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Selected Faculty Publications

Kathy Giuffre

Giuffre, Katherine. 2013. Communities and Networks: Using Social Network Analysis to Rethink Urban and Community Studies. Cambridge: Polity.

Giuffre, Katherine. 2013. “Cultural Production in Networks” in the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition, Elsevier.

Giuffre, Katherine. 2010. "Half the Right People: Network Density and Creativity." Culture Unbound 2:819-846.

Giuffre, Katherine. 2010. "The Return of the Natives: Globalization and Negative Ties." Poetics 37(4):333-347

Giuffre, Katherine. 2009. Collective Creativity: Art and Society in the South Pacific. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Giuffre, Katherine. 2001. "Mental Maps: Social Networks and the Language of Critical Reviews." Sociological Inquiry 71:381-393.

Giuffre, Katherine. 1999. "Sandpiles of Opportunity: Success in the Art World." Social Forces 77(3):815-832.

Vanessa Muñoz

Muñoz, Vanessa Lopes. Forthcoming. ‘Everybody Has to Think – Do I Have Any Peanuts and Nuts in My Lunch?’ School Nurses, Collective Adherence, and Children’s Food Allergies. Sociology of Health and Illness.

Muñoz, Vanessa Lopes. Forthcoming. Review of Testing Fate: Tay-Sachs Disease and the Right to Be Responsible by Shelley Z. Reuter, University of Minnesota Press, 2016. Social Forces.

Lareau, Annette and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2017. “Conflict in Public Sociology”. The Sociological Quarterly 58(1): 19-23.

Lareau, Annette and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2012. “‘You’re Not Going to Call the Shots’: Structural Conflicts Between the Principal and the PTO at a Suburban Public Elementary School.” Sociology of Education 85(3): 201-218.

Conrad, Peter and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2010. “Notes on the Medicalization of Chronic Pain.”Journal for Research in Disease and Society / Tidsskrift for Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund 13:13-24.

Gail Murphy-Geiss

Murphy-Geiss, Gail, Wade T. Roberts, and Douglas J. Miles. 2014. "One Size Does Not Fit All: A Case Study of an Alternative Intimate Partner Violence Court." Feminist Criminology.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2012. “From Side Street to Main Street: American Methodism in Social Context” Chapter 1 in Women, Church, and Leadership: New Paradigms in the 21st Century, edited by Eunjoo M. Kim and Deborah Creamer. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2011. “Married to the Minister: The Status of the Clergy Spouse as Part of Single Two-Person Career” Family Issues 32:7 (July): 932-55.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail, Dana Rosenfeld and Lara Foley. 2010. "Midwifery as Established Sect: An Expanded Application of the Church-Sect Continuum." Community, Work and Family. 13(1):101-122.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2010. "Muslim Motherhood: Traditions in Changing Contexts." 21st Century Motherhood: Experience, Identity, Policy, and Agency.. Edited by Andrea O'Reilly. NY: Columbia University Press.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2010. “One Size Does Not Fit All: A Case Study of Individualized Treatment in an Alternative Intimate Partner Violence Court," Paper presented on a panel for the Colorado Domestic Violence Research and Action Coalition, Denver, CO.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2009. “Married to the Minister: The Status of the Clergy Spouse as Part of a Two-Person Single Career,” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Religious Research Association, Denver, CO.

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2008. "Bringing the Factus to Life: Facilitating Student Engagement with the Issue of Domestic Violence." Teaching Sociology 36(4).

Murphy-Geiss, Gail. 2007. "Hospitable or Hostile Environment: Sexual Harassment in the United Methodist Church." Review of Religious Research 48:260-272.

Eric Popkin

Roger Waldinger, Eric Popkin, and Hector Aquiles Magana. 2008. "Conflict and Contestation in the Cross-Border Community: Hometown Associations Reassessed," Ethnic and Racial Studies 31(5):843-870.

Popkin, Eric. 2005. "The Emergence of Pan-Mayan Ethnicity in the Guatamalan Transnational Community Linking Santa Eulalia and Los Angeles." Current Sociology 53:675-706.

Popkin, Eric. 2003. "Transnational Migration and Development in Postwar Peripheral States: An Examination of Guatemalan and Salvadoran State Linkages with Their Migrant Populations in Los Angeles." Current Sociology 51:347-374.

Wade Roberts

Murphy-Geiss, Gail, Wade T. Roberts, and Douglas J. Miles. 2014. "One Size Does Not Fit All: A Case Study of an Alternative Intimate Partner Violence Court." Feminist Criminology.

Beer, Todd, Tim Bartley, and Wade T. Roberts. 2012. “NGOs: Between Advocacy, Service
Provision, and Regulation.” Pp. 325-338 in Oxford Handbook of Governance. Oxford
University Press.

Roberts, Wade T., Lisa M. Martinez, and Sophie Kauffman. 2010. "Race/Ethnic Disparities in Self-Rated Health: The Mediating Role of Social Trust." Sociological Focus.

Gallmeyer, Alice and Wade T. Roberts. 2009. "Payday Lenders and Economically Distressed Communities: A Spatial Analysis of Financial Predation." The Social Science Journal 46(3):521-538.

Roberts, Wade T. 2009. "World Society, Family Planning Programs, and the Health of Children." International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 29(7/8):414-425.

Roberts, Wade (with Eric Perramond and Chris Jackson). 2007. "Lesson, Outreach, and Research: Three Models of Undergraduate Research at a Liberal Arts College." CUR Quarterly 27(3).

Roberts, Wade (with Tim Bartley). 2006. "Relational Exploitation: The Informal Organization of Day Labor Agencies." Working USA 9:41-58.

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Roberts, Wade T. and Tim Bartley. 2004. "The Wages of Day Labor: Homeless Workers in the Temporary Help Industry." Journal of Poverty 8(3):65-89.

Sandi Wong

Wong, Sandra. 2002. Managing Diversity: Institutions and the Politics of Educational Change. Rowman & Littlefield.