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During the 2021-2022 academic year, Venture Grants will be eligible for travel that are able to follow the Colorado College Student Travel Policies. Testing upon return of an approved trip will continue under the college's testing protocols. Colorado College will examine approval for travel under both the Department of State and CDC travel advisories. Level 1-2 may be approved for vaccinated students, Level 3 advisories or unknown levels from either agency will require further review, and a Level 4 from either agency will prohibit travel to that country for all students except those who list that nation as their permanent home address. Due to entry requirements and quarantine restrictions for unvaccinated travelers, we can only approve Venture Grant petitions that acknowledge vaccination requirements. If approved, students will be responsible to review all travel advisories prior to a scheduled trip and cancel any travel if advisories change to Level 3 or Level 4 for the destination countries. If the state of the world changes, Venture Grants awarded may be cancelled due to continued safety diligence and concerns.


All students must follow CC masking guidance for indoor spaces while riding busses, vans, etc., and being indoors off-campus. Testing upon return to campus should continue under CC’s current testing protocol for vaccinated and unvaccinated students. All students must follow CDC guidance for travel, which requires unvaccinated people to quarantine upon return and test before and after travel. Unvaccinated students who travel in the context of their academic work may choose to test daily upon return for seven days in order to participate in class upon return and should follow enhanced social distancing protocols during that time for all other activities.


Please note that all students awarded a Venture Grant will be responsible for all applicable taxes and international taxes will be deducted before dispersal.


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