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East Asian Languages - Chinese Course Schedule

An overview of course offerings listed by faculty and block:

The following can also be viewed in MSWord format.


 Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Half BlockBlock 5Block 6Block  7             Block 8

H. Jiang


Chinese Language, Encountering the Past



Asian Studies Senior Seminar

CN/PA 101
Elementary Chinese





Advanced Chinese Language II 

CN/PA 201

Intermediate Chinese 

(in China)



F. Zhang



CN 301/PA 302
Advanced Chinese Language I



CN/PA 101
Elementary Chinese

CN/PA 202

Advanced Intermediate Chinese II

(In China)


CN 401/PA 403
Extended Format 
Chinese Culture and Language

CN 103/PA 113
Chinese Skills Maintenance

CN/PA 205
Chinese Skills Maintenance


CN 104/PA 114
Chinese Skills Maintenance 

Blocks 5&6

CN/PA 206
Chinese Skill Maintenance

Blocks 5&6

H. Tu



CN/PA 250
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Blocks 7&8