Our Alumni


Marc Acito '90

Marc lives in New York with his husband Floyd Sklaver. His new musical (book) Allegiance opens at the Longacre Theatre (on Broadway) on November 18, 2015 following a successful run at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre, where it won the Craigh Noel Award for Outstanding New Musical. Past work includes his play Birds of a Feather (Helen Hayes Award, DC Theatre), the one-man show How I Paid For College (Hub Theatre, VA), the concert adapation of Paint Your Wagon (City Center Encores), and the book for the musical A Room with a View (5th Street Theatre/Old Globe Theatre). Marc continues to be a commentator on all things witty for NPR's All Things Considered. Contact Marc at MarcAcito@attbi.com.

Casey Avaunt '06

Casey lives in Southern California, where she is a second-year PhD student in Critical Dance Studies at UC-Riverside. She was featured in the Taipei Times for the piece Electron, which she co-choreographed with 8213 Physical Dance Theater. The piece was performed with Yogi Chan and Sun Chuo-Tai (artistic director), both previously exchange teachers at CC from Taiwan. Contact Casey at casey.avaunt@gmail.com.

Ryan Banagale '00

Ryan lives in Colorado Springs (yes!), where he is an Assistant Professor in the Music Department at Colorado College. He remains close to the theatre and dance department, offering cross-listed courses and composing the occasional scores. His latest book is Arranging Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue and the Creation of an American Icon. Contact Ryan at rbanagale@coloradocollege.edu.

Lauren Bicknell

Lauren lives in Valley Village CA in the San Fernando Valley. She currently works for Access Hollywood. Contact Lauren at oatstrawtea@hotmail.com.

Michael Broh '90

Mike lives in Spring Green WI where he is the Production Manager for the American Players Theatre. He received his MFA from Yale School of Drama in Technical Design and Production. He and Stacy Wood (fellow CC alum) are happily married and the parents of two children. Contact Mike at stacymike@charter.net.

Jeremiah Brophy '98

Jeremiah lives in Washington DC where he is Sales Manager at Barbizon Lighting. Prior, he was Production Manager/Fringe Coordinator at LiveArts in Charlottesville VA, where he "lead a team of 11 volunteers and 45 schools to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland for 4 weeks of crazy live theater." He misses the snow and "can't wait to start a theater festival that takes me into the Rockies or even the Alps where I can put his skis back to use." Contact Jer at jeremiahbrophy@gmail.com "or via one of the many social networks that permeate our world these days."

Rob Burke '92

Rob is a lawyer and actor in Seattle. His credits include the ABC movie The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life as Rose Red and the feature film Snow Falling on Cedars. He appears in local theatre productions and in court, and also writes screenplays. Contact Rob at burke@sea.hwb-law.com.

Chris Burns '90

Chris lives in Weehawken NJ "but once I get my masters we are moving where there are more trees," and is now finishing up his nursing degree at Columbia University School of Nursing. "I am loving it, and possibly for the first time in my life, I am becoming a true nerd." This lifechange comes after a successful almost-20 year career as a working actor. Chris got his MFA in Acting from NYU. He has been married for 9 years. He is also a photographer who specializes in photomontage, and his website is a fine example of his work. Contact Chris at chris@cburnsmontage.com.

Misha Calvert '04

Misha lives in New York's West Village, studying acting and working on several original scripts. Since moving to NY, she held internships at Telsey + Co. Casting and KSA Talent Agency, and adapted and directed a series of Chekhov scenes in a 1980s high school. Misha and CC friends Ben Solomon, Josh Higgason, Lizzie Larson, Daniel Joeck, and Renzo Ampuero produced an Off-Broadway adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray in 2006. Contact Misha at kipworthmore@gmail.com.

Liza Canale '97

Liza lives in Nashville, where she is an entrepreneur, actress, and model. She is the founder and owner of Area 2 Trading Company, an upscale design consultation firm. She is represented by S + C Management. Check out "Liza Likes!" Contact Liza at liza@area2trading.com.

Lisa Chilberg Rasmussen '98

Lisa lives in Colorado Springs (yes!), where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator for a local Colorado Springs firm. She married in 2001 in Shove Chapel. Contact Lisa at lisa_chill@hotmail.com.

Andrea Christensen '93

Andrea lives in Los Angeles, where she is a working costume designer and technician. "I've been incredibly lucky to find steady work for years, even if it has meant working for three different costume shops and rotating them as they each have work." Her most recent project is costumes based on Hotel Transylvania for the film's sequel premiere. Andrea and JJ are happily ensconced in their home, where "The Tome" of Masters of Modern Drama (remember Modern Theatre 1880-1930?) still stands on their bookshelf.

Tom Dadourian

Tom lives in Denver, and received his MBA from Daniels School of Business at Denver University. Tom is the owner of Dadourian West LLC and Managing Member of Chambers Street LLC. He specializes in design, photography, and real estate. Contact Tom at tomdadourian@hotmail.com.

Karl Da Costa '93

Karl lives in Los Angeles, where he is an estate/trust litigation attorney with Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP. He specializes in estate and trust litigation and graduated from UCLA School of Law. NB: We bet that he is the most creative probate attorney in LA. Contact Karl at www.msk.com.

Nicky Damania '04

Nicky now lives in Reno, where he is Director of Student Life at Bakersfield College. He received his PhD from UCCS and his MA from Bowling Green State University. Nicky would love to hear from you. Contact Nicky at nickydamania@yahoo.com.

Caryn Daus Flanagan '89

Caryn is Resident Artist and Program Director with Off Square Theatre Company in Jackson Hole WY. In her early career, she made some Coors commercials, did some ski modeling, and directed high school musicals. Presently, she is often Guest Artist with the University of Wyoming Theatre Department. Contact Caryn at flanagan@bresnan.net.

KC Dupps Tucker '98

KC lives in Fayetteville AK, where she is partner at the Law Group of Northwest Arkansas. She is active in the community, and is President of the Board of Directors for the Peace at Home Family Shelter and counsel for the Arkansas Conservation Center. KC is married to Joe Tucker and they have two children. Contact KC at office@lawgroupnwa.com.

Alex Farr '16

Congratulations to Alex Farr who recently got her first review for her work in Sanctuary: Holding, A Queer Black Love Story.

"The program ran for nearly a month and featured many artists from across different genres. The performances on Valentine's Day included the unique talents of Alex Farr and Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence (from "I, Too, Am Harvard" fame). A stark and bare stage, with unforgiving fluorescent lights came to life with the energies and passions of these two young actors."


Kate Frieze '03

Kate lives in Kansas City and works for a CPA firm. "I haven't forgotten movement! I am a certified yoga instructor and do community service classes in rehabilitation hospitals." Contact Kate at k.frieze@sbcglobal.net.

Brett Gardner '95

Brett lives in Chicago, where is owner/founder/CEO of RGB Lights Inc., one of the largest lighting supply houses in Chicago. The company has a national clientele. Prior, Brett was Lighting Designer for Lightswitch, President of On-Site Services Inc., and Programmer for Upstaging Inc. Contact Brett at brett@rgblights.com.

John Gillis '89

John lives in Cortez CO. He did some improvisational street theatre at Epcot Center during the early 1990s. Then he picked up his second degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine, and married fellow alum Cathy Taylor. They have 2 children. John is a practicing family physician in Cortez. Contact John at jcgillis@yahoo.com.

Domenico Giustino '98

Domenico lives in Brussels, where he is a freelance dancer, performer, and choreographer. After CC, Domenico trained at the Moscow Art Theater and the Conservatory of Opera and Ballet in St. Petersburg. He finished his dance training at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Domenico is the co-founder of the Rabbit Hole Collective, for whom he choreographed and made films. He has worked with William Forsythe, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Christian Smedts Ensemble, and Sioned Huwys. He has collaborated with the Sweet and Tender network since 2006, creating various works in Iran, Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, and Mexico. He has toured Europe with the Bal Modern project since 2003, and is a member of the Solo Conversations Dance Collective for the past 2 years. Contact Domenico at domenico.giustino@gmail.com.

Tamara Gower '95

Tamara teaches dance and Spanish at Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek, WA. Contact Tam at tjgower@earthlink.net.

Katie Grant '92

Katie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, film editor Jordan Goldman. In 2012, Katie began pursuing her other passion, writing. She is now a freelance copywriter and brand voice developer for small businesses. She says her BA in Drama "helps me in storytelling, in writing micro-stories for clients by easily stepping into their shoes, infusing their marketing and advertising with strategic ways to share their brand stories." After CC, Katie spent many years as a professional actress around the country (AEA at The Jupiter Theatre in Florida) and was even a stuntwoman at Old Tucson Studios. She did commercial work and TV shows (Dexter, The Shield) and wrote and performed her own one-woman show, The Accidental Cowgirl, at the Santa Monica Playhouse. Katie was Glenn Close's stand-in on The Shield: "Shadowing my acting idol was the best paid training I ever had!" Contact Katie at www.plumecopy.com.

Cathy Hartenstein '90

Cathy lives in Sedona AZ, where she is the founder and owner of Create More Bliss, a personal coaching and advising firm. The lifechange of beautiful Sedona comes after a long career in the theatre. After finishing her MFA in Directing, Cathy was a professor at DeSales University, teaching directing and acting. After DeSales, she accepted a position as Literary Manager with the Cleveland Playhouse, Ohio's premier LORT company. Contact Cathy at info@createmorebliss.com.

Erik Heger '97

Erik lives in New York, where he is a busy working actor. He is also a busy and very visible harpist who receives a lot of press. His latest work this summer combined acting and harp playing: the short solo turn Hank Leaves Home. Reviewer: "The audience did not stop smiling or laughing throughout the 45 minute performance. This past June, Erik played John Proctor at the Guthrie Theatre, and in March "played in a real life rock band" in The Master and Margarida Rock Show in New York. He also played Tom Buchanan in the Guthrie's adaptation of The Great Gatsby. His films include Upside Out, The Umbrella Man, and The Shells. Check out Erik and his harp at www.kickstarter.com.

Scott Heron '83

Scottie lives in New Orleans, where he is director of SideArm Gallery, a home-based gallery and performance space. He has toured the US and Eastern Europe as a dancer/collaborator with Cathy Weis Projects, and has an ongoing collaboration with Hijack in Minneapolis (Arwen Wilder and Kristin Van Loon). In 2003, Scott received a New York Dance and Performance Award ("Bessie") for his body of work as a performer. His work has been influenced by ongoing study and collaboration with Deborah Hay and is featured in her books Lamb at the Altar and My Body the Buddhist. Contact Scottie (and check out the website) at sidearmgallery@yahoo.com.

Kim Hillman Simon '92

Kim lives in Beverly Hills, and has been Managing Director of the USC Shoah Foundation/The Institute for Visual History and Education since 2009. She is responsible for the Foundation/Institute's day-to-day operations, and loves her job. After CC, Kim spent a few years-mainly in Prague-doing film production. Her present work is also focused on expanding the Foundation/Institute's work beyond the Holocaust to include the recent Rwanda Genocide. Check out her article on Freddy Kott entitled A Picture of Me. Kim received an honorary doctorate from Colorado College in 2011. She is married to Yuss Simon and they have two amazing daughters. Contact Kim at vhi-web@usc.edu.

Sarah Hoeynck '07

Sarah lives in St. Louis, where (last we heard) she is the Technical Director at Nerinx Hall High School, designing lights, teaching scene painting, and building sets. We hear she married a guy named Kevin last year. Sarah is also an instructor in the Drama Department of St. Louis University, where she teaches Introduction to Drama. "I just want to affirm to you guys that I haven't forgotten about my theatrical heart." Contact Sarah at s_hoeynck@coloradocollege.edu.

Alix Hudson '11

Alix lives in Santa Fe NM, where "things are hectic and great." She is a working actress, director, and playwright, and had a busy summer directing three small gigs and performing in a Whitman/Neruda poetry show. This fall, her play Our Lady of Mariposas performs for the month of September at Teatro Paraguas and the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Check out information on the Teatro Paraguas website and andinterview in Pasatiempo, Santa Fe's weekly arts mag. She is also directing Quiara Alegira Hudes' piece Yemaya's Belly in October. Contact Alix at alix.i.hudson@gmail.com.

Maya Jamner '17

Recent Alum, Maya Jamner just finished the Academy at Black Box and had two scenes in the final show case one as Jackie O from The House of Yes and one as Jess from Clearing (a new Chicago play). A casting agent/director who came to the performance invited Maya to be a part of his November Virtual Showcase.

Maya was just cast in her first professional show in Chicago: 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane with the Saltbox Theatre Collective. The eleven person cast will be onstage the full time.

Additionally, Maya is in the middle of filming the Girl/Girl Scene movie with Tucky Williams. Girl/Girl Scene is a TV miniseries that is now on Amazon Prime about a group of suburban lesbians. Now, they are making a movie. Maya is one of the five stars of the film, and she is playing a character named Ryan who is a rich party girl who is both insane and addicted to cocaine. The movie should drop on Amazon Prime within the year!

Merritt Janson '00

Merritt lives in Brooklyn NY, where she is a very busy working actor. After her MFA in Acting from ART/MXAT Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard, Merritt started long and fruitful artistic relationships with the director Robert Woodruff and the theatre Shakespeare & Co., respectively. For the latter, Merritt has portrayed Ariel, Rosalind, Viola, and Desdemona. Her most well-known work with Mr. Woodruff is Notes from Underground, starting at the Yale Rep and moving Off-Broadway. Other performances include Eurydice (Wilma), The Deception (Jeune Lune), Baal (Riverside Theatre), and Tamburlaine the Great (Theatre for a New Audience). Her films include Mail Order Wife and Otto & Anna. She just finished the short two-hander Built in Manhattan's Summer Shorts Festival. At CC, we fondly remember her vicious androgynous psycho killer in The Birthday Party.

Sara Joel '93

Sara lives in New York with her husband and children and continues a busy career in dance. She performed for many years in Las Vegas in Zumanity, for which she co-choreographed two pieces. She continues to be an acrobatic dancer with Cirque du Soleil. Check out her videos on YouTube and pics of her at www.aerial-contortion.com and www.loisgreenfield.com. Contact Sara at NYCSarajoel@hotmail.com.

Kevin Michael Johnson '01

Kevin lives in Irvine CA with his wife Stephanie Shaw and their daughters Quinlan, Maeve, and Adele. He works at Blizzard Entertainment doing creative direction on video content after a stint shepherding community development for a few of their properties. "We think of CC so very often and it is a constant standard to which we are holding education options presented to out children. Funny how we filter preschools through the lens of Colorado College." Contact Kevin at kmichaeljohn@gmail.com.

Katie Kaufmann '00

Katie lives in Minneapolis, where she is a working actor. Presently she serves as a grant administrator at the Metropolitan Arts Council and as the mother of her 5 year old Anya. She is developing a devised show about Antoine de Saint-Exupery called The Little Pilot. Her recent projects have included The Second Coming of Joan of Arc at the 20% Theatre Company, the New Plays Project at Pillsbury House Theatre's Chicago Avenue Project, and Compleat Female Stage Beauty at Minneapolis Theatre Garage. She toured England with Minnesota playwright and storyteller Kevin Kling. She continues to teach clowning and mask-making workshops for local actors and dancers and saw Ryo Nagae at a Dell'Arte reunion in California. They compared notes. "Ahh, the life of an artist!" Contact Katie at katiekaufmann@hotmail.com.

Erin Kennedy Woods '92

Erin lives in Banff, AB, Canada, "from Telluride to Tahoe, yet another breathtaking mountain destination, but this time my work has brought me closer to my first love-theatre." Erin is the Executive Assistant to both the VP of Arts and the VP of Leadership at The Banff Centre. She embodies the Centre's tagline, "at the intersection intersection of art and ideas." Erin says: "We host a playwrights/ colony, a residency for composers, an inspiring new focus and direction in the dance department, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival-it's an amazing spot and I am fortunate to have landed here." Contact Erin "if you want to see a show or, yes, if you want to go skiing," at erinleighwoods@gmail.com.

Angela LaBorde Morris '03

Angela lives in Boulder, migrating there from Durango with husband Chris Morris ("Finally!") in 2006. In Durango, Angela directed ballet for a dance studio while Chris finished his degree. In Boulder, Angela is LMT/E-RYO/BCTMB with a thriving massage and yoga business while Chris does graduate work in engineering. Contact Angela at angelalaborde@hotmail.com.

Leah Lawrence (formerly Foulke) '96

Leah lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with her husband Oliver Henzler. She is a well-known folksinger on the Manhattan scene, and also an actor. Acting: Drusilla in I Claudius Live (Theatre Askew), Please Stop Talking (Cherry Lane Theatre), Hamlet in Hamlet (LAByrinth Theater Company). Film: "Various award-winning indies." TV: All My Children. Voice-Over: "most recently the voice of a penguin named Rosie." Her music debut albums Folk by Foulke I/II are available on cdbaby.com. Leah received her MFA in acting from Columbia University. Contact Leah at fbyf@leahlawrence.com.

Katie Ledbetter '00

Katie lives in Pueblo, where she's a Mobile Intervention Clinician specializing in Expressive Arts. She got her MA/PLC from Lesley, and has worked for firms in Massachusetts and Colorado. And remember: after graduation, Katie hiked the entire Appalachian Trail! Contact Katie at katie_ledbetter@hotmail.com.

Mandy Lehinger '02

Mandy lives in Portland OR, where in 2005 she co-founded the New Farm Montessori School in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. She is an AMI trained primary guide, and has studied at Montessori Institute Northwest. She got her ME in Montessori Education from Loyola University. She says that she uses her creative skills every day in her teaching. Prior, Mandy was Assistant Company Manager at LaJolla Playhouse and stage-managed in San Diego, Portland, and Minneapolis. She has worked closely with Billy Crystal and Amanda Plummer. Contact Mandy at info@newfarmmontessori.com.

Jim Lewis '79

Jim lives in NY with his wife and son. He is a leading American dramaturg, theatre writer, and librettist . His recent musical Fela! (book), about Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti, earned him a Tony nomination. Other well-known works include This Beautiful City (Drama Desk nomination, The Civilians-a show that was born at CC) and Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Tony nomination, Lincoln Center). Jim has held positions at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, NY's Second Stage, and INTAR Hispanic America Theater. Jim received an honorary doctorate from Colorado College in 2012.

Abigail MacLaren '05

Abigail lives in Minneapolis, where she is an actor at the National Theatre for Children. Prior, she worked at the Children's Theatre Company, where she was the assistant director for The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963, directed by Clinton Turner Davis and costumed by Gypsy Ames. After graduation, Abigail spent the summer with Ben Solomon, Josh Higgason, and Professor Geny Love performing Edward II at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, followed by two years at the Whitefish Theatre Company in MT as the creator and director of the Young Actors Program. Contact Abigail at a.maclaren@gmail.com.

Brigid Maher '95

Brigid lives in Washington DC, where she is an Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts in the School of Communication at American University. She is Co-Director of the Center for Media and Social Impact and Associate Director of the Division of Film and Media Arts. Her latest documentary, produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, is The Mama Sherpas, chronicling the midwivery movement in American birthing. Brigid's writings are published by Cilect and featured in D/N/A Anthology. She received a Fulbright Senior Award for teaching broadcast media in Lebanon. Contact Brigid at bmaher@american.edu.

Peter Maurelli '90

Pete started his professional career at the Cricket Theater in Minneapolis MN while still in high school. After graduation he worked as Master Carpenter for TheatreWorks in Palo Alto following a referral from Prof. Tom Lindblade. Like many in the entertainment industry, Pete worked at a variety of places: California Shakespeare Festival, Guthrie Theatre, Norcostco, Paisley Park, Corona Stage Lighting, and even Colorado College! He currently lives in Denver CO and works as Lighting Systems Integrator for Barbizon Light of the Rockies. He recently celebrated his 18th anniversary with the company. During his tenure at Barbizon he has completed projects for such notable venues as Pepsi Center, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, LDS Church Tabernacle, Walt Disney, Lakewood Church, Seattle Center, George W. Bush Presidential Library, and the Colorado College Cornerstone Arts Center. You can contact Peter at pdm.barbizon@gmail.com.

Leigh Miller '00

Leigh lives in Denver, where he is a working actor in film, television, and theatre. He and Kate Frueh are now married, and parents! Kate works as a physician in Denver. Contact Leigh at leighnmiller@hotmail.com.

Megan Milner '00

Megan lives in Beverly Hills, and is the founder and owner of The Well-Coiffed Closet, an upscale personal buyer company. Prior, she worked for PMK and The Dart Group as a publicist in New York and Los Angeles. She is married to Craig. Contact Megan at megan@wellcoiffedcloset.com.

Doron Mitchell '14

Currently a graduate student at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, he recently emailed the department:

"…I can say that a day hasn't gone by that I haven't been grateful for all that you guys did for me! From challenging me, allowing me to flourish, arguing with me, telling me "my life is trash" to letting me cry when I needed to cry, to sharing a story or even a beer, to beating me at FIFA every once in a while (haha) to trusting me with tasks and giving me responsibility, to showing me that I was capable of much more than I could ever have imagined. Words cannot describe how blessed I was receiving the training, experiences, guidance and care that I did from you all. And for that I am entirely grateful.

Your departments have are truly special. You all present an environment that nurtures creativity and passion but also (and what I am learning is equally significant) curiosity and a drive for excelling expectations. It's that combination of rigor and passion that separates CC from not only other Liberal Arts but the best Conservatories out there! I hope CC continues to inspire individuals as you all did for me and I know there are so many great things in store, I'm just blessed to have gotten a chance to say I experienced some of them! Miss you guys bunches and sending my love to you working and you who are "relaxing" I hope to keep you updated (or as updated as I can) and look forward to seeing each and everyone of you soon and as professors here say, "save it for when you send the comp tix!". ;)

Sincerely your student, crew member, "son", headcase, "little pupil" or simply friend,

Doron Mitchell"

Caroline Moore '93

Caroline lives in Omaha and is working on an MBA with an emphasis in arts administration. She continues to dance with two modern dance companies and performs in community theatre. She works in the development office of Creighton University. Contact Caroline at mcarolinemoore@gmail.com.

Kirk Mortensen '04

Kirk lives in Lynchburg VA, where his wife Kaija Wycisk is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Randolph College. Prior, they lived in Davidson NC and in San Jose CA. In California, Kirk worked as Director of Technology for TheatreWorks, a LORT company in Palo Alto, establishing an expertise he retains in his present career. They will soon be parents, we hear. Contact Kirk at kirkmortensen@alumni.coloradocollege.edu.

Cricket Myers '99

Cricket lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a freelance sound designer for theatre. She has received every critical award and accolade the Los Angeles theatre scene has to offer, and from her peers-the ClearCom Award from USITT. She has traveled to Europe often, once helping to install one of the largest site-specific projects ever conceived for sound and live action. Cricket received her MFA in Sound Design from CalArts. Contact Cricket at cricket_myers@hotmail.com.

Pascale Nyby Krieger '98

Pascale lives in Windsor Hills CA, where she works as an attorney and as a mother of a 2 year old daughter. "I got my JD (at Loyola) after I got my MFA in Costume Design from CalArts and worked in the film industry for 6 years. I still enjoy doing both-law and costuming. It's an odd pairing." Los Angeles is where her family and friends and husband are (he works at Disney in ITS), along with two dogs. Contact Pascale at pascalekrieger@gmail.com.

Thaddeus Phillips '94

Thaddeus lives in New York and Bogota and sometimes Philadelphia. He is the founder and director of award-winning Lucidity Suitcase International. Their last project in New York was a collaboration with Wilhelm Brothers and Company, entitled RED-EYE to Havre de Grace; it received national attention and acclaim, making 10 Top Lists in TimeOut and the New York Times. His other work includes 17 Border Crossings (international venues), the action opera Flamingo/Winnebago featuring Le Chat Lunatique w/Muni Kulasinghe, and the one-man show El Conquistador (New York, Philadelphia, Bogota). Presently, he is working on The Amazing Adventures of Barry Seal, set to premiere at Philadelphia FringeArts. He has also just received the Doris Duke Performing Artist Award along with Mark Morris, Lynn Nottage, Janie Geiser, and Taylor Mac, among others. This year, he's going to be in Stockholm, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Poland directed and art making. Contact Thaddeus at www.luciditysuitcase.org.

Catherine Rees Cooper '90

Catherine lives in Brisbane Australia, and sent an amazing and breezy email. After CC, she did theatre and costuming in London for 3 years before going for her certification in Midwifery. "I have been a midwife now since 1996 and a midwifery educator for the last 5 years. I married my old high school sweetheart and we have 3 kids: William 18, Kate 16, and Tom 9. Their youngest is "heavily into theatre" and Catherine is certain "we will see him on the top of the float at Mardi Gras in a few years." The move to Brisbane followed residencies in London, Abu Dhabi, and Cyprus, and they are now happy and ensconced. "Love and smiles across the miles." Contact Catherine at Catherine.cooper@mater.org.au.

Jamie Roberts Rasch '96

Jamie lives in Denver. "I drove from Denver to see the production of Threepenny Opera, partially because I love the show and partially from nostalgia because my first Brecht musical was with Tom and Geoffrey Reeves back in 1992. Every time I teach or work on Brecht pieces I think of you, and although I tried with great fervor to get my MFA in Directing program to do Threepenny for my thesis, they didn't feel that they had the resources to do the show." After her stint in Washington DC getting her MFA, freelance directing, teaching acting for the National Opera/Cafritz Young Artists Program, and working as Director of Programs for Chorus America, Jamie now works with Opera Colorado. Contact Jamie at jrrasch@ooperacolorado.org.

Tamara Roberts '00

Tamara lives in Oakland CA and is an Assistant Professor of Music Scholarship at University of California-Berkeley, a position she accepted after finishing her PhD in Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Her forthcoming book from Oxford University Press is Resounding Afro Asia: Interracial Music and the Performance of Unity. Tamara is a composer, sound designer, and performer in music, theatre, dance, and film. She would love to hear from you. Contact Tamara at t_tone2k@hotmail.com.

David Saphier '94

Dave lives in Denver, is married and a recent father. He is a teaching artist and registrar for the Denver Center Theatre Academy, part of the Education Department of the Denver Center of Performing Arts. As an actor, he was Silward/Murderer in Macbeth (Shadow Theatre Company) and William H. Gallagher in Light Up the Sky (National Theatre Conservatory). His short play The Little Things was performed at the Western Playwrights Showcase at the Arvada Center. Dave received his MFA in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State in 2001. Go Tiger Hockey! Contact Dave at dsaphier@dcpa.org.

Gareth Saxe '94

Gareth lives in New York with his wife Meredith and their young son. He currently stars as Scar in the Broadway production The Lion King. Other Broadway credits include The Homecoming and Heartbreak House. His Off-Broadway credits include Richard III, Kimberly Akimbo, The Wax, and Harper Regan, and many others. Gareth's career has been very active, both in major regional theatres and on television/film. His mom Marilee and dad Gene did good. For now, contact Gareth at patron services at www.minskofftheatre.com.

Daisy Simmons '99

Daisy lives in San Francisco, working as an events coordinator for a large non-profit organization. Daisy writes: "I use my theatrical training every day in dealing with the many and varied people I meet in my job and my travels." Contact Daisy at daisysimmons2000@yahoo.com.

Jon Sloven '05

Jon lives in Chicago, where he dances with Same Planet Different World (SPDW), a contemporary dance company. He also teaches modern dance, ballet, and jazz in the Chicago area, and has won awards for his unique choreography. After CC, Jon traveled to Beijing with Kim Robards Dance for the 2008 international festival, sharing the stage with Odyssey Dance Theatre, National Ballet of China, and Beijing Modern Dance Company. He recently choreographed for the Joffrey Ballet Young Artists Company and Ballet Nouveau Colorado. He got his MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona. Contact Jon at Jon.Sloven@gmail.com.

Sheldon Smith '86

Sheldon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Mills College. Prior, he was an educator and dancer in Chicago, and was the recipient of grants from the Illinois Arts Council and the Cultural Affairs Office for Chicago. He also teaches at Maine Island Dance Festival in the summers. Since 2004, he has been co-founder and co-director of Smith Wymore Disappearing Acts with Cal-Berkeley professor Lisa Wymore, stretching the boundaries of dance, music, and technological innovation. Check out their most recent work Number Zero: A Space Opera in San Francisco's Joe Goode Annex this September. Sheldon got his MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois-Champaign. He was CC's first dance major. Contact Sheldon at shsmith@mills.edu.

Molly Stewart '96

Molly lives in New York and is still acting and designing. Last gig: an Off-Broadway production of Hamlet. She would love to hear from you. NB: Tom ran into Molly on campus not long ago. She looks and sounds great. Contact Molly at marycstewart@hotmail.com.

MacArthur Stine '01

Mac lives in Castleton VT, where he is the Technical Director of the Fine Arts Center at Castleton University. Prior, he lived in Chicago (starring in theatre pieces at the Loop Theatre and comedy/standup at Zanies Comedy) and then in Denver, doing local theatre, comedy, and working as a plumber. He still keeps in touch with friends at Buntport Theater. Mac would love to hear from you. Contact Mac at macarthur.stine@castleton.edu or stinez@hotmail.com.

Adam Stone '09

Adam lives in Denver, where he is the founder and artistic director of ScrewTooth, an experimental theatre/video/publishing company that works towards an interdisciplinary vision of performing arts. His recent works are The Infinity Unmade Almighty, a collaboration with Computer Jesus Refrigerator and the video artist Kokofreakbean, Chainmail: A Video Destruction, and the live theatre piece 'til Death. Adam's description of his process is that he "makes music, dance, theatre, and some art that doesn't move or make any noise." He also writes music for Buntport Theater, in whose space Screw Tooth presents. He has received Ovation and Westword awards for his Buntport scores.

Coree Thompson '02

Coree lives in Phoenix, where she is an attorney specializing in immigration, children's rights, and international treaties. "I am also trying to find a way to marry the law and theatre." Prior to becoming an attorney, Coree achieved all of her short term goals: joined AEA as a stage manager, traveled abroad for work, helped develop at least five new theatrical pieces, worked in NY, and had a blast doing it all. Coree would love to hear from you. Contact Coree at coreesm@hotmail.com.

Jonathan Udewitz '04

Jon lives in Orange County CA and is a owner and principal attorney at The Law Offices of Jonathan Udewitz (estates, wills, trusts) and Senior Associate at The Law Offices of Steven F. Carvel. He got his JD from California Western School of Law in 2006. Contact Jon at JJUdewitz@yahoo.com or laprobate@gmail.com.

Scott Weddell '00

Scott lives in Juneau AK, where he is the Production Manager at Perseverance Theatre, the historic LORT company of Alaska. After CC, he traveled all over the United States for five years, working in technical production for theatres in Oregon, Florida, New York, and Atlanta. His favorite projects at Perseverance include Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses set in a 17,000 gallon sunken pool and a statewide tour of the Native Alaska production of the Scottish play. Scott has a growing internship program, and would love to send you information. Contact Scott at scooterfool@hotmail.com.

Brandon Wolcott '07

Brandon lives in Brooklyn NY and here's his missive: "Just wanted to give you all a brief update of my life, which still manages to be fairly embedded in the ol' wooden O. I have been working a lot as a sound designer and engineer. I am working for Manhattan Theater Club as "the sound guy" and assisting various designers on cool shows in the city and the US. I just got back from doing Pillowman at Berkeley Rep. So I am a year, two months, and four days removed from the stage. But acting is like alcoholism. You can only pray it doesn't come back. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still using whatever I remember of whatever you taught me…standing ovation." NB: since the missive, Brandon has become one of NY's leading sound designers, covering theatre, dance, performance, and video. He is Resident Sound Designer for CTown and The Woodshed collectives, respectively. Brandon is managed by the artists' agency Bret Adams Ltd. Contact Brandon at thebrandonwolcott@gmail.com.

Matthew Wurdeman '01

Matt lives in Seattle, where he is an Associate Attorney at Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp. He is a graduate of the University of Washington Law School. Prior, Matt's journey is a fascinating one: broken hand in Korea, broken collar bone in Korea as goalie defending against "a dirty challenge from the striker (luckily healthcare is cheap in Korea)," playwright whose theatre company mounted his play The Week That Was ("raised about $600 for the local orphanage"), and teaching drama and English at an International Youth Camp in Switzerland. He worked as a Director for Village Camps for 7 years and as a science and math teacher (WellSpring Community HS) for 2 years. Contact Matt at m_wurdeman@hotmail.com.

Sarah Zinn '12

Sarah lives in New Jersey, where she works primarily as a freelance Assistant Designer in the New York theatre scene. She holds her MFA in Costume Design and Technology from Rutgers. After graduating from CC, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked making specialty costumes for sci-fi and fantasy movies including The Hunger Games, Fantastic Four, and The Great Wall. She has continued that work in New York as well, making costume for shows such as The Lion King, Hamilton, and Moulin Rouge. Contact Sarah at zinn.sarah22@gmail.com

Performance Groups Spawned at CC

Buntport Theatre:

Erik Edborg '96, Hannah Duggan '98, Erin Rollman '98, Brian Colonna '00, Samantha Schmitz '00, Evan Weissman '01

According to their mission statement, Buntport Theatre Company is dedicated to the creation of affordable, innovative, and original productions brought about through a collaborative process. "We strongly believe in broadening the definitions of theater and visual art and we support creativity and understanding through early and consistent exposure to the arts." Buntport Theater has been creating shows since 1998 and have had their own space in Denver (717 Lipan Street) since 2001. Bound by a common interest in collaboration, the members of Buntport have developed original plays, sitcoms (Magnets on the Fridge, Starship Troy), children's imaginarium (Trunks), The Great Debate, Teacher's Pet, and….a world. Their hope is to continue mounting their quirky brand of theater in Denver and beyond, as well as providing a place for other visual and performing artists to do their thing. The theater space is a black box style theater. The seating is modular, allowing for the utmost flexibility of show designs. What excites them most is using the space and equipment in non-traditional ways. The space is available to other theater companies and artists. Contact them at www.buntport.com or email them at stuff@buntport.com.


Kristin Van Loon '93, Arwen Wilder '93

HIJACK actively questions where and for whom dance is performed by choosing unconventional venues and projects. Specializing in the inappropriate, they toy with audiences' expectations through their interpretation of venue. They perform each HIJACK dance in both social and theatrical spaces. Pieces bear the imprints of the places they've been. HIJACK has taught and performed in New York (DTW, PS122, HERE ArtCenter, Catch/Movement Research Festival, La Mama, Dixon Place, Chocolate Factory), Japan, Russia, Central America, Ottawa, Chicago, Colorado, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Bates, Austin (Fuse Box Festival) and collaborated extensively with po-mo hero Scott Heron. They have taught Composition/Improvisation at the University of Minnesota, Colorado College, and St. Olaf College, and a weekly Contact Improvisation class at Zenon Minneapolis. In 2013, Walker Art Center celebrated the 20th anniversary of HIJACK by commissioning the full-evening work "redundant, ready, reading, radish, Red Eye." In 2014, Contact Quarterly published the chapbook Passing For Dance-A HIJACK Reader. In 2015, HIJACK will enjoy their second MANCC residency in Tallahassee at FSU, where they will kick off a new body of work in a laboratory with the legendary Lisa Nelson. Contact them at hijackdance@hotmail.com.

Palanza Dance:

Hilary Palanza '06, Colin Epstein '08

Palanza Dance was created in 2009 by Hilary Palanza, and has become a multiple-award-winning Bay Area contemporary dance company. Palanza and Epstein started working together at CC in 2004, and this partnerships has continued. Palanza is the Artistic Director and Epstein is the Company Manager and also a core dancer. The Company's mission is and has been to establish a modern performance aesthetic that is raw, beautiful, and concise. Contact them at www.palanzadance.com.

Wilhelm Bros. & Co.:

Jeremy Wilhelm '96, David Wilhelm '98

Jeremy and Dave live in St. Paul, where they are the founders/owners/artists of Wilhelm Bros. & Co., a Minneapolis-based theatre/music collaboration. The are currently recipients of an MAP Fund grant for 2012, developing the piece Clandestino, a multi-lingual examination of immigrant set against the ICE raid of Agriprocessor, a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville IA. They are also working on music for Tectonic Theatre Project's piece on Autism Spectrum Disorder, and will tour with it along with RED-EYE to Havre de Grace (cf Thaddeus Phillips) and Clandestino. This November, they've been invited to the Sundance Institute's MASSMoCA for a working residency. After CC, Dave traveled to Spain on a Watson Fellowship, studied flamenco guitar in Cadiz, and performed with singer Juan Silva and Jose Milan. Jeremy got his MFA in Directing from the University of Iowa, and presently directs/designs for Workhaus Collective, Guthrie II, and the University of Minnesota BFA in Acting program. He has designed and directed for numerous and varied artists. Check it all out! Contact Jeremy and Dave at www.wilhelmbros.com.

**Please send email to squinn@coloradocollege.edu if you would like to update your status.

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