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Previous Grants Awarded

Keller Family Venture Grants

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Name Year Project
Ula Adamska '20 18-19 Ethnography of Pilgrimage
Ramah Aleryan '20 18-19 Interviewing Syrian Refugees in Beirut, Lebanon
Durganili Balasubramaniyan '20; Karina Grande '20 18-19 " Culture, Health, and Food: Perceptions of Spices and Herbs in Modern Spanish Cuisine"
Amaury Bargioni '19; Marta Sola-Pfeffer '20 18-19 Seeing But Not Believing: Representing Perceptions of the Intangible Through Photography
Zach Benevento-Zahner '21 18-19 Mountain Myths: An Examination of Settler Colonialism on the Appalachian Trail
Bradley Bollag-Miller '21 18-19 Gay-T: An Exploration of Queerness on the Appalachian Trail
Piper Boudart '20 18-19 Community Phylogenetics of Lichens in the Flat Tops Wilderness
Nick Boulos '20 18-19 Exploring France's Influence on Tunisian Lifestyle and Culture
Anna Brent '19; Emily Abbott '19 18-19 Food Banking as a Method of Hunger Alleviation in Costa Rica
Jose Monge Castro '20 18-19 Lead Pollution of Lima's Water as a Function of Socioeconomic Disparities
Nick Cleveland-Stout '22; Andrew de Figueiredo '22 18-19 Hong Kong: An Analysis of Post-Colonial Economics in the Age of Modern Capitalism
Lily Clouse '20 18-19 Egon and Me
Charlotte Cribbs '19 18-19 The Lived Experience of Colonialist Public Policy: Stories of Repatriation
Mekael Daniel '20 18-19 A Daily Poetic of the Black Queer Femme
Abigail Diess '19 18-19 The 2018 Eighth Amendment Referendum and the Political Sway of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland
Evan Doherty '20; David Figel '20 18-19 Enriching Cultural Literacy Through Observational Drawing in Spain
Helen Donovan '20 18-19 Currency Domination and Empire Building: The Sociopolitical Consequences of Coin Standardization in Ancient Athens
Emma Fetterly '20 18-19 Survey of Life History Evolution of Bromeliaceae
Judy Fisher '20 18-19 The Wild West and Indian Authenticity: Modern Representations of Indians in Germany
Pranit Garg '19; Eyner Lopez '19 18-19 Catholicism vs. The State
Emerald Green '20 18-19 Traditionalism vs. Modernism: Adaptations of Classical Architecture
Elzia Guion '20 18-19 La Crise Migratoire': French Conceptions of Immigration
Deming Haines '21 18-19 SOR
Riley Hutchings '19 18-19 De-Westernizing My Perspective of the Role of Pilgrimage in Religion by Following the Nakahechi Route of the Kumano Kodo
Anusha Khanal ''21 18-19 Effects of Foreign Labor Migration on families in Nepal
Anatasiia Kharitonova '21; Anabelle Harden '21 18-19 This Is Me: Rise of Individuality Among Cuban Youth
Ethan Knowles '22 18-19 Queer Stories of the Anglophone Caribbean
Sarah Laico '19 18-19 Rosy Retrospection: Looking Back on a Country on the "Cusp of Change"
David Lamis '19; David Salgado '19 18-19 In Bloom; Tulipmania & Dutch Culture
Julietta Lechini '22; Mathias Walder '22 18-19 Organopónicos in Cuba: its sustainability and efficiency
Chaline Lobti '19 18-19 Colorism in China and its Impact on Anti-Blackness
Chaline Lobti ''19; Joselinne Medrano '19 18-19 The Colorful Outdoors
Eyner Lopez '19; Charlotte Wall '19 18-19 Groundwork in Lima to Create a Nonprofit Educational Accelerator for High School Students in Peru
Mira Lu '19; Logan Coleman '19 18-19 Keiko and Sake
Fiachra MacFadden '20 18-19 Diversity, Trade and Identity: The Connection Between Yunnan Province and Southeast Asia.
Patrick Mahoney '19; Robbie Gardner '19 18-19 Waves as a Scarce Resource: mitigating the tragedy of commons in surfing through informal resource allocation
Laila Marshall '21 18-19 Saudade: The Portuguese Post-Colonial Identity in the Urban Landscape
Madeleine McCann '19 18-19 " A Biblical Reading of Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a Thesis Project"
Theo Merrill '19 18-19 From the Steppe to the City: Politics and Rural-Urban divides in Mongolia
Evan Miyawaki '19 18-19 A Pilgrimage of Jazzu Kissa in Japan
Marissa Oves '19; Casey Pollard '19 18-19 Prison Systems: An International and Domestic Exploration Of Homogenous and Comparatively Diverse Communities Through Societies and Values
Sonya Padden '19 18-19 Gender Dynamics in the Cuban Tourist Experience
Sophia Pray '19; Chase Brown '19 18-19 Happy Feet, Happy Seniors: An Exploration of Dance in South Florida's Aging Communities
Nico Predock ''19 18-19 The Cult of the Tornado: Storm Chasing in the Great Plains
Olivia Rask '21 18-19 How Americanization Has Through The World
Bryce Riffenburgh-Kirby '19 18-19 The Distance Between Them: a Spanish-language fiction project.
Alexandra Rivas '19 18-19 Deported: Motherhood
Miriam Sanchez '19 18-19 An examination of the destructive effects of Western fast food chains in China.
Hannah Schultz '19 18-19 Exploring the Effects of Westernization on the Mental Health of Aymaran Individuals.
Anikta Sharma '21 18-19 Spider Monkey Rehabilitation: Human Impact on Troop Dynamics
Anabel Simotas '19; Charlie Szur '20; Henry Lilien '19; Sasha Carney '19; Charles Meyer '19 18-19 Letters from Las Vegas: Tracing the Las Vegas Built Environment
Saluja Siwakoti '21 18-19 The role of dance in Afro-Brazilian resistance and its relevance in Bolsonaro's Brazil
Sophia Skelly '19; Rebecca Stine '19 18-19 Socialism and Surf Culture in Cuba
Chaney Skilling '19; Jio Chang '20 18-19 Hakuna Matata: Cultural Comparisons of Happiness Around the World
Riley Starling '20 18-19 Skating Under the Radar: Snapshots of Youth Empowerment in Cuba
Alesandra Tejeda '20 18-19 An Intimate View into the Sherpa Diaspora in Queens
Dereka Thomas '20 18-19 The Others: A Look into the black Immigrant Experience in Japan
Megan Tomhave ''19 18-19 Ancient Roman Entertainment Venues of Tarraco
Paulina Ukrainets '19 18-19 The Narrow Road to Haibun: Examining the Cultural Assumptions in The Poetic Relationship Between Form and Content
Pedro Tirado Velez '20 18-19 Exploring RNA localization within the cell
Leah Veldhuisen '19 18-19 Comparative demographic patterns of Puya species in Chingaza National Park, Colombia
Charlotte Wall '19 18-19 Totem Poles in the PNW
Adrian Ward '20; Xavi Dominguez '20 18-19 Are you a sustainable traveler? How do you know--- A Case Study on the Osa Penninsula and a Useful Mathematical Model
Ying Wang '21 18-19 Computations in Derived Geometry and Equivariant Cohomology
Allysa Warling '19; Katie Timzen '19 18-19 Rising Seas and Changing Tides: Narrative Perceptions of Climate Change in Honolulu
Lily Weissgold '20; Elianna Clayton '20 18-19 Exploration of Jewish Identity in South Eastern Poland
Charles White '21; Kevin Caruana '21 18-19 One More Pint: How Britain's Pub Became a Catalyst for London's Gentrification
Jessica Zhou '19 18-19 An artistically-expressed exploration of happiness and contentment using the printing press
Rui Zhou '21 18-19 A Contextual Exploration of Women's Empowerment in Kathmandu, Nepal
Ula Adamska '19 17-18 Consequences of Language Contact: The case of Rapa Nui
Amelia Atencio '18 17-18 Unraveling the Origins of Children's Literature in the West
Daniel Archibald '21 17-18 "The Middle of Nowhere" - How Desert Landscapes Influence Land Management Policies in Eastern Oregon
Lindsey Aronson '18 17-18 Lorcas Granada: A Visual Investigation through the Lens of "Romancero Gitano"
Ilayda Aydin '18 17-18 Planning for the Future in the Face of Climate Change: Disappearing Landscapes of New Orleans
Sarah Barker '18 17-18 Effects of the probiotic Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 in prenatal maternal depression: depression and anxiety in mothers and offspring
Kate Barnes '19 17-18 Fictionalizing the Intersections of Chilean Language and Culture
Montana Bass '18; Consuelo Barton '18 17-18 Contact Improvisation: Physical Research of Community Building and Resistance Through Platonic Touch
Olivia Berlin '18; Kaitlyn O'Donnell '17 17-18 The Commodification of Harry Potter as a Facet of London Tourism
Jackie Bonasia '19 17-18 Deconstructing Myths About Peace Museums
Elam Boockvar-Klein '19 17-18 Asylum Advocacy: Investigating the Changing Policies of the Deportation Machine in the Rural South
Charles Britton '19 17-18 DIY Plastic Recycler
Siena Brody-Heine '18 17-18 Science Communication through Visual Art: the Changing Landscapes of Post-Earthquake New Zealand
Keirsten Brown '18 17-18 An empirical examination of Japan's ski industry and its effects on ecosystem health and biodiversity
Jack Buettner '18 17-18 A Trip to the Movies: Examining the Social Culture of Film at the Sundance Film Festival
Wayan Buschman '19 17-18 Conceptions of Fine Art in Japanese Museum Culture
Grace Cooke '19; David Eik '18 17-18 The Refugee Crisis No One is Talking About: An Investigation into the Privatization of Immigrant Detention Facilities
Laura Cutlip '18 17-18 The Last 38 Minutes
Natalia Dellavalle '18 17-18 50 Years of Immigration Exceptionalism: Portrayals of the Cuban Adjustment Act and Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy
Audrey Dervarics '18 17-18 Stories Through the Skeleton: Women's Experiences in Colonial Chesapeake
Malone DeYoung '18 17-18 Deconstructing Contemporary Spain and the United States: The Significance of Monuments as Political Statements
Jamyoung Dorji '18 17-18 Bhutanese Cuisine: A Taste of Himalayan Culture
Jules Feeney '18 17-18 Young and Religious: Ethnographic Research of Religious Identity Among Merasi Youth in Jaisalmer, India
Kathy (Yuxuan) Feng '18; Qian Huang '18 17-18 Public Bathhouse and the Precariat: An Anthropological Research Project in Baotou, China
Eliza Fitz '18 17-18 Finding the Universal in the Unfamiliar: Flash-Fiction and Poetry Series Inspired by the Seto Inland Sea Art Islands
Grace Forelle '19 17-18 Muralismo as Resistance on Contemporary Environmental Issues: Navigating Urban Spaces and Places
Joel Frykholm '18 17-18 Home Team: How Sports Insignia Affects Team Pride
Rory Futz '18 17-18 The Steinbeck Trail
Pranit Garg '18; Evan Miyawaki '18 17-18 The Refugee Crisis in Peru
Prakhar Gautam '20 17-18 Etruscan Influence on Roman Architecture
Rebecca Glazer '18 17-18 Into the Litvak Archives, Uncovering a Jewish Family History
Anika Grevstad '18 17-18 Slow Space in a Fast City: A Sociological Examination of Urban Temples and Shrines in Tokyo
Anna Grigsby '19 17-18 An Examination of Gender and Freestyle Skiing
Pan Gu '18 17-18 The effect of speech mitigation on social virtues in Japanese and South Korean Culture
Natalie Gubbay '20; Julia Shepard '20; Benjamin Seitz-Sitek '19 17-18 On the Road Again: Moving West in the Modern Era
Sabrina Heitmann '18 17-18 Mechanisms behind plant-endophyte-pathogen interactions of Populus Trichocarpa
Emmanuelle Heyman '18 17-18 Sustainable Food Sustaining Communities
Elliott Hiller '18 17-18 Never Forget
Payton Hoops '18 17-18 Travel, Religion, and the Construction of Identity: Understanding the Relationship Between Evangelical Christians and Israel/Palestine
Xuanyi (Zoraida) Hu '18 17-18 How is whiteness experienced in China
Gina Jozef '18 17-18 Glacier Field Observations to Couple Remote Data Analysis for Senior Thesis
Emma Kerr '19 17-18 The Guidance of Christianity: How Religion Influences Activist and Humanitarian Responses to the Refugee Crisis in Central and Southeast Europe
Anusha Khanal '20 17-18 Study of Political Engagement of People Across Different Political Systems
Benjamin Kieklak '18 17-18 An Examination of Japanese Otaku Isolation as a Response to Strict Gender Norms
Sarah Laico '18 17-18 We Live a Life of Ease, Every One of Us Has All We Need: The Beatles' Influence in Cuba, from the Revolution to the Present
Anne-Sophie Lapointe '18 17-18 Advice Taking Behaviors as a Result of Cultural Differences and Social Inequality
Cody Leong '19; Michael Carruth '20 17-18 Comparing Socioeconomic Impact of International Sustainable Tourism Throughout Costa Rica
Anne Lewis '20; Jeremy LeMenager '20 17-18 Ecotourism in Costa Rica
Boxin Li '18 17-18 The Commodification of Kimono (and Yukata) and Corresponding Social Criticisms
(Joy) Zheng Li '17 17-18 Sociology Senior Thesis Research in China
Daniel Lopez '19 17-18 An Ethnographic Case Study of Contemporary Balinese Bands: Examining Intersections of Indigenous Balinese Music Epistemologies and Western Music (2000-2018)
Eden Lumerman '18 17-18 FGS Capstone Project: Feminism, Zionism, and Israeli Militarism
Rachael Martino '19 17-18 The Function of mRNA Decay in the Post-Diauxic Phase
Madeleine McCann '18 17-18 The Unsung Literary City: An Investigation of Amsterdam's Literary Culture
Kazzandra Medellin '18 17-18 Sociology Senior Thesis Research
Miguel Mendez '18 17-18 A Migrants Perspective: The Role of Nonprofits in Southern Mexico
Alyssa Miller '18 17-18 Cultural Resilience and Reclamation through Textiles
Evan Miyawaki '18; Pranit Garg '18 17-18 Refugee Crisis: A Cross Cultural Analysis
Colin Monahan '18 17-18 Addressing the problem of rational insurgents in the Chilean Student Movement
Abbie Moore '18; Ayla Loper '18 17-18 Museum Representations of the Cuban Revolution
Kelan Nee '18 17-18 The Child is Father of the Man: An investigation of family, poetry and becoming in Ireland
Callum Neeson '18 17-18 A Jazz Album: Making Music with Integrity
Celia O'Brien '18 17-18 Senior Thesis in Scotland: Political Attitudes and Scottish Folk Music
Marcela Onate-Trules '18 17-18 Memory, Identity, and Student Movement in Chile
Marissa Oves '19; Caleigh Smith '18 17-18 Conservation Efforts in Ecuador: A Case Study of Puya Health Index in Guandera Biological Research Center and Reserve
Evyn Papworth '18 17-18 Latin American Approaches to Universal Health Care: A Comparative Case Study of Cuba and Costa Rica
Maya Patel '18 17-18 Iterations of the Hyphen: An Exploration of Japanese-Canadian Identities
Samantha Sanson '19 17-18 Undiscovered Talents: A Documentary exploring the extent to which job fulfillment offsets the hardships associated with trying to make it in the music industry in Ireland
Laura Santi '18 17-18 Attitudes of Entitlement: American Tourism in Paris
Saria Sato-Bajracharya '19 17-18 Ice Stupa in Ladakh: How has the artificial glacier helped local communities adapt to the consequences of early snowpack melt?
Lila Schmitz '18; Anika Grevstad '18 17-18 Traditional Irish Session Music: A Documentary Film Exploration
Hannah Schultz '19 17-18 Surviving and Thriving through Scandinavian Winters
Wynter-Haley Scott '18 17-18 The Experience of Students of Color at PWIs vs. HBCUs
Morgen Seim '18; Raine Kennedy '18 17-18 Exploring the Role of Paganism in the Italian Renaissance: A Battle Between Religion and Mythology
Susie Simmons '18; Everett Smith '18 17-18 Food Sovereignty and the Quinoa Boom: Exploring the Commodification of Quinoa in Bolivia
Cole Simon ' 20; Kelly Nguyen '19 17-18 Ecopreneurship in Europe: Investigating the Role of Small Businesses in the Development of a Sustainable Economy
Saluja Siwakoti '20 17-18 The role of sustainable architecture in uplifting local life in Ladakh
Anna Smith '18 17-18 500 Years of Reinheitsgebot: Understanding the Implications of the Beer Purity Law in Germany
Naomi Tsai '18 17-18 Coral Reefs in a Changing Climate: A Study of Symbiotic Zooxanthellae Algae
Ella (Gabriella Fairbanks) Tulchinsky '19; Adam Jolly '18 17-18 A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Bicycle-Related Infrastructure in Three Major European Cities
Leo Turpan '18; Hollis Schmidt '18 17-18 Passion to Profession: An Exploration into the Creative Livelihoods of Vernon and Karen Leibrant
Leah Veldhuisen '19 17-18 Demographic patterns of Puya raimondii
Alyssa Weaver '18 17-18 Oral Contraceptive Use in Japan
Fengyi Xu '19; Jonathan Tignor '18 17-18 The Voice of Silent Film
Mariana Young '18 17-18 "A Rollercoaster Named Jun" (a film by Mari Young)
Allan Zheng '18 17-18 Gamelan Rindik and Cultural Tourism in Bali
Ruixue Zhou '21 17-18 The Influence of Russian Language on National Identity in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Alana Aamodt '18 16-17 "Understanding and Implementing the Engineering Design Process"
Ula Adamska '19 16-17 "The Great Wall of China Walk: Understanding Chinese society and values through walking the Great Wall"
Audriana Alvarado '18 16-17 "Food Production Systems: Restaurants to Street Foods"
Brianna Apodaca '18 16-17 "Religion and Food in Lima, Peru: An Anthropological Perspective"
Amelia Atencio '18 16-17 "Expanding Perspectives of the Book: Codex 2017 A Book Arts Symposium-980"
Ellen Atkinson '17 16-17 "Learning to Teach; Teaching to Learn: ESL at Intellect Academy in Gabes, Tunisia"
Lydia Ballantine '17 and Katie Lerer '17 16-17 "Sacred Spaces and Queer Identity in Texas"
Amaury Bargioni '18 and Sarah Turi '20 16-17 "Spectrum of the Southwest"
Jamie Baum '18 and Jackson Paine '18 16-17 "The Canadian Melting Pot: Exploring Immigrant Identity Through Storytelling"
Kyra Bergsund '18 16-17 "Researching Meow Wolfs House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico"
Andrej Blazhevski '18 16-17 "Boston's Architectural Identity"
Andrew Braverman '18 16-17 "A City Without Ghosts: The Writer, State, and Society in Buenos Aires"
Jack Buettner '18 16-17 "Modern Realities of Embargoed Pasts: An Exploration of Cuban Development through Photojournalism."
Pelemarie Buika '17 16-17 "Roles of the Private Sector in Disaster Relief"
Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau '18 16-17 "Examining Expeditions: An analysis of environmental action along the Pacific Crest Trail"
Lani Chang '17 and Maya Williamson '17 16-17 "The Intimacy of Climbing: Sense of Place though Environmental and Cultural Connection"
Nathan Davis '18 16-17 "Intensive Ancient Greek Language Training"
Anna Doctor '18 16-17 "Exploring the development and use of grotesques in Renaissance Italy"
Luke Dorwart '18 and Brian Beitner '18 16-17 "Effects of invasive Brazilian Pepper on phenotypic variation in native palmettos"
Clare Ende '19 16-17 "Rhythm, Improvisation, and Meaning in the City of Love: Studying Jazz Music in Paris"
Olivia Foster '17 and Samantha Saccomanno '17 16-17 "Aztec Women: Parallel or Subordinate Roles?"
Sofia Franklin '17 16-17 "David Dorfman Winter Dance Intensive"
Quinton Gattey '19 16-17 "Sustainable Agriculture in the Sub-Tropics"
Grace Geracioti '17 16-17 "Cultivating Cultural Connections Through Dance: Sharing Movement Between Colorado and Borneo"
Mitra Ghaffari '17 16-17 "Visual Narratives of Cultural Identity in Havana, Cuba"
Anna Gilbertson '19 and Annabelle O'Neill '18 16-17 "A Critical Examination of Gender in Skiing: Effects of An Objectifying Culture"
Emma Gonzalez '19 16-17 "The Effect of Cuba's Shifting Geopolitical Climate on Organic Farming and Food Sovereignty in Havana"
Helen Griffiths '18 16-17 "De Toqueville et Moi: Two Journeys in Americas Democracy"
Kaila Hill '18 and Isabella Bussian '18 16-17 "Analysis of the Design and Culture of Tiny House Homeless Community in Sydney, Australia"
Casey Hofford '17 16-17 "Characterizing variation in the fungal endophyte communities of native Colorado grama grass (Bouteloua)"
Zoe Holland '17 16-17 "Plazas, Parques, and Public Space: Exploring the Democratized Urban Landscape of Mexico City"
Patrick Jurney '17 and Jhanna Ghotlieb '17 16-17 "An Exploration of the Art of Offering on the Yucatan Peninsula"
Emma Kautz '17 16-17 "Understanding Foodways of Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation"
Emily Komey '18 and Siqi Wei '17 16-17 "Japans Regional Evolution in Organic Farming Through Increased Urbanization Pressures"
Rowan Kowalsky '17 16-17 "Geothermal Analysis and Development of the Hawaiian Ocean Island Hotspot in Comparison to Washington's Cascade Magmatic Arc."
Jay Langford '18 16-17 "Civic Foundations and Local Identity of Northern Italy Cities"
Emily Laur '17 16-17 "Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: A Tanzanian Perspective"
Mitchell Leong '17 16-17 "The Western Influence on Japanese Weddings"
Emily Lucas '17 16-17 "Senior Thesis: The Environmental and Spiritual Importance of Oak Flat"
Madeline Lucy '18 16-17 "Astronomy in Thailand: Inspiring Young Scientists"
Anjolenna Lutz '17 and Sophie Ramirez '17 16-17 "Nostalgia Amidst Division: An Exploration of the Changing Role of Christkindlmärkte in Modern Germany"
Grabriella Magnani '18 16-17 "Composing Ovid at the International Summer Academy of Music"
Amelia Mead '17 and Martha Walker '17 16-17 "A Closer Look at Voluntourism in South Africa and the Importance of Its Ethical Consumption"
Nicole Mills '19 16-17 "Breaking the Ice: An Ethnographic Study of Icelandic Peoples"
Kochi Nakajima '19 16-17 "What did Basho see in his 'Oku no Hosomichi'? How different is it now after 300 years?"
Julian Neylan '17 16-17 "Government Gangsters: The Shanghai Green Gang and the Guomindang 1927-1939"
Mary Nguyen '18 16-17 "Mozart's Grand Tour in Italy"
Genia Nieymeyer '17 16-17 "Le Fromage - An Exploration of French Cheese"
Margaret O'Brian '20 16-17 "Women Who Write: Explorations of Virginia Woolf, London, and a Room of My Own"
Maja Orlowska '19 16-17 "Tradition in the Face of Modern Culture and Destruction of the Amazon"
Alec Parry '17 16-17 "Danzig and Rimini: Re-discovering Günter Grass and Federico Fellini"
Evva Parsons '20 16-17 "Refugee Integration in Former East and West Germany"
Alejandro Perez-Hobrecker '17 16-17 "Understanding Outsider Art Forms: An Exploration of California Graffiti and Street Art"
Jake Peterson '18 16-17 "Exploring Jazz and Community in the American South"
Bethany Porten '17 16-17 "Exploring The Roles of Women in Contemporary Opera"
David Radke '19 16-17 "The Use of Hockey to Blend Israeli Children of Diverse Backgrounds"
Bryce Riffenburgh-Kirby '18 16-17 "Intrapersonal Impacts Of Communal Living: A Psychological Study Of Kalu Yala"
Carina Rodriguez Jaimes '17 16-17 "Self-Silencing and Depression in Adolescent Girls"
Sasha Sapp '17 16-17 "The Spaces of Galicia: Language and Representation"
William Sardinsky '17 16-17 "Gypsy Goat Lady: A Documentary on Ecological Perspectives"
Lilia Schmitz '18 16-17 "Finding Inspiration: An Exploration Through Writing of the Heart of Theater in the United States"
Alec Sheffield '18 16-17 "Modulation of Frontal Alpha Asymmetry with Static Magnet Fields"
Naoimi Sherman '17 16-17 "Researching John Luther Adams' Sound Installation in Fairbanks AK"
Ross Smith III '20 16-17 "The Joy of Cold Water Surfing: Photo Book and Short Film"
Mikala Sterling '18, Ian Hursche '17 and Issac Radner '17 16-17 "En Plein Air: An Artistic Approach to the Southwest"
Elizabeth Steucek '17 and Elena Dumbs '18 16-17 "What is 'Heimat'? A study of German culture in Brazil"
Caitlin Taber '17 16-17 "Women in Museums: Unrecognized and Underappreciated"
Nicole Tan '17 and Angela Kong '17 16-17 "Narratives of Asian American Identities"
Mary Taussig '17 16-17 "Refugee Education"
Delaney Tight '18 16-17 "Ecotourism or Greenwashing: The reality of ecotourism in the Galapagos"
Madelene Travis '17 16-17 "In Pursuit of Identity: Photographic Exploration of the Self In Transition"
Sidharth Tripathi '17 and Cheryn Aouaj '17 16-17 "Perspectives of the Refugee Crisis in Denmark"
Naomi Tsai '19 16-17 "An Analysis of Development and Environmental Impacts on the Camino de Santiago"
Gabriel Turpan '18 16-17 "Framing Cuba: a Photographic Inquiry Into Centro Havana Through Found Objects"
Rebecca Twinney '17 and Jessica Zhou '19 16-17 "Exploring the impacts of seasonality on the activity patterns of mongoose lemurs (Eulemur mongoz) at the Lemur Conservation Foundation, Myakka City, FL"
Soeren Walls '17 16-17 "Virtual Reality as a Medium for Theatrical Performance: Using the HTC Vive for a Combined Senior Thesis Project"
Ziyu Zhao '19 16-17 "Four Chinese Folktales: A Folk Critique of Aestheticism and Barbarism in Ancient Chinese Society"
Aiyu Zheng '18 16-17 "Exploring Chinese Environmental Education Organizations: Human-Nature Relationships, Education, and Community Construction"
Bingqing Zhou '20 and Yuxiao Wang '20 16-17 "Amid the Confluence: Japanese living in Nanjing, China"
Terrell Blei '16 15-16 "Bridging the Gap Between Foreign Aid and Sustainable Impact in Third World Healthcare: Building a Hospital in Iganga, Uganda"
Spencer Cooke '16 15-16 "Chemical Analysis of Classical Neurotransmitters and their Major Metabolites in Rodents Following Probiotic Treatment"
Julian Dahl '17 15-16 "Water Quality Monitoring Management on Squam Lake, NH"
Laura DiRusso '16 15-16 "The Role of Geographical Surroundings in Spatial Reasoning
Samuel Elkind '16 15-16 "Geologic Investigations of West Antarctica"
Kayla Fratt '16 and Andrew Ishimaru '16 15-16 "Wilderness Reflections: Exploring and Understanding America's National Parks"
Adam Hunter '16 15-16 "Cognitive Mechanisms Involved in Mindfulness Meditation"
Dan Levitt (Dec. 15 Grad) 15-16 "Still Winning: Hope Amidst Despair in Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp"
Daphnee Chabai '16 15-16 "The Effect of Child and Teenage Popularity on Adult Self-Worth and Rejection Sensitivity Mediated by Contingencies of Self-Worth"
Jacqueline Child '17 15-16 "Thinking to the Beat of the Music"
Isabella Egizi '16 15-16 "Home"": an Adaptation of the Concept Album by Gavin Castleton"
Erica Evans '16 15-16 "Using Clumped Isotope Thermometry to Study the Climate and Hydrology of Western North America During the Late Cretaceous"
Pranit Garg 15-16 "Exploring Refugee Crises"
Maryka Gillis '16 15-16 "Exploring Place through Verse in the American Southeast"
Thomas Merrick '16 15-16 "Environmental Ethic in the American Political Experience"
Charles Neaves '16 15-16 "Sefaris Among the Ancients: A Study of 20th Century Greek Poetry in the Context of Ancient Greek Art and Culture"
Anubrat Prasai '17 and Soeren Walls '17 15-16 "Exploring Theatre's Symbiotic Relationship with European History, Culture, and Politics, and its Potential for Global Change"
Carly Stafford '16 and Molly Winston '16 15-16 "Northern Lights and Norsk Linguistics: Experiencing the Untranslatable - How Language and Location Cultivate a Sense of Place"
Emma Whitehead '16 15-16 "Governance and Political Outcomes in Linguistically Divided Societies"
Ellen Casey '17 and Naomi van der Lande '17 15-16 "Drawing the European Landscape: Urban Gardens and Countryside Landscape in Paris"
Ian Huschle '18 and Isaac Radner '16 15-16 "Changing Landscapes: A Sound Portrait of Big Bend National Park"
Jacob Jones '17 15-16 "We Only See What We Look At: Gazing in Paris"
Shane Lory '16 15-16 "Music in the Service of Political and Social Movements: Guy Carawan and the Highlander Folk School"
Julian McGinn '16 15-16 "Heterosexual Men's Identification with Masculine Norms and Their Attitudes Towards Sexual Minorities"
Sophia Capp '17 15-16 "The Eye, Heart, and Head": A Street Photography Exploration of Instantaneous Storytelling (In Support of the 2017 Cornerstone Arts Week)"
Jacqueline Nonweiler '16 15-16 "Curbing Effects of Mental Health Disorders: Knitting Circles and their Influence on Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) in Iceland"
Karina Guerrero '16 and Kaimara Herron '16 15-16 "Hamilton the Musical: Art and History in Practice"
Brent Lamb (Grad. May 2015) 15-16 "Internship at the Oehme Graphics Printmaking Studio"
Stewart Sarris '18 15-16 "Environmental Landscapes in Art: The Australian Landscape and Surrounding Ecology"
Lena Englstein '16 15-16 "Topics in Dance Studio: The Studios and Stages of New York City"
Nina Friedman '16 and Alec Sheffield '18 15-16 "Investigating Memory Consolidation: An Independent Study in the Brain Computer Interface, the Experimental Procedure, and Programming"
Samantha Gilbert '18 15-16 "How Living Simply Brings Happiness: An Exploration of the Self"
Brian Heng '17 and Alejandro Salazar '16 15-16 "An Anthropological Look at Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away as Seen in Taipei and Tokyo"
Harvey Kadyanji '17 15-16 "Digitizing the Tanzanian School Cabinet"
Tara Labovich '19 15-16 "Exploring Philosophical Themes of Nature and Solitude in Dublin and County Clare"
William Sardinsky '17 15-16 "Creativity, Comfort, and Collaboration: A Visual Investigation into how Space Impacts Viennese Coffeehouse Culture"
Casey Schuller '16 15-16 "An International Comparison: An Examination of Masculinity in French Magazine Advertisements"
Toby McCall Sides '16 15-16 "Film: 'Monrovia in Ruin.'"
Kimiko Tanabe '16 15-16 "Unraveling Family Narratives: A Journey Through Japanese American Internment"
Travis, Madelene Travis '17 15-16 "In Pursuit of Radical Empathy: A Case Study of Finding Peace through Storytelling"
Vanessa Voller '16 15-16 "In Transition to Ponoan Exploration of the Synergies Between "Modern" Medicine and Native Hawaiian Healing Practices and Concepts of Health and Well Being: How to Use Multicultural Myths, Ancient Tales, and Metaphor to Understand, Intervene, and Effectively Treat Eating Disorders on College Campuses"
Shanchuan Yin '16 15-16 "Food Culture, Social Distinction, and Value System in Chinese Society: A Ethnographic Research based on Fieldwork in Sichuan Province"
Rachel Lieurance '16 15-16 "Mapping Food Policies in Colorado Springs through Seeds Community Café"
Christopher Wu '16 15-16 "High/Low Art: Observing the Cultural Shift from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Hipsters of Wicker Park"
Elizabeth Alvin and Patricia Weicht 15-16 "Cultural Tourism and its Impact on Mayan Culture in Belize"
Emily Biben '16 and Jaxon Rickel '16 15-16 "Immersion in Alexander Skutch's Philosophy: Beauty, harmony, and anthropomorphisms in the birds and nature of Costa Rica"
Caitlin Canty, Jane Cavagnero, Madison Howard and Abigail Portman 15-16 "Culinary and Cultural Exploration: An Interdisciplinary Look at Cartagena, Colombia"
Tessa Carroll '17 15-16 "Changes in Women's Body Image and Self Esteem"
William Cohn and Cora Lubchenco 15-16 "The Land of Ice and Fire: Discovering Iceland Through a Glass Lens"
James Dinneen and Isabella Egizi 15-16 "Allison After a Fire: Producing a Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival"
Alina Drufovka and Alicia Terry 15-16 "Iconic Art and National Identity: Understanding the Intersection of the Artwork of Fernando Botera and Colombian Nationalism
Soren Frykholm 15-16 "Chile's Generation Y: The Influence and Impact of the Pinochet Regime on the Identity and Social Consciousness of the Country's Future Leaders"
Clara Houghteling 15-16 "A Woman's Dress is a Standing Lie: Researching the Attire of Women's Social Movements in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Emily Gardner and Maggie Mehlman 15-16 "The Performing Arts: An Exploration of Programs in British and Irish Secondary Schools."
Trevor Houghton and Jordan Keny-Guyer 15-16 "Sentiments in Havana: Examining the Reprercussions of an Increasingly Liberalized Economy in Cuba"
Salsabeel Khan 15-16 "How Changing Borders Affect Urban Space: Integration or Separation in Berlin"
Annika Kastetter 15-16 "Migrant Worker Rights and the Role of Labor in Development and Security"
Sumner Lawson 15-16 "Health on Hispañola: Borrowing Hope and Pursuing Promise"
Gabriella Magnani '18, Benjamin Pitta '18 and Nathan Wolfenbarger '18 15-16 "The Michael Friedman Project"
Alexander Marshland 15-16 "Outdoor Recreation and the Environment: An Analysis of Mountain Bike Trail Access and Historical Land Use in the Swiss Alps"
Madeline Murphy '19 15-16 "Social Environmental Effects of the First Offshore Windfarm in the United States
Celia O'Brien '18 15-16 "Teachers at Busesa Mixed Day & Boarding Primary School, Uganda"
Anya Powers 15-16 "A Wee Separation of Church and State: Scotland and England"
Alison Rowe '16 15-16 "Attributions of Agency in Forgiveness"
Hannah Tilden '16 15-16 "The Impact of Twilight Tourism on Identity Development and Economic Security in Forks, Washington"
Mercedes Whitman 15-16 "An Ethnographic Study of Cuban Food in Miami and Havana"
Emilia Whitemer '16 15-16 "Drive Thru Love: A Documentary Film Study of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels"
Salvador Bastien '16, Erin Burk '18, Colin Chupik '16, Joe Purtell '18 and Nina Riggio '17 15-16 "Beyond Red Stone: A Study of Ethics and Aesthetics in the American Southwest"
Jared Bell 15-16 "Researching the Haitian Diaspora in Hispaniola"
Elsa Bonyhadi 15-16 "Urban Landscapes and the Somatic Experience: Making Art in Europe"
Aurelia Carrillo 15-16 "Globalization and Cultural Preservation in the Camargue"
Esther Chan and Sachi Ishida 15-16 "Going Home: A Film Exploration of Vietnam and Japan"
Lani Chang 15-16 "Cuba's Second Revolution: Social and Environmental Implications for Urban Agroecology in Havana, Cuba."
Jaden Combs and Morgan Novy 15-16 "A Comparative Cross-Cultural Study of Food Trucks in Austin"
Leslie Dinkin '17 and Andrew Kirvin-Quamme '17 15-16 "Exploring Utopianism in an Estranged Community"
James Dinneen and Max Hittesdorf 15-16 "Intersectional Musicology at the MaerzMusik Festival in Berlin, Germany"
Gabriel Fine 15-16 "Reading and Writing the Literature of Pilgrimage: Venture Grant Proposal to Walk the Northern Trail of the Camino de Santiago"
Mariko Foecke 15-16 "Potential Competence Genes in ADP1 (Acinetobacter baylyi)"
Elizabeth Forster 15-16 "The Effects of Industrial Outdoor Recreation: Iceland's Outdoor Tourism Boom
Katherine Guerrerro 15-16 "Conservation in Southern Africa: An Investigation into Environmental Policies of Angola and South Africa"
Chandler Jacobson 15-16 "Land Usage of a Group of Wooly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha poeppigii) in the Ecuadorian Amazon"
Anita Lombri 15-16 "Accelerators: Investigating the Various Development Phases & Strategies of Startup Companies
Baheya Malaty and Alta Viscomi 15-16 "Interrogating the Intersection of Queer and Decolonize Movements"
Eliza Mott and Sophia Skelly 15-16 "Shredding the Third Wave: Feminist Perspectives in Surfing"
Bryce Riffenburgh-Kirby 15-16 "Lostness in Scotland: Exploring the Creative Effects of Place and Solitude on Perception of Self and Reality."
Jeronimo Sexton 15-16 "Son Jarocho: An Expressive Cultural Practice Transcending Exclusionary National Borders"
Adam Sterry 15-16 "Ecology and Ethnography of Climate Change: degraded reef ecosystems and repercussions for subsistence fishing."
Caitlin Taber 15-16 "Film and France: The Importance of Film Festivals"
Nicole Tan 15-16 "Exploring Migratory Flows in Latin America"
Katelin Teigan and Joyce Zhang 15-16 "The Chinese Collaboration Between Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis: Finding What's Been Lost in America"
Andrew Allison-Godfrey and Jakob Chandlers 15-16 "Portland to Portland: An Exploration of Small Town America Through Its Residents"
Toren Andrewson 15-16 "The Street Food of Mumbai"
John Borah and Alex O'Neil 15-16 "Shark Tag & Recapture Study In and Around the Historic Boca Grande Pass"
John Burns 15-16 "The Valuation of Recreational In Channel Diversions: An Application of the Contingent Valuation Method"
Maia Chin 15-16 "The Social and Political Impacts of Roman Architecture in Southern France"
Lee Junkin 15-16 "The Effects of Seasonal Tarpon Fishing on the Ecology and Culture of the Island of Boca Grande, Florida"
Jhana Gottlieb 15-16 "Rules Unspoken: Informal Institutions in China-Latin America Relations"
Jack Gurr 15-16 "Augusto Pinochet's Memory in Santiago, Chile's High School Education System"
Anne Hale and Maya Williamson 15-16 "An Exploration of Kawaii and Amae in Regard to Gender Roles and Expression in Japanese Society"
John Higham 15-16 "Evaluating the Economic Benefit of Potential Access Improvements t Bouldering at Lincoln Lake, CO"
Erica Jamieson 15-16 "West in the East: Exploring Westernization through Art in Rural China"
Julia Lauzon 15-16 "Iron status of NCAA Division I Female Athletes after an Intense Phase of Training and Competition"
Julian McGinn 15-16 "The Life and Work of Oscar Wilde: Examining the Relationships between Homosexuality, the Aesthetic and Decadence Movements, and the Roman Catholic Church"
Eva McKinsey 15-16 "Our National Parks' Portrayal of American Democracy"
David Melone 15-16 "Writing in the Mountains"
Meredith Parish 15-16 "An Exploration of Tree Species along the Camino de Santiago"
Emily Phillips and Samantha Zarling 15-16 "To Ban or Not to Ban: An Exploration of Australia's National Firearms Agreement"
Eli Sashihara and Gabriel Sashihara 15-16 "From College Band to Professional Group: Recording Most Bodacious's Debut Album"
Audrey Wang 15-16 "Science and Sushi: Detection of Mercury and the Practice of Cognizant Consumption"
Nicholas Weber 15-16 "Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society: Fiddler Crab Spatial Vision"
Jennifer Welden 15-16 "Layers, Light, and Dancing Rainbows: Deriving My Senior Thesis Exhibition from Gaudi's Tiles Planes."
Arina Abbott '15 and Salvador Bastien '16 14-15 "Immersion Through Observation: Channeling O'Keeffe and Adams in 'The Costa Rica Pictures.'"
Nebeu Abraha '17 14-15 "The Art of Dance: An Investigation of the Importance of Dance in Ethiopian Culture."
Paul miki Akpablie '15 14-15 "Building an African Market: Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs on the Rise."
Cherylyn Alderfer '16, William Clary '16, Benjamin Criswell '16, Evan Levy '15, Ellen Rigell '15, Laurel Sebastian '15 14-15 Artistic Interpretations of the Desert
David Andrews '17 14-15 "A Search for the Literary Spirit of the John Muir Trail."
Toren Andrewson '17 14-15 "The Chemistry Behind the Food of Thailand."
Lauren Antonoff '15 14-15 "'Where Land Meets Water' A Documentary about the Effects of Tourism and Globalization on Contemporary Mexican Society."
Jessica Badgeley '15 and Betsie Hopper '15 14-15 "Horseback Geologic Survey of Bear Basin Ranch."
Morgan Bak '15, Niall Griffin '16 14-15 "The Business of Art and Music in Contemporary Times: A Case Study of Sasquatch Music Festival."
Rayna Ben-Zeev '15 and Alec Sarché '16, aka TWIT Ensemble 14-15 "The Windy TWIT-y: Improv Comedy in Chicago."
Rebekah M. Barnett '15 14-15 "WWOOFing Thailand: What Role Does Ecotourism Play in Thailand's Sustainable Food System?"
Nicholas Bernstein '15 14-15 "Distribution and Expression Levels of NECAB 1, 2 and 3 Throughout the Developing Rat Central Nervous System."
Lykkefry Bonde '15 14-15 "Engagement with Spiritual Practices in the Rocky Mountains."
Dontene M. Bonnet '16 14-15 "Influence of Tool Use on Hand and Wrist Morphology."
Eliza Brilliant '16 and Michael Raab '15 14-15 "Spiritual Awakening on the Te Araroa."
Jacob Brodsky '15 14-15 "Beliefs and Judgments about Gender."
Colleen Cahill '15 14-15 "Audubon's Inspiration: Photographing Native Birds of Central Florida and Southern California."
Anna Cain '16 14-15 "Ulysses Today: The Commercialization of Joyce in Modern Ireland."
William Carson '15 14-15 "Portrait of a Place: Traversing Montana's Tongue River Valley on Horseback."
Francisco Castro '15 14-15 "A Comparative Study Between Craft Brewing in the U.S. and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Production of Italy."
Daphnee Chabal '15 14-15 Research at the "Junior Research Programme" of the European Federation for Psychology Students Associations.
Melissa Chizmar '15 14-15 "Placemaking for Resilient Cities: Exploring Designation and Use of Public Space in København."
Colin Chupik '16 14-15 "Earthquake Hazard Assessment Through Trenching Along the Alpine Fault, New Zealand."
William Clary '16, Jason Stern '15 14-15 "Damming in the West: Bringing Awareness of the Effects of Damming in the Southwestern United States Through an Artistic and Literary Lens."
Caleb Cofsky '17 and Mollie Podmore '17 14-15 "Listen to the River Sing Sweet Songs: Exploring the Stages of Dam Removal in the Northwestern U.S."
William Cohn '15 14-15 "Retreating Glaciers: Climate Change and the Cordillera Blanca."
Kjersten Conway '15 14-15 "Stereotype Threat in Individuals with a History of Mental Illness."
Abigayle Cosinuke '16 14-15 "Gathering Blue: Studying Shibori in Japan."
Evan B. Craine '15 14-15 "Biochemistry of RuBisCo."
Dana Cronin '16 and Rayna Nolen '17 14-15 "The Camino de Santiago: The Journey to Self Discovery."
Brooke Davis '16 14-15 "Mirror Self Recognition in Beluga Whales."
Marin Day '17 14-15 "Food for Thought: An Exploration of International Food Movements."
Andrew DesLauriers '16 14-15 "Documentary Photography in Interior British Columbia."
Alina Drufovka '16 and Jarod Rutledge '16 14-15 "An Ecovillage Case Study in Peru: Sustainability and Ecotourism at EcoTruly Park."
Camille Febvre '15 and Nick Hall '15 14-15 Research based internship at CalTec Astrobiology lab.
Ben Feldman '15 14-15 "The Psychology of Climate Change Denial."
John Finch '16 14-15 "Exploration Snow Leopard Conservation: Upper Mustang, Nepal."
Hannah Fleming '17 14-15 "Pilgrims and Place: A Journey on El Camino de Santiago through Photography and Poetry".
Graham Frank '15 14-15 "Microsatellite Analysis of Population Differentiation in the Rare Plant Astragalus microcymbus to Clarify Conservation Requirements."
Kayla Fratt '15 14-15 "Stress Behaviors and Housing Conditions in Relation to Zoo Rankings in Great Apes."
Nina Friedman '15 14-15 "'A Game to Map the Brain' at MIT: Participating in a Citizens' Science Star-Up."
Soren Frykholm '16 14-15 "Going the Distance: The Effects of Travel on Team."
Lydia Garthwait '17 14-15 "Anthropology of the Two-Wheeled Variety."
Hanna Gebregzi '15 14-15 "An Exploration of Maternal Women's Attitudes Towards Seeking Medical Care: A Case Study at St. Mary's Hospital in Axum, Ethiopia." See note to right.
Rachel Gibbs '15 14-15 "Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Revision of the Spider Genus, Griswoldia."
Ellie Gilbertson '16 and Cora Lubchenco '16 14-15 "Healthcare Volunteerism: Initiating Lasting Change with More than a Prescription."
Madeline Goldman '15 14-15 "'Selection' into Cohabitation Risk Factors for Divorce: Serial Cohabitation, Attitudes Towards Marriage and Personality."
Evalyn Grant '15 14-15 "The Value of Open Space to the Colorado College."
Alec Grushkin '15 14-15 "Globalization Through Story: A Venture Grant Proposal to Travel to Thailand and Write Short Stories about my Experiences."
Desiree Hartman '16 14-15 "Investigating Effective Collaboration Development Through Studying the Collective Impact Model and Continuous Communication."
Andrew Huemmler '15 and Austin Miller '15 14-15 "Building Practices and Erosional Impacts on Mountain Biking Trails of the American Southwest."
Willa Hanf '15 14-15 "Exploring the Cultural and Political Implications of Chinoiserie Art on the 17th Century French Court."
William Hannum '15 14-15 "Sculpture Exploration: Styrofoam and Silicone."
Fischer Hazen '15 and Ben Justman '16 14-15 "Comparative Snowpack Assessment and Analysis: An Exploration of the Canadian Rockies."
Frances Heiss '15 14-15 "Web of Life: Restoration and Preservation of Navajo Textiles."
Ryan Huettel '17 14-15 "The Delicate Balance of Football and Society: Examining the Results and Repercussions of Scotland's Offensive Behaviors Act."
Erica Jamieson '16 14-15 Summer NGO Internship Opportunity in Nepal.
Mary Jones '15 14-15 "Girls' Soccer in Jordan: Culture, Politics and the Prospects for the Beautiful Game."
Patrick Jurney '16 14-15 "National Parks and the Andean Wilderness: A Comparative Analysis of Land Management between the Southern Cone and the United States."
Jon Jacob Kirksey '15 14-15 Independent Research Experience at CU Boulder.
Andrew Kirvin-Quamme '17 and Gregory Smith '17 14-15 "Waking Delight Once More: Poetry in the Pyrenees."
Oscar Lai '15 14-15 "Practicing the Culinary Arts in Colorado."
Erik Laitos '15 14-15 "Granadinos Nuevos: Historical and Contemporary Migration to Granada, Spain."
Isabel Leonard '15 and Sarena Lesem '15 14-15 Trekking and Creating Field Journals in Belize.
Peter Levin '15 14-15 "Living Rivers: Comparative Regional Flows."
Julia Liao '15 14-15 "Self-Perception and Environmental Behavior."
Lea Linse '16 14-15 "Searching for Self-Determination and a Sense of Belonging through Rock Climbing."
Caitlyn McCarty '15 14-15 "The Intersection of Materiality and Meaning in Medieval Irish Illuminated Manuscripts in Dublin, Ireland."
Terra McDowell '16 14-15 "Addressing Urban, Rural, and Indigenous Community Healthcare in Bolivia."
Rachel Maremont '15 14-15 "Field Research and Advocacy for Unaccompanied Child Immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley."
(Elizabeth) Hannah Marshall '16 14-15 "Glacial Dynamics and Expedition Training on the Juneau Ice Field."
Lucy Marshall '17 14-15 "Culture and Fishing in Northern Peru: The Cultural Impacts of Climate Change and Globalization in Huanchaco, Peru."
Evan Mega '15 14-15 "Cycling: Software Analysis for Effective Training."
Carly Merritt '18 14-15 "Forty Years Later: A Look at Local Culture Surrounding Ozark National Scenic Riverways."
Beril Mese '15 14-15 "Transnational Composers in the American Academy: Case Studies of Two Cosmopolitan Musicians."
Emily Michels '15 14-15 "Avoiding the Embryo: Examining the Ethical Dilemmas of Religious Communities in Colorado Springs Surrounding Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Research"
Noah Miller '16 14-15 "Experiencing Writing on the John Muir Trail."
Kevin Moss '15 14-15 "Investigating the Current Management Policies and Practices of the National Park Service in Regards to Climate Change."
Morgan Mulhern '17 14-15 "A Taste of Culinary Culture in Latin America."
Claire Myerscough '15 14-15 "The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on the Decision to Hookup, Communication of Consent, and Evaluation of the Event."
Emily Naranjo-Sturzenegger '15 14-15 "Symbiotic Design in Andalusia's Pueblos Blancos."
Mark Parlier '15, Ellen Rigell '15, Jaclyn Silsby '15 14-15 "Flammulated Owl Research at the Manitou Experimental Forest."
Tonya Pavlenko '15 and Abby Stein '15 14-15 "Art Studio Capstone Studies: Artistic Exploration in New York."
Nina Riggio '16 14-15 An Investigation into the Deterioration of the Subculture of the Mardi Gras Black Indians in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina through Photography and Film.
Jack Rodat '15 14-15 "Exploring the Persistence of Traditional Japanese Values in Today's Architectural Masters."
Nicholas Roman '16 14-15 "Monkey-Wrenching Across Utah: Exploring the Colorado Plateau on the Hayduke Trail."
William Rushton '15 14-15 "Senior Thesis: The Role of Artistic Experience in Face Processing."
(Lewis) Parker Schiffer '15 14-15 "Psychology of Happiness" Thesis Research.
Lauren Schmidt '15 14-15 "The Turkish Experience: Analyzing the Economic Agency of Syrian Refugees."
Madeleine Schmidt '16 14-15 "The Music Never Stopped: Reporting on the 50th Anniversary of The Grateful Dead."
Lindsey (Lindsay) Semel '15 14-15 "Paul Bowles and Mohammed Choukri: The Ethics of Literary Translation in Post-Colonial Tangier."
Kelsey Skordal '15 14-15 "Exploring the History of Printmaking in Minneapolis and Chicago."
Veronica Spann '15 14-15 "Farm to Function: A Photojournalistic Approach to Re-Enchanting Fabric Made From New Zealand Sheep."
Andrea Stephens '15 14-15 "Personality Differences Between Individuals Behaving As Homo-Economicus."
George Bailey Stockdale '15 14-15 "Applied Remote Sensing with UAVs-Using a Long Range Multirotor Platform for Data Collection and Analysis."
Alex (Alexander) Suber '15 14-15 Production of senior Capstone film: "Hitched."
Eve Aaron '15 13-14 "Observing the Relationship between Space and Ritual"
Kylie Anderson '14 13-14 "Wyoming and New York City: Drawing Comparisons between the Urban East and Rural West"
Joel Begay '14 13-14 "Healthcare Accessibility in the Pascua Yaqui & Tohono O'odham Tribes"
Julia Belamarich '14 and Ruth Markwardt '14 13-14 "Studying Desert Art and Philosophy in Joshua Tree, California"
Morgan Bessette '14 13-14 "Embodied Power and Stereotype Threat"
Meredith Bird '15 13-14 "The Trail Will Always Provide: A Look into the Universal Philosophy of the Appalachian Trail"
Erin Bostic '15 13-14 "Urban Environmental History of Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs"
Jacob Brodsky '15 13-14 "Travel to South America to teach English to Brazilian students in the Amazon"
Timothy Bruns '14 and Mark Harris '14 13-14 "Wadi Climbing: Bringing New Recreational Opportunity to Palestine"
Amber Burkhart '14 13-14 "Food Security in India"
Ross Calhoun '14 and Max Ciaglo '14 13-14 "Flammulated Owl Fall Migration"
Aaron Chin '14 13-14 "Social and Environmental Externalities of the Global Tourism Business: Connecting the Global to the Local in Southern Thailand"
Jordan Clementi '15 13-14 "Constructing a Colonial and Post-Colonial Identity: Investigating Algeria's Colonial Identity through Historical Documents"
Olivia Coble '14 13-14 "How to Keep Memories Alive: A Case Study of the National Outdoor Leadership School"
Katherine Coe '15 13-14 "Behavioral Study on Reproductive Suppression in Female Tamarins"
Hallie Comfort '14 13-14 "Thermodynamic Examination of the Excluded Volume Effect of TPP-binding Riboswitch DNA Bulge and RNA Core Helix"
Michelle Cully '16 and Lucas Elliott '16 13-14 "Phylogenetics of Sub-Groups Acroniae and Ancipitia-Colombiana in the Orchid Genus Pleurothallis"
Kathryn Dalton '16 13-14 "Santa Fe in Ceramics"
Dana deLaski '14 13-14 "Art and Architecture in Istanbul and Spain"
Jed Doane '14 13-14 "Walking Together: Public Health and Outreach Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya"
Ashleigh-Rose Don '14 13-14 "Processing the Past through Creativity and Visual Memory"
Roy Dornbrook '15 13-14 "Conducting Hematopoietic Stem Cell Research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass."
Alexandra Drew '15, "Exploring the Human Environmental Impact of Trekking on Ol Doinyo Lengai in the Absence of Firm Environmental Use Policy" 13-14
Joseph Eisaguirre '15 13-14 "Spatial Variation of Golden Eagle Diet, Nest Site Productivity, and Nest Area Landscape Characteristics on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska"
Benjamin Feldman '15 13-14 "Mole: A Gastronomic Exploration of Oaxaca"
Kayla Fratt '16 13-14 "Home Tree Selection in Otolemur Crassicaud and Galago Moholi"
Alexandra Freeman '14 13-14 "Exploration of Chilean Culture and Landscape through an Artistic Lens"
Mari Gades '14 13-14 "The Relation between Aggression Subtypes, Theory of Mind, and Pro-Social Behavior in Young Children"
Grace Gahagan '14 13-14 "Physical Examination of Rembrandt van Rijn's Christ Presented to the People"
Caley Gallison '14 and Annie Taylor '14 13-14 "The Effects of Encroaching Edge Habitat on Songbird Abundance in Everglades National Park, Florida"
Rebecca Gasperoni '16 13-14 "From Lost to Found in the Presidential Range: An Exploration of Creative Non-Fiction Adventure Writing"
Ellen Gilbertson '17 13-14 "Study of Sexual Health Education in Masara, Kenya"
Addis Goldman '14 13-14 "Globalization & Architecture: Investigating the Survival of National Identity at the Venice Biennale"
Shayla Gordon '14 13-14 "The Big Move: An Ethnographic Exploration of Young Artists in New York City"
Evalyn Grant '15 13-14 "The Social Networks and Innovation of Organic Farmers in Southern France"
Bradley Green '16 and Adam Young '16 13-14 "Documenting Drought: Exploring the Effects of Severe Drought in California, from the Snowpack to the Sea"
Niall Griffin '16 13-14 "Sleep/Hibernation Study of Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemurs"
Tania Guzman '15 13-14 "Study Indigenous Weaving Techniques in Guatemala"
Nathan Hahn '14 13-14 "Human-Wildlife Conflict in Central India: A Study of the Relationship between Tigers and People in Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve"
Anne Hakim '15 13-14 "Trekking the East African Rift Valley: A Geological Exploration of Oldoinyou Lengai"
Nina Halty '17 13-14 "Redemocratization in Uruguay: The Dramatic Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Tupamaros"
Naya Herman '16 13-14 "Creating Community by Fire"
Barbora Hanzalova '17 13-14 "Engineering Research and Development Project, organized by the Engineers without Borders Colorado Springs Professional Chapter (EWBCOS)"
Mindy Huang '15 13-14 "Research in Uganda for Project on Social Capital and Development in the Non-Profit Sector"
Abby Ispahani '14 and Lauren Nelson '14 13-14 "The Meaning of Disney: An Exploration of How Disney Mediates Social Interactions"
John Jennings '17 13-14 "Experiencing Philosophy through Meditation at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center"
Savannah Johnson '15 13-14 "Tiny Country, Big Gap: A Behind-the-Lens Exploration of Gender Politics in Liberia"
Anna Kay '15 13-14 "Moving Out of the Museum: The Changing Functions of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs"
Robert Kerr '15 13-14 "The Legacy of Gabo and 100 Years of Solitude"
James Kiawoin '15 and Morgan Wack '15 13-14 "Impact of Footballing Academies in West Africa on Youth Education"
Isabella Killion '14 13-14 "Travel to Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama to Conduct Research on Risk Management Policies of Outdoor Adventure Travel"
Isabel Leonard '15 and Sarena Lesem '15 13-14 "Travel to Peru to Trek and Create Field Journals"
Colleen Gong Leong '16 13-14 "Are the Proteins of Genes 3389, 2639, 122, 258, 259, 260, 558, 666, 667, 786, 788, 2355, 2356, 2357, 2358, 2360, and 2855 of A. baylyi Bacteria Required for Normal Twitching Motility and Competence?"
Flora Liu '15 13-14 "Comparing Surface Protein used for Twitching Motility and Natural Competence of Wild Type and Mutants of Acinetobacter Baylyi Bacterium"
Emma Longcope '15 13-14 "Sense of Place in the West: An Exploration through Writings and Watercolors"
Cora Lubchenco '17 13-14 "Healthcare Disparities: A Comparative View through Volunteerism"
Claire Lukeman '14 13-14 "Research in Turkey and Holland on the Shifting Meaning of the Tulip as it Moved between Cultures as Commodity"
Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese '14 and Taryn Wiens '14 13-14 "Press West: Investigating and Reporting on Printing Presses in the Southwest"
Nathan Mankovich '17 13-14 "The Colorado Trail: A Journey of Discovery"
Josh Mares '14 13-14 "Thermodynamic Examination of the Effect of Ion Binding on the TPP-binding Riboswitch A-C/A-C Bulge"
Megan Masuret '14 13-14 "The Steps to Transformation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis"
Meredith Meeks '14 13-14 "Fantasy vs. Reality: New Zealand as Manipulated and Experienced"
Adele Moss '14 13-14 "Performance Sculpture in New Mexico Easter Celebrations"
Jeffrey Munn '16 13-14 "Exploring Modern Healthcare in Northern India"
Maia Murphy-Williams '14 13-14 "The Effects of Ecotourism on Conservation in Costa Rica"
Eleanor Nesbit '14 13-14 "A Comparative Analysis of Urban Planning in Brasilia's Administration Regions"
Elizabeth Montaño '15 13-14 "Christ Indigenized: The Pascua Yaqui Easter Ceremonies"
Alexander Norrod '14 13-14 "Studying Dutch Jazz Performance and Improvisation in the Netherlands"
Maeve O'Connor-Bethune '15 13-14 "Where Do We Fit: The Intersections Between and Impact of National Identity and Politics on LGBTQ Activism and Experience in Northern Ireland and Wales"
Stephanie Olivas '14 and Aditi Ramaswami '14 13-14 "Understanding French Identity through Exploration of Museum Culture"
Andrew Post '16 13-14 "My Grandmother's Memories: Explorations in Family History through Poetry"
Lorenzo Pozzolini '14 13-14 "Build furniture for the Art Department and Arts and Crafts"
Holly Pretsky '16 and Alta Viscomi '16 13-14 "Exploring Nature and Sense of Place in Mt. Desert Island, Maine"
Michael Raab '16 13-14 "A Journey to the Past: Living with Subsistence"
Zane Randell '14 and Sam Seiniger '14 13-14 "Promoting Connection to Place and Environmental Stewardship on the Grand Canyon"
Nina Riggio '17 13-14 "Field Study of the California Mission Past through an Artistic and Historical Lens"
Nicholas Roman '16 13-14 "7,500 Miles by Foot: Chasing the 'Triple Crown' on the Continental Divide Trail"
Kaleb Roush '14 13-14 "Investigating Potential Factors that Affect Morphological in Acinetobacter baylyi"
Chloe B.T. Rowse '16 13-14 "Exploring the Resourceful Arts & Crafts of Women in India"
Rachel Seto-Templeton '14 13-14 "The Question of Sanctity in the Contemporary Veneration of Saints in Latin America"
Ross Sherman '15 13-14 "Water Chemistry in Fire Scar Areas"
Audrey Sileci '15 13-14 "Teaching 'Mindsets' to Educators and Parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Increase Academic Resilience in Students"
Radhika Singh '15 13-14 "Narratives of the Separation Barrier: Politics in Art"
Katherine Smith '14 13-14 "Laura Gilpin: Explorations on a Western Photographer at the Amon Carter Museum"
Ada Sochanska '14 13-14 "Sports Medicine in the Ancient World: Wrist Wraps and Olympic Boxing"
Natalie Stein '15 13-14 "A Journalistic Inquiry: Education, Labor and Justice in Chicago"
Thomas Stein '15 13-14 "Zen Buddhism and Environmental Ethics"
Sarah Stockdale '14 13-14 "State of the Rockies for KRCC"
Laura Sullivan '16 13-14 "Applying Permaculture to Art at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors"
John Swisher '14 13-14 "Effects of More Variable Temperature on Snow Pack in Fallerones, Chile"
Henry Weaver '16 13-14 "Artistic Development in the Local Colorado Springs Community"
Emma Whitehead '16 13-14 "Politics and Pilgrimage: A Walk Through History on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela"
Nicole White '14 13-14 "Animal Treatment and Protection in China: An Examination of the Impact of Local Culture and Legislation on the Treatment of Pets in China"
David T. Wright '14 13-14 "Drink Local: A Case Study of Microbrewery Culture and Subculture in Colorado"
Brendan Young '14 13-14 "The Barkley Marathons Thesis Film"
Reed Young '16 13-14 "An Exploration of the Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Connections within the Peabody Coal Mine"
Charlotte Allyn 15 12-13 Say This Life: A Journey in Discovery of Joe Bolton
Daniel Alvarado '13 12-13 Rhizomic Urbanism: Improvised and Organic Solution in the Post-Industrial American City
Philip Angelides '13 12-13 The World Cup: Summer Olympics and Environmental Justice in Rio de Janeiro
Yiqiao Bao '14 12-13 Genetics Exploration of Antibiotics-Eaters
Trevor Barron '15 12-13 Benchmarking Mathematical Algorithms Running in Parallel on Graphics Processing Units
David Becker '15 12-13 Festival, Design, and Event Production
Ellen Beckett, '14 Leona Waller '14 12-13 Water Management at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Playa, Nevada
Zachary Bellows '13 12-13 Impacts of Unmanaged Waste on Local Balinese Waterway and Community Health Implications
Laura Blackett '13 12-13 Apprenticeship with Colorado Springs Woodworker, Geoffrey Keating
Sara Bodner, '13 Gabrielle Kaminsky '13 12-13 Bourdieu's Theories on Cultural and Economic Capital: Fifty Years Later
Samuel Bray, '15 Michael Stevens '15 12-13 Through a Lens: Capturing the Effects when Industry and Nature Collide
Zane Bridgers '13, Patrick Hardy '13 12-13 Aztec Mythology in Teotihuacan and Izta-Popo Zoquipan National Park
Raphael Broh '13 12-13 Biology-Physics Collaboration to Investiage the Genetic and Structural Basis of Competence in Bacteria
Suzanna Brown '14 12-13 Alternative Artistic Practices
Timothy Bruns '14 12-13 The Outdoor Culture of Jordan
Audrey Burns '13 12-13 Human-Geography of Montreal: Experiences In-Place and Out-of-Place
Elizabeth Burrus '13 12-13 Theory of Mind and Understanding of Self-Conscious Emotions in Children with Autism
Jennifer Cajina-Grigsby '14 12-13 Immigration and Ethnic Diversity in the British Society: An Exploration Through Visual Sociology and Gastronomy
Ben Capelin '16 12-13 A Mycological Tapestry
Tiffany Cardenas, '14 Claire McNellan '14 12-13 Understanding Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the Father of Modern Neuroscience
Katherine Cirullo '13 12-13 Growing Food and Building Community: An Ethnographic Study of a Community Urban Farm
Ellen Cole '14 12-13 Coming Home: Women and their Return from War
Evan Cole, '14 Joshua Kim, '14 Daniel Rosseau '13 12-13 Parallel and Distributive Computing with the Rasperry
John Collis '13 12-13 colvanoes of the East African Rift Vally: An Investigation Detailing the Volcanology of Ethiopia and its Role in Cultural Development
Amanda Cooke '14 12-13 Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory Research Internship
Edward Crawford, '14 William Durrett '14 12-13 Using Seismic Refraction to Image the Structure of the Critical Zone
Colby Diamond '13 12-13 The Zuia Project and Social Entrepreneurship
Katie Dougherty '14 12-13 Exploring Post-Modern Xenophobia: Muslim Immigrant Communities in Holland
Natalie Dupille '13 12-13 Performative and Inequality in Contemporary BDSM/Leather Culture
Chris Edmonds '14 12-13 Environmental Inequity in Southern Spain: Drawing and Mapping the Environmental Divide
Meryl Ellingson '15 12-13 Modern Manifestations of Orientalism: Marketing Tradition in Oman
Justine Epstein, '15 Kyle Lutz '15 12-13 An Inquiry into the Spirit of Place in Andean Education
David Fay '13 12-13 Investigating the Effect of Human Disturbances on Local Ecosystems
Nicole Fazio '13 12-13 Thermodynamics of Steroid Receptor-Promoter Assembly
Victoria Frecentese '13 12-13 The Aurora Borealis: A Personal and Photographic Investigation
David Freedman '14 12-13 Practical Methods in Mineral Exploration
Anna Fuchs '13 12-13 The Identity of the Jewish American Princess
Lucy Gamble '15 12-13 Life Giving Blues and Greens, an Investigation of Riparian Habitats Along the Colorado Trail
Baiza Getabecha '13 12-13 Cultural and Linguistic Differences in Veterinary Practice
Robin Gleason '13 12-13 Capturing Water: A Multimedia Artistic Exploration in Coastal Nicaragua
Olivia Hart '14 12-13 Religious Temples as a Reflection of Culture: East vs. West
Tara Hatfield '14 12-13 Juak Manis: An Analysis of the Music and Performance-Based Variation
Colbert Heathcott '16 12-13 2184 Miles: Discovering America on the Appalachian Trail
Blair Huff '14 12-13 Good and Bad Government in Giotto's Arena Chapel Frescos
Grace Hunter '14 12-13 Interviewing Insurrectionists: Anarchism in Italy at Present
Linda Jimenez '14 12-13 Investigation of the Function of a Starvation Induced Gene in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 Strain
Nicole Kaufman '13 12-13 Polyamory: Loving More in a Monogamous World
Taylor Kelson '14 12-13 The Role of Gender in the Scoring of High School Mock Trial
Robert Kerr '15 12-13 Cultural Exploitation and Housing Displacement in Rio de Janeiro
Zach Keskinen '15 12-13 Synthesis of Nitrogen Analog of SCYX-7158
Jimin Kim '14 12-13 Shifting the Focus from the Politics to the People in the Korean War: Separation of Families and the People as Living Memoirs of History
Kangmin Kim '15 12-13 Optimal Rennet Coagulation Conditions for Various Kinds of Cheese
Ariella Knight '14 12-13 Development Initiatives for Palestinian Refugees: Microfinance Programs in Amman, Jordan
Leland Krych '13 12-13 Are Competence Gevei Necessary for the GASP Stage in Acinetobacter baylyi?
Sean Kwo '14 12-13 The Greening of Buddhist Practice: Exploring the Marriage of Zen Practice and Environmentalism at the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center
Brendan Lamarre '13 12-13 The Musical Tesla Coil
Judy Brooke Larsen '14 12-13 Sustainable Agriculture in Italy and Spain: A Look at the Interrelationship Between Politics, Culture, and the Environment in Rural European Union
Nathan Lee '13 12-13 Why Alumni Give: Motivation Behind Charitable Giving at Colorado College
Rebecca Lehman '14 12-13 Intensive Language and Vocal Study at the Oberlin Conservatory in Italy
William Lindsay '13 12-13 Monoterpene, Tannin and Ion Profiles in Timber Pine Attached by Dwarf Mistletoe
Devon MacLeod '13 12-13 Ironman Triathlon, Mexico 2013
Ruth Markwadt '14 12-13 Political Ecologies of Health: Understanding Hypertension Patters and Perceptions Among Oglala Lakota Sioux
Margaret McKeon '14 12-13 Belize Valley Archaeology Reconnaissance: The Classic Mayan Landscape
Phoenix McLaughlin '14 12-13 Dissertations Meet Legislation: An Examination of International Water Sciece-Policy Interfaces
Luigi Mendez '14 12-13 The Impacts of City Sustainability Measures on Issues of Environmental Justice in Birmingham, UK
Jessica Meyer '13 12-13 Global Youth Advocacy of Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Interning with ADC in San Pedro, Costa Rica
Benjamin Munyao '14 12-13 HIV/AIDS and Malaria Insurance in Kenya
Elizabeth Newcombe '13 12-13 Art and Architecture in Cusco, Peru
Isabel Norwood '14 12-13 Cymru Am Byth: Language Revitalization in Wales as a Model for the World
Dustin Ordway, '14 Kate Rafter '13 12-13 Work with Dance Theater Choreographer, Dan Safer
Amie Owen '14 12-13 Phenotypic Expression of Starvation-Induced Genes in Acinetobacter baylyiUnder Stressful Conditions
Sarah Perez-Sans, '13 Melanie Yemma '13 12-13 From Ancient Mayan Treasure to Modern-Day Commodity: A Cultural Analysis of Fair Trade Chocolate in Southern Belize
Kathryn Perry '14 12-13 An Exploration of Patronage in the 17th Century: Bernini's Baldacchino as an Image of Papal Power
Sarah Phillips '13 12-13 Student Partnership in Action: GlobeMed in East Africa
Lila Pickus '13 12-13 Uncommisioned Art and the Museum
Lindsey Pointer '13 12-13 The Integration of Indigenous Spiritual Practices in Restorative Justice in Hawaii
Anya Powers '16 12-13 The EU and Mother Teresa
Teo Price-Broncucia '14 12-13 Renewable Energy in Spain: A Holistic Inquiry
Michael Raab '16 12-13 Sustainable Living Practices in Costa Rica
Zane Randell '14 12-13 The Management of National Parks in Nicaragua and National Goals of Economic Development
Amanda Rennecker '14 12-13 Analysis of Microsatellites in Flammulated Owls
Anneliese Rice '13 12-13 Dance, Movement, and the Art of Nonviolent Communications
Mark Riley '14 12-13 The Effects of Tourism on Sherpa Spirituality in Sagarmatha National Park
Nicholas Roman '16 12-13 A Walk in the Woods: Narrating Nature on the Pacific Crest Trail
Edward Ruiz '13 12-13 Building a 3D Printer for the Computer Science Program
John Russell, '14 Sam Seiniger '14 12-13 Cultural Isolation and Cultural Tourism on the Chiloe Archipelago, Chile
Benjamin Sandalow '13 12-13 Terraba Tribe: Culture and Media
Ellen Scully '13 12-13 Analyzing the Inspiration Japanese Art Provided for the Impressionist Movement
Kathleen Senn '13 12-13 Impact of the Korean Wave on Japanese Perception of South Korean Culture and People
Davis Shamburger '13 12-13 Searching for Spirituality in British Columbia's Valhall Mountains
Rebecca Simpson, '13 LeeAna Wolfman '13 12-13 Alternative Artistic Practices
Erin Slay '14 12-13 Growth Advantage Stationary Phase (GASP) in Acinetobacter baylyi Type IV Secretion Systems Mutants
Ellen McGough Smith '16 12-13 Cambrian Explosion: A Study of the First Appearance of Clams and Geochemical Changes in the Ocean
Shaye Smith '13 12-13 Natural History Museum Visitors' Understanding of Human Evolution
Emily Spiegel '15 12-13 Building a Social Movement: Engaging in Dialogue with a Non-Profit Arts Organization to Effectively Support Youth Activism in New Orleans, Louisiana
David Swift '13 12-13 Public Child Daycre Services in San Carlos Region, Costa Rica: Utilization of the Cen-Cinai Program and the Role in Early Childhood Development
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