Additional Lab Expenses

The department provides one disposable lab coat and one lab notebook per block per student. Safety goggles (not glasses) are provided but must be returned at the end of the block. If a course has a required textbook, it can be purchased at the College Bookstore. Students have the option to purchase safety goggles, a bound lab notebook, and cloth lab coats in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Stockroom. Currently, the Stockroom accepts the following methods for payment: Cash, Check, or CC Gold Card Plus. Additionally, students will be held responsible for replacement costs for glassware damages that result from improper use during labs. 

A table of current prices is provided below; please email our stockroom manager, Rachel Wonciar (, if you have additional questions about these items.


Price Range

Safety Goggles


Lab Notebooks - Limited Supply


White Lab Coat

Tiger Logo Lab Coat - Limited supply




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