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Prospective Students

A Note To All Perspective Physics Students: 

It is very important that you take both PC241 and PC242 during your freshman year in order to prevent scheduling conflicts during your sophomore year. When you arrive on campus, you should come speak with a faculty member to learn how to set up your first-year schedule in order to be on track for a physics major.

The Physics Department at Colorado College has many unique qualities that make it a great place to study physics. The Block Plan enables students to focus on one topic at a time, which allows for more intensive immersion into the subject matter. In particular, this enables students to spend more time in the lab doing hands on experiments, and also leads to a sense of community between all the physics majors.

The Colorado College Physics Department offers multiple course emphases to allow students to pursue different interests and ambitions. Students can major with an emphasis in teaching, geophysics, astrophysics, environmental, or engineering track, go all out with a comprehensive physics track, or do the core requirements with the liberal arts physics major.

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Engineering students can pursue a major in another department while still fulfilling the engineering requirements. Colorado College has a cooperative program with three engineering schools that allow students to earn a B.A. from the college and a B.S. or Masters from one of the engineering schools in only 5 years. For more information check out the Engineering Website.