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    Departmental Funds

    Please contact the department staff assistant and/or the department chair for current information on how to apply for these funds. This list may not be comprehensive because of new awards and grants. Be sure to visit the department's webpage, and contact the faculty members in the department for additional opportunities and information.

    OpportunityWhat it is
    Anthropology funds for research for majors
    Art funds for research for majors
    Asian Studies funds for research for majors and non-majors
    Biology funds for research in Molecular Biology and in Organismal Biology & Ecology
    Classics Hartwell Fund provides majors with fund for study or travel
    Economics & Business Van Skilling Award
    English Awards for English majors
    Feminist & Gender Studies funds for research or events
    Film and Media Studies Documentary Exploration Grant
    French, Italian, & Arabic Languages

    Madre Merrill Fund 

    Jeanne Gibbs Fund for French studies abroad

    Geology funding for research or internships for majors
    German, Russian, & East Asian Languages funding for travel or tuition for some study abroad in Germany
    History research funds and summer assistantships
    Music scholarships for music lessons for majors and minors
    Physics funding for research for majors
    Political Science funding for research for majors

    research funding:

    Sabine Fund for Psychology majors

    Vernon Smith Fund for Neuroscience majors


    Sheffer Fund for research in Roman Catholic studies

    Southwest Studies Benezet Research Grants for majors or minors

    O'Connor Grants for research and travel for majors

    other funding for research, events, and programs

    Spanish Madre Merrill Fund