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Thankful for Colorado College

Dear Campus Community,

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I have gratitude on my mind.

Throughout the divisive national campaign, CC welcomed a variety of speakers representing a broad range of perspectives. I am thankful for an intellectual community where many perspectives are welcomed and thoughtfully considered.

Our students were passionately engaged in the election season but they were also ready for the break and so student leaders organized a “Loving Send Off” to celebrate the unity of our community. I am thankful for students who care deeply about issues and one another.

Our faculty are always there for our students, pushing and challenging them as they also provide support and encouragement. I am grateful for their commitment to excellent teaching and mentoring, which has always been the cornerstone of a Colorado College education and continues to be so today.  

Throughout the fall, I have been so proud of the progress being made on campus and our community’s resilience in the midst of much disruption. Despite the construction at Tutt Library and relocation of our books and their offices, Team Tutt, and our librarians and academic support professionals have provided excellent service to students and faculty. I am also delighted to witness the enthusiasm for our alliance with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the engagement of over 1,500 participants in the planning listening sessions.

Our staff are passionate about these new initiatives that will enhance learning for our students and have taken on additional responsibilities to make them happen, even as they continue their dedication to regular duties. I am grateful for their many contributions.

During this past block, our trustees were on campus for their regular November meeting. I am thankful for their enthusiasm and commitment to CC. The support they and our alumni, parents, and friends provide is a strong endorsement of the importance of our mission to educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude,