Know Your Key Funders

Funding for Research and Scholarly Efforts

It's important to be aware of several key funders of scholarly research. On this "Advice" page, we summarize several key funders and provide recommendations on concrete steps that faculty can take to become prepared for an application in one to three years.

Advice on Key Funders

Here we highlight research funding opportunities (and tips particular to these opportunities) for which many CC faculty are eligible

  • American Council of Learned Societies - non-residential sabbatical support (most deadlines in September)
  • Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship - support for early career faculty who are "are well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students" (annual deadline in early December)
  • Franklin Research Grant - support for research expenses (two deadlines in October and December)
  • Core Fulbright Scholar Program - support for research and/or teaching abroad (annual deadline in mid-September)
  • Guggenheim Fellowship - support for senior scholars, writers, artists and composers (annual mid-September deadline)
  • NEH Fellowship - non-residential sabbatical support (annual deadline in April)
  • NEH Summer Stipend - annual internal deadline in late summer
  • National Science Foundation - support for the natural and social sciences - CAREER deadline in July

Funding for Academic Initiatives

There are numerous funding opportunities to support the academic mission of the College, for which many CC faculty are eligible to apply.

Many of these opportunities are part of long-standing funding programs, but we will also strive to keep this page updated with newer opportunities as they become available.

Prior to preparing a proposal requiring collaboration or articulating a long-term strategy, faculty members should discuss their proposed project with one of the College's grants professionals (Ina Remus, Laura Hines or Tess Powers) in order to coordinate a discussion with the dean of the faculty and/or provost.

Opportunities to Bring International Scholars to Campus

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers two opportunities to bring international scholars to campus: one for long-term visitors and one for visitors of just a few days.

  • Scholar in Residence Program (S-I-R) - annual deadline in mid-October
  • Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF) - rolling deadline, application should be submitted at least a month before the proposed visit

Opportunities for Collaboration

Here we highlight opportunities to engage in collaboration (pedagogical and otherwise) with colleagues across the college and at other colleges. In particular:

  • ACM Funding - deadlines vary by program
  • Teagle Foundation's Education for American Civic Life - rolling deadline
  • Teagle Foundation's Pathways to the Liberal Arts - rolling deadline
  • NEH Humanities Connections - annual deadline in September
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