Course Grid

2023-24 Course Grid

Table of course offerings for the 2023-2024 academic year organized by block and professor for the Philosophy department.
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Daly, Helen
Chair's Block

      PH 321             Metaphysics (WD)

Philosophical Argument and Writing
(WI, AIM. CP) (6 resvd)

Formal Logic
(FRL, Q)

           PH 476               Senior Seminar

Furtak, Rick Anthony



Sabbatical   PH 361        Philosophy of Emotions PH 160      Kierkegaard: An Introduction to Existential Philosophy

PH 141/CO200    Philosophy and Literature (AIM)

Hernandez-Lemus, Alberto

Philosophy and Race (S)

Modern European Philosophy: A View from the Margins of Reason (AIM) (12 reserved)

                    PH203                                   The Weimar Republic           (In Berlin) 

     PH 180           Power and Equity Philosophical Perspectives (EPUS) PH 247 Aesthetics 
Hourdequin, Marion

             PH 456                  Senior Colloquium Seminar (Blocks 1-8)


PH 452     Junior Seminar

PH 286/PA 263 Classical Chinese Philosophy (AIM)


Lee, Jonathan
Philosophy as a Way of Life (AIM)

French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to Present (in Paris with Dennis McEnnerney) (AIM, COI required)


PH 282/RM 282 Africana Philosophy (W/ C. Hunt) (G., EPG)   PH 302   Redent Continental Philosophy     PH 350/HY 350      History-Philosophy Seminar (With J. Smith)
McEnnerney, Dennis

French Philosophy in Context: 1930 to Present (in Paris with Johnathan Lee, AIM, COI required)

Sabbatical  Sabbatical Sabbatical

PH 341      Cotemporary Political Philosophy (SHB)

PH 244/CL222       Classical Social and Political Philosophy (WD, HP)
Riker, John
            PH 360              Philosophy and Psychoanalyis


PH 101/CL210    Greek Philosophy   (AIM, HP) (12 Reserved)     PH 204        American Philosophy (AIM)

PH 140     Ethics (AIM)

Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice (in Chicago, with Marcia Dobson, AIM, SHB)
              PH 245                Modern Social and Political Philosophy (WD, HP) (Cara Greene)            PH 284               Feminist Philosophies  (6 reserved) (Cara Greene)

               PH 260                       Existential Philosophy                (J.P. Rosensweig) (AIM)(6 reserved)

PH 203   Psychoanalysis, Self, Creativity (J.P. Rosensweig) (AIM)     (6 reserved) PH 246/EV 281 Environmental Ethics (AIM) (Cara Greene)

Philosophies of the Body II: Body and Power (P. Sriram) 

             PH 303/EV361           Cultural Values and Climate Change (W. Mindich)

PH203/IT 320     Voice and the Nonhuman (A. Minervini) (AIM, EPG, EPUS CP)
Discovering the Unconscious (Marcia Dobson)




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Acronyms Key

  • AIM - Analysis and Interpretation of Meaning
  • COI - Consent of Instructor
  • CP - Creative Process
  • EPG/EPUS - Equity and Power Global/United States
  • FRL - Formal Reasoning and Logic
  • HP - Historical Perspectives
  • Q - Quantitative Reasoning
  • S - Social Inequality
  • SHB - Societies and Human Behavior
  • WI - Writing Intensive
  • WD - Writing in the Disciplines
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