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    Standing Together Against Racism

    Dear CC Community,

    Today an unknown person, hiding behind an encrypted email service, sent an extremely hurtful, white-supremacist message to many students, faculty, and staff. It targeted wonderful campus leaders who have spent years working to make CC a more inclusive, supportive living and learning community.
    While we’re not sure if this person even knows CC or its many dedicated people, the message was intended to divide us. This person’s message resulted in anger, fear, and hurt in our community.
    We fully support our colleagues who were targeted. We stand against racism and hatred, and will continue to do the work to build a strong, inclusive, understanding community.
    Shocking, racist incidents have occurred across our nation. And when an unwelcome, hateful message violates our own campus, we must support one another, listen, and work through the pain. We must be respectful, resilient, and caring.
    We have much to do, and planning is beginning. We will offer healing and dialogue sessions in Block 7; watch for more information.
    For those who are on campus or need support now, The Butler Center and Chaplain’s Office are available for students, faculty, and staff. The Counseling Center is available for students.
    The Butler Center: (719) 389-6338,
    Chaplain’s Office: (719) 389-6638, or
    Counseling Center: (719) 389-6093,
    Our community is committed to inclusivity, and to providing an environment where all feel safe, supported, and empowered to learn, teach, and work. Let’s work together toward that goal.