 202.) 1 unit.

205/206 Chinese Skill Maintenance.Conversation and limited reading and writing practice in Chinese language. Prerequisite: Chinese 101. (Also listed as Asian Studies 205/206.) .25 unit each.

212 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature in Translation. This course will acquaint students with Chinese poetry and major forms of Chinese fiction: pi-chi, ch'uan-ch'i, pien-wen, hua-pen, kung-an, and the novel, as well as modern Chinese vernacular literature. Students are expected to develop a critical interest in placing literary works in broader social, political and cultural contexts. No Prerequisite. (Also listed as Asian Studies 211.) 1 unit. (not offered in 2011-12)

221 Chinese Women Writers and Their Works. This course will focus on a comparative study of the voice of Chinese women writers in the 1920s and 1980s, examine women writers' works in a social-historical context, and discuss the difference of women's places and problems in traditional Chinese culture and modern Chinese society. The course will also try to define the similar and different expressions of "feminism" as a term in the West and the East. (Meets the Critical Perspectives: Diverse Cultures and Critiques requirement.) 1 unit.

250 Topics in Chinese Studies:

250 Topics: Chinese Cinema: Contemporary Chinese Film and Society. This course aims to 1)help students gain an understanding of some of the social, political, cultural, and economic changes that have taken place in China in the past several decades; 2)help students understand and evaluate the way Chinese films convey their social and cultural values and commitments; 3) help students cultivate a greater command over current trends and debates in analysis of Chinese cinema, and help facilitate students' understanding of Chinese cinema, culture and society in the context of globalization; 4) help students cultivate a greater interest in the history and extraordinary development of Chinese cinema within a social, political and cultural context, focusing mainly on films produced in mainland China. Taught in English. No prerequisite. (Also listed as Asian Studies 250). 1 unit. (Not offered 2011-12)

250 Topics: History, Literature, and Culture of the Lower Yangzi Delta. This is a two-block history course to be taught in China from Block 8 through Summer A Block of 2010. the Yangzi river delta is home both to contemporary Shanghai and classic centers of late imperial Chinese culture like Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou, immortalized in the popular Chinese saying "Above there is Heaven, below Suzhou and Hangzhou." This course explores the region's vital cultural, political, economic and literature role in the creation of modern China from the late imperial period to the present. Taught on-site in Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, the course provides students a direct experience of contemporary China's connections to its past. This course will also provide students an opportunity to improve their Chinese language. Additional expenses incurred. Prerequisite: CN101 Elementary Chinese and Consent of Instructor. (Taught in China) (Also listed as Asian Studies 250, History 200, and Comparative Literature 220). 1 unit. Jiang/Williams. (not offered in 2011-12)

250 Word and Image in Chinese Culture. This course will begin with a two-week introduction to the art monuments, literary forms, and religious traditions of China, as well as a comparative study of the relationships between word and image, art and literature; the group will then travel to China for two weeks to examine art objects and literary settings in a hands-on manner. In China we will travel to Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Assignments will include reading responses, class presentations, and an extended paper. $$$Extra Expense$$$. Financial assistance is available for students on financial aid. Consent of one of the two instructors is required to sign up for this course. (Also listed as Asian Studies 250, Art History 275 and Comparative Literature 200) . 1 unit. (not offered in 2011-12)

250 Topics: Chinese Calligraphy.An introduction to Chinese brushwork covering calligraphy, bamboo, orchid and tree painting, as well as some bird painting. (Also listed as Asian Studies 250) .25 units.

250 Topics: Modernity and Sexuality in Chinese Literature and Film. This course will investigate how two modern concepts of Modernity and Sexuality, joined in a cultural debate over two significant historical and literary periods (the May fourth and the post-Mao periods), have informed the change in Chinese subjectivity and life style through reading representative literary works, personal accounts, films and scholarly studies. Additionally, since the fifth-generation of Chinese filmmakers have pushed contemporary Chinese cinema into an international award-winning industry, this course will try to figure out how the international cinematic language and market influence Chinese filmmakers' film making, and their reinterpretation and reinvention of China's literature and history. (Also listed as Asian Studies 250). 1 unit. (Not offered in 2011-12)

301 Advanced Chinese Language. Intensive practice in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending modern Chinese. Prerequisite: Chinese 202. (Also listed as Asian Studies 302.)

302 Advanced Chinese Language II. Intensive practice in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending modern Chinese. Prerequisite: Chinese 301 or Consent of instructor. (Also listed as Asian Studies 304).

311 Independent Study in Chinese. Supervised projects in Chinese Language, literature and culture for advanced students. Consent of department required. Offered as an extended format. .50 unit.

350 Advanced Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture. Study of a selected topic in Chinese literature and culture. The course will cover subjects not listed in the regular curriculum and may vary year to year. 1 unit. (Not offered in 2011-12)

401 Chinese Culture and Language. Application of Chinese language skills in the study of Chinese culture, including literature, history, or business. Taught as an extended format course over the full academic year. Prerequisite: Chinese 302 or consent of instructor. (Also listed as Asian Studies 403).

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