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FEATURED: THE REUNION CLASSES (2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, and beyond)

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Mat Elmore, 2009 - Mat moved to Portland, Oregon after graduation to work at the Carbon Reduction Challenge, a program that helps wineries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. He worked in business development at Tanner Creek Energy, a solar energy company, in Portland until 2012 and is now working in program management at Elevate Energy in Chicago. Mat is also on the Associate Board of the Delta Institute and the board of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance. He is currently studying for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust's Diploma exam and hopes to teach Colorado College students about wine in the future.

Rachael DeWitt, 2009 - After graduating from CC Rachael worked as a journalist, first at Mother Jones Magazine's DC office, and eventually at Portland, Oregon's Willamette Weekly. Rachael is now pursuing an MA at the University of Utah in Environmental Humanities. She is at work on a master's thesis that examines environmental themes present in Nigerian novels, through the lens of critical theory and critical animal studies.

Alex (Archie) Archambault, 2009 - Since graduating, Archie has gone on to start his own product line, Archie's Press. Pairing his CC-learned letterpress skills and addiction to travel, Archie created a well-received collection of graphic maps. His success has landed him publications like Slate, Gizmodo and Lonny, and promises to provide him an "intellectual adventure" for years to come. While launching the line, Archie "failed harder" at the experimental advertising school W+K 12 at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, OR where he lives above a light bulb store.

Archi Archambault


Matthew Atencio, 1997 - Since graduating from CC, Matthew completed his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Wollongong in Australia. His dissertation was entitled, "Crunk, Cracking, and Choreographies: The Place and Meaning of Health and Physical Activity in the Lives of Young People from Culturally Diverse Urban Neighborhoods." Matthew has worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and also as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education in Singapore. He now teaches at the California State University East Bay. Leveraging his background in philosophy from CC, Matthew has published over 40 theoretical publications in the fields of youth studies, education, and sport culture. He draws from a wide range of philosophers in his daily work, including Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu.


Joel Bock, 2011 - I am currently working as a freelance EFL teacher to elementary school kids and adults in Prague, Czech Republic and singing and learning Czech and German in my free time. Details.

Joel Bock

Andrew Vierra, 2013 - After graduation, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I worked as an applied behavior analyst at a school for severely disabled kids with autism. I moved to Atlanta in the fall of 2014 to start a masters program in neurophilosophy at Georgia State. I am interested in emotions, moral psychology, neuroethics, and cognitive neuroscience. I work as a teaching assistant and in a cognitive neuro lab focused on chimpanzee research.

Jim Lasko, 1988 - Jim Lasko is an artist creating theatrical events that reveal and celebrate overlooked and hidden cultural assets. As a principle to Redmoon Theater in Chicago, Jim's work has activated a wide range of public spaces, from the Museum of Contemporary Art to the Jackson Park Lagoons, from groundbreakings for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Spertus Center, to urban interventions that pop up in some of the Chicago's most underserved communities. Mr. Lasko's theater work has received numerous awards and critical notices and played across the country. He was Chicago's first ever Artist in Residence, a recognition of his commitment to deploying art to activate communities. In 2011 he was honored to design the staging a pubic talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr. Lasko is a Harvard University Loeb Fellow. He is pleased to serve on a number of advisory boards, including the Chicago Children's Museum and The Nantucket Project.

Jim Lasko

Elizabeth A. Baker (now Elizabeth A. Uhrich), 2003 - After pursuing her MA in Educational Psychology from CU Denver, as well as her CO Teacher License and CDHS School Director Certification, Elizabeth co-founded a democratic school for young children. The school, called The Patchwork School, opened its doors in Louisville, CO in 2007, and has been in operation ever since. After her resignation in 2012, Elizabeth went on to found the first folk school in Colorado. A folk school, also known as a craft school, is a place for "folks" of all ages to pursue a unique and life-changing education-one that focuses on the renewal of traditional living skills, crafts and music. The modern-day application of these traditional folk arts represents a return to a simpler, more creative way of life. The school, called the Living Arts School, is located in Boulder County, and offers workshops and courses in subjects ranging from blacksmithing to fermentation to fiber arts to storytelling. Elizabeth married her love, James Uhrich, in June 2013. They live in Erie, CO with their small dog Charlie, who likes to chew on the wood shavings produced by James, who designs and builds hand tools for working wood.

You can visit the Patchwork School at and the Living Arts School at

Elizabeth A. Uhrich (Baker)

Nathan Brand, 2011 - Since graduating Nathan spent a year in East Africa first working in a rural clinic in Malawi before moving to Kampala Uganda to help conduct research on severe pediatric malaria. Nathan returned to the U.S. in the summer of 2012 to continue his career in biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health and apply to medical school. In 2013, Nathan will start medical school at Columbia's college of Physicians and Surgeons.

Nathan Brand

Michael Anthony Fowler, 2006 - Michael is currently in the dissertation stage of the Ph.D. program in Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University and helping his partner of six years, Sylvain Bruni, plan their 2014 wedding in Sylvain's native France. Details.

Michael Fowler


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