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Congrats to OBE students Josh Felton ’22, Kayla Fratt ’16, and Olivia Sage Noonan ’20 for receiving National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships! 

Read more about what receiving this fellowship means in this CC News Story.

Leah Veldhuisen's '19 PhD work on plant-pollinator interactions featured in A Life of Science: A Series by New Scientists

Leah with mountains in the background

Students Conducting Plant-Pollinator Research in Alaska featured in CC News Story

Caroline Brose '22, Zach Ginn'23, and Luca Keon '25 are pictured in front of the Brooks Range quantifying flowering in dry heath tundra. Photo taken by Sarah Ansbro in June 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 OBE student award winners!

Richard and Reba Beidleman Award: Caroline Brose

Jason Wilkes Memorial Biology Award: Dee Knox, Andres Madrigal, Carmen Villalba

Enderson Award in Conservation Biology: Jay Borgwardt, Emily Dwyer

Mary Alice Hamilton Award in Organismal Biology & Ecology: Josh Felton, Karla Iruegas

Laboratory Award in Organismal Biology & Ecology: Eliza Hayse


Pictured from left to right: Dee Knox, Josh Felton, Prof. Shane Heschel, Prof. Rachel Jabaily, Caroline Brose, Eliza Hayse, Emily Dwyer, and Andres Madrigal.

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Professor Roxaneh Khorsand's remote Biology of Plants course featured in CC news story RK_whiteboard

Photo by Josh Birndorf '20

Naomi Tsai '19 wins  Clinton Fellowship in India


George Wittemyer '97 finds the positive in tragic elephant conservation research

Student photos

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Amanda Martin '19 is a Fulbright semifinalist for her research in biology!


Leah Veldhuisen '19 collects plant data in Bolivia under Venture Grant

Working in collaboration with Professor Rachel Jabaily, Veldhuisen studied an endangered, high-elevation plant in the Andes Mountains. She will continue her research in October.  Learn more about the project

OBE alum Zoë Moffett studies alpine pollination in a changing climate.

Moffett CC class of 2017 worked with Dr. Candace Galen, Jessica Kettenbach, and Dr. Nicole Miller-Struttmann to investigate shrub encroachment and its effect on pollination systems. The team studied reproductive synchrony between willow and alpine sky pilot and subsequent pollination interference. Learn more about Moffett's research

Photo by Moffett '17

Botanist and professor Tass Kelso, passed away in June 2016.

Tass was a remarkable botanist and a remarkable person, whose friendship, research, and fine teaching skills touched the lives of many people. Read tributes from her friends and colleagues. Tass Photo

Evolutionary geneticist and professor emeritus Werner Heim passed away in October 2019.

Known for his listening, thoughtfulness, and kindness, Werner dedicated himself to this college and community, from his arrival at CC in 1967 to his retirement in 1994. Werner loved Colorado College and embodied his commitment through his teaching and in his ability to always think of the institution as a whole, holding the highest good for all in everything he did. He pursued his undergraduate degree, M.A., and Ph.D. at UCLA all in Zoology. Having taught at Brown and Wayne State before he came to CC, his primary research interests during his career focused on evolutionary biology, human genetics, and vertebrate development. Werner got to watch the field of genetics develop. DNA sequencing became especially intriguing to him and Werner thought very deeply about the ethics of genetics. He had the amazing ability to get to the heart of an experiment with probing questions that fostered great discussions, something his colleagues respected. After his retirement in 1994, Werner still taught block courses, excited to invite non-majors to embrace his love of the field. The founder and creator of the CC Retiree Group, which continues to meet once a month, Werner valued the community, always seeking to build it, even in retirement. Werner.jpg

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