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Changes to Title IX Reporting Process

Dear Campus Community,

Considering the dynamic landscape of nondiscrimination compliance within higher education, and in order to best serve all students, faculty, and staff regarding reports of discrimination, we will be working over the summer to make changes to Title IX programming for the college. 
I would like to thank Professor Gail Murphy-Geiss, who has served as the college Title IX coordinator for seven years. The Title IX coordinator ensures that CC remains compliant with Title IX, coordinates the investigation and disciplinary process, and looks for patterns or systemic problems with compliance to ensure federal obligations are met. Gail has done a remarkable job in her service to the college with regards to Title IX. 
Beginning July 1, Heather Kissack, director of Human Resources, will assume responsibility as the Title IX coordinator. Together, she and Gail will work to transition this important responsibility over the summer, ensuring minimal impact to students and employees while providing critical resources to our campus community.  Additional information regarding Title IX changes will be sent via email during the summer and at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, however the new model will include key stakeholders from the faculty, student life, the Butler Center, sexual assault and prevention, students, campus safety, and athletics.
You can view current Title IX resources at any time on our website. For questions and inquiries regarding Title IX, please contact Gail Murphy-Geiss at and/or Heather Kissack at

Best Regards,
Jill Tiefenthaler