Grants for Majors

The College provides funding to support a variety of scholarly initiatives undertaken by students. Different grants are available from the offices of the President, the Provost, and the Dean. In addition, the Philosophy Department offers small grants to majors (see the bottom of this page for more information).

The best place to start looking for College-wide grants is the Funding Opportunities for Students page. While there are possibilities under other rubrics, the "Student Research and Academic Initiatives" link leads to what are probably the most relevant possibilities for funding projects of a philosophical character. Below, we list those grant opportunities as of June 2019, giving a brief description and a web link. Note that as College policies and the CC website are updated, some of these grant opportunities and links may change.

  • Keller Family Venture Grants: Up to $1000 funding to conduct original research under the guidance of a faculty member, or to conduct collaborative research with faculty during the summer.
  • Life of the Mind Grant: Varying amounts to support established and new groups of students (minimum of three students) or to provide funding for long-range, sustainable projects of an academic nature that enhance academic life on campus, bring new ideas to the student body, and enrich the Colorado College community.
  • Faculty-Student Collaborative Grant: Varying amounts to fund summer collaborative research between faculty and students that both supports faculty in their scholarly activities and provides students with first-hand research and scholarly experience.

In addition, the Philosophy Department may be able to offer small grants of up to $250 to support projects of a philosophical character undertaken by Philosophy and History-Philosophy majors. The Department encourages students to apply for College-wide grants first and to use the Department's grants to supplement other sources of support wherever possible. To apply for funding from the Department, please complete the Philosophy Grant Application.

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