Administrative Services provides assistance with reviewing, negotiating and providing legal council guidance as needed for contracts. 

Procurement & Purchasing Policy

Review the current Procurement & Purchasing Policy.

  • Contracts Review Guidelines for Colorado College (pdf)
  • General Contract Authorization Guidelines:
    Amount Type Authorization
    0-$2,500 Non-recurring Employee
    $2,501-$10,000 Non-recurring Director level
    10,001-$25,000 Non-recurring Division VP
    $25,001-$250,000 Any contract VP/Finance, Legal review (if needed)
For questions regarding contracts please contact Ryan Hammes

Essential items of a contract

A contract is a legally binding agreement between Colorado College and an entity. They are typically written to have two core provisions: Performance and Remedies.

  • Performance: these include what the parties are agreeing to for services/goods rendered
    • Identify the parties: Colorado College and the formal name for the entity you are contracting with. This can include an individual as a sole proprietor or the company, a government entity, corporation, or LLC.
    • Promises, Rights, Obligations: What the entity will be doing for Colorado College. This statement of work should include specifics such as:
      • Description of the project and the purpose to support Colorado College
      • Identify products and services to be performed/delivered
      • Identify who will be completing the work
      • Description of what happens if timeline in not met
      • Payment amounts and schedules for payment
    • Term/Duration: When does the contract start and stop?
    • Modifications for correcting or changing unacceptable deliverables should have mutual consent.
  • Remedies: these include the parameters in which the contract can be terminated and who holds what responsibility.
    • Risk Allocation Provisions: This outlines recognition of the risks associated with the performance provisions and who is responsible for these risks.
    • Insurance: Whenever possible third-party vendors/services should list Colorado College as additionally insured.
    • Termination: What are the specifics around terminating the contract?
    • Dispute Resolution: Refers to alternative ways to resolve disputes without a trial such as mediation and neutral evaluation.
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