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These three encyclopedias provide concise entries introducing philosophers and philosophical problems, written by professional scholars in the field.  Students should bear in mind that, while these works generally aim to provide objective, comprehensive analyses of their subjects, authors of these entries are likely committed to approaches that some may dispute.  Reading parallel entries in different sources may allow one to assess the limitations of particular accounts.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A comprehensive encyclopedia authored by leading scholars in the field and regularly updated.  Open access supported by a leading department of philosophy.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online: Also a comprehensive resource, though the commercial publishing house offers only limited access to individuals not on the CC network.  If attempting to access from off campus, go to the Library's website, log in, and search for the encylopedia's title.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A peer-reviewed, open accessed resource created by volunteers.

RELEVANT HISTORICAL RESOURCES An ancient history site maintained by a Dutch historian.  Contains helpful resources on a variety of ancient philosophers and traditions.

World History Encyclopedia: Formerly known as the Ancient History Encyclopedia, this award-winning site was developed by a Belgian programmer interested in cultural heritage.  Contains many relevant articles, including ones on ancient Greek and ancient Chinese philosophical traditions.


Philosophy Now: A popular magazine written for members of the general public interested in ideas.  Limited access when not on the CC network.  Full access is available through the Tutt Library site.

Philosophy Talk: A subscription-based podcast series providing weekly conversation about significant philosophical issues.  Developed by radio station KALW on behalf of Stanford University. (We are requesting an institutional subscription via Tutt Library.)

The Stone: An ongoing blog of The New York Times providing a forum for opinion pieces by contemporary philosophers, moderated by a distinguished philosopher at the New School for Social Research.  Limited access if you don't have a Times subscription, but it can be accessed through the Tutt Library site.

Daily Nous: A blog that provides information about academic philosophy.  While most posting are likely to be of interest only to professional academics (such as about faculty members who have been hired, or who retired or died), others are of wide interest, including perhaps the weekly philosophy comics.

Critical Theory: An open access blog focusing on radical philosophy.

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews: An open access journal sponsored by the University of Notre Dame with reviews of new and recent philosophical books written by professional scholars .



Professor Pryor offers some helpful advice to students learning to become philosophers.

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