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Putting Our Ideas Into Action

September 9, 2014

We continue to advance our strategic plan – Building on the Block – by putting ideas into action heading into the 2014-15 academic year. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect and how you can stay engaged. Check out the implementation website for all the reports from last year's action teams and all the activities and teams that will be working this year:

Recommendation 1: Additional Support to the Block Plan

The Mellon Grant begins supporting activities in the Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching, while the Center’s Action Team will continue selecting and funding pilot projects. The Library Action Team will continue its work in phase two of the library renovation and programming initiative, moving into the architectural design stage this fall.

Recommendation 2: Summer, Half Block, and Special Block Breaks

The New Dynamic Half Block will see new offerings in January 2015. Summer Session 2015 will once again include thematic “linked blocks.” The Dean’s Office sent out a call for proposals to all faculty on Sept. 1. The Alumni Relations Office will offer three special block breaks for alumni and parents this year and will launch the first Alumni Summer College on-campus event. 

Recommendation 3: Innovation Institute

$25,000 has been devoted to projects that investigate questions of innovation through the disciplinary lenses of the humanities and social sciences. 2014-15 will also be the inaugural year for the Institute’s Advisory Board. More information on the board is coming in Block 2.

Recommendation 4: Enhance Our Distinctive Place

Two Knowledge Development Teams will continue work with selected consultants on the Campus Master Plan and Master Communications Plan with community engagement opportunities coming in the fall and recommendations to the Board of Trustees by February 2015. 

Recommendation 5: Workplace Excellence

The Faculty and Staff Diversity Action Team has handed off recommendations to two Leadership Action Groups for prioritization and implementation, and the Workplace Excellence Leadership Team will continue its work focusing on internal communications, collaboration, and transparency. 2014-15 will also see the launch of the college’s new professional development program – Excel@CC.