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Strategic Plan: Our Progress

November 21, 2014

Building on the Block

Our Progress

Work is taking place each day on our campus as students, faculty, and staff members contribute to the important initiatives guided by our strategic plan. It is important to share our progress, celebrating the accomplishments as well as the challenges, supporting one another as we advance this important work.

CC’s Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium provided an opportunity for students to share the results of months of collaborative research. The Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching supported new summer research opportunities for students and faculty members, as well as workshops and this inaugural symposium.

Block break programming launched this year supports our initiative to create a diverse and inclusive campus. It provides free activities and excursions for students during their four-day break each block. 
To strengthen our culture and improve Workplace Excellence, we are striving to build strong internal communication, vibrant collaboration, and organizational transparency as strategic assets. In our efforts to improve organizational transparency, this fall the college launched the Who Decides? and CC Facts webpages. The college's statement on diversity is the foundation for fostering an inclusive campus culture, also supporting our Workplace Excellence efforts.

The completed renovation, including rooftop solar array, makes the Spencer Center our most energy-efficient building on campus. It’s just one of the projects enhancing our distinctive place of learning. Completed solar arrays on Worner Campus Center, El Pomar Sports Center, the dean of students’ home, and Cornerstone Arts Center also contribute to CC’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2020.