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In Support of DACA

Dear Campus Community,

As we await word from President Trump on whether the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order (DACA) will be extended or ended, I want to reaffirm CC’s commitment to enrolling and educating exceptionally talented students from all backgrounds, including undocumented students and those with legal status under the DACA executive order.

DACA has enabled thousands of young people to pursue their educations without threat of deportation. Most of these students came to the United States as children. They identify as Americans and contribute greatly to our communities.

The diversity of our student body is essential to the depth and texture of a CC education. Each student brings experiences and perspectives that enrich our community. 

We will do all we legally can to ensure that our undocumented and DACA students continue to have access to a CC education. The Office of Financial Aid has reached out to students who may be affected by changes in DACA to assure them that Colorado College will make up any losses in federal financial aid with institutional dollars.

Colorado College strongly supports DACA. We are in touch with our elected representatives to encourage their support of this vital program, and ask concerned members of the community to do so as well.