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Accounting Forms

Traveling on Business

Summary Travel Expense Form (pdf)
Summary Travel Expense Form (excel)
Summary Travel Expense Form - Per Diem (pdf)
Summary Travel Expense Form - Per Diem (excel)
Field Trip Procedures and Forms
Historical Exchange Rates
Meals Guidelines and Procedures - Per Diem Links
Currency Converter

Managing Funds/Budgets

Journal Entry Form (Adobe Sign) / Adobe Sign Journal Entry Instructions
Journal Entry Form (pdf interactive)
Introduction to Endowed Funds
Cash Advance - Requesting and Reconciling
Faculty/Staff - Accessing a Fund Balance in Banner
Students - Accessing a Fund Balance in Banner
New Fund/Organization Request Form
Commonly Used Account Codes
Fund Types - Brief Explanation
Banner Codes as seen in Self-Service Banner

Other Resources

Wire Transfer Form
Wire Transfer Instructions
Payment Flow Charts

Accounts Payable Forms

Check Requisition Form (pdf interactive on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer)
Honorarium Letter
W-8BEN (For individuals)
W-8BEN Instructions
W-8BEN-E (For business entities)
W-8BEN-E Instructions
W-8BEN-E (Adobe Sign)
W-9 Form
W-9 Form (Adobe Sign)
Student Award Payment Form
Mileage Reimbursement Form 2023
Mileage Reimbursement Form 2024
Contract Authorization Guidelines
Payment Flow Charts
Concur Manual

Administrative Services Forms

P-Card Policies and Procedures
P-Card Definitions
P-Card Training Document
P-Card Application
P-Card Application (Adobe Sign)
P-Card Missing Receipt Affidavit
P-Card Dispute Form- UMB Bank
Purchase Order Request
Purchase Order Request (Adobe Sign)
Bid Waiver

Budget Forms

Budget Reallocation Instructions
Budget Change Form
Budget FAQ's

Cashier Forms

Deposit Bag Instructions
Detailed Departmental Deposit Form

Facilities Forms

Submit a Request for a Work Order or Keys
Submit a Project Initiation Form for R & R/Capital Improvement

HR Forms Webpage

Human Resources Forms

Payroll Forms

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