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Ask Staff Council

Voice your concerns, suggestions, issues you want Staff Council to investigate, problems in your office, ideas for programs or events, desires for training, etc. We encourage you to also bring this information to your supervisor.

Please type your feedback in the space below and then click "Send" to send it to the Staff Council. We will do our best to address your feedback in our next scheduled meeting. If you would like us to follow up with you, please include contact information, otherwise you may remain anonymous if you choose. Anonymous feedback will be addressed below as appropriate.

Responses to Anonymous Feedback & Questions

Staff Council receives feedback, questions and comments from staff. When done personally, a member of Staff Council follows up with the person. When feedback is anonymous, it's more difficult to follow up, so Staff Council will post answers here. 

Questions/Comments Spring 2015

An anonymous user asked about the enforcement of the current dog policy while we await the decision on the new dog policy.


Thank you for the question! We brought it up with the President, and there will be no change in current practice until we decide the issue. If someone is having a problem with a dog in the office, please contact the President's Office.

Questions/Comments Spring 2015

An anonymous user asked about having a massage therapist come to provide massages to employees.


Thank you for the suggestion!  We raised this with Laurie Mozingo, the Benefits Manager in HR, and she noted that HR will have massage therapists at the Health Fair February 11.  She also mentioned, while monthly appointments for on-campus massage therapists is a good idea, the interest might wane after a while.  (That's what happened at her previous employer.)  Laurie will look into options and post something on the Digests if HR decides to move forward.  Feel free to reach out directly to her with questions or suggestions!
 - Staff Council

Questions/Comments Fall 2014

An anonymous user asked about the charge structure for Facilities.


Facilities personnel are responsible for taking care of the maintenance issues on all the buildings on campus (except Res Life buildings – they have their own staff) and any maintenance work order submitted should be taken care of with no charges. Any work order request that comes in that falls outside building maintenance will be charged for. For example: A request for new paint in an office because it is old and chipped, etc. would be considered building maintenance but a request for new paint in an office that already has relatively new paint, simply because someone wants a color change, would fall outside the maintenance category and would be charged for. --Denise Sheridan

Questions/Comments Fall 2013

An anonymous user asked about printers and copiers that were requested and not yet received and also about the Staff Handbook. 


HR is currently reviewing the Staff Handbook and encourages staff to contact them directly with questions regarding leave, policies, etc. 

Chad Schonewill provides an answer to the printer/copier question:

Thanks for asking about this!

There may have been some misunderstanding around the timeline for the new managed print system rolling out on campus – we’ve been gradually progressing on that rollout this semester, but still have a long way to go. As often happens, we’re not as far in the implementation as we thought we’d be last year around capital equipment requests (though I don’t believe we ever claimed it would all be complete by the end of summer 2012).I’ll make sure to send out an update to the campus about the Managed Print program’s progress and point folks to the Managed Print website.

For your specific case, I’d recommend contacting either myself or Gina Arms to talk about what we can do in the meantime since your copier is on its last legs – as we’ve been gradually moving buildings to managed print, a number of spare devices which are worth re-using are coming available and we’ve been deploying them around for cases like yours to help bridge the gap until the managed print rollout reaches your building.

Questions/Comments Fall 2012

Anonymous users asked about the issue of compression; when it would be handled and that it be handled with transparency. 


HR provided this response:

Pay compression occurs when pay differences among individuals with different levels of performance and service become small.  Compression results most frequently when salary structures are adjusted and new employees are brought in at pay levels that are the same or close to salaries of current employees.

A more complete response is available on the HR website on the Staff Compensation page (look for the update posted November 12, 2012). 

Questions/Comments Fall 2012

Another anonymous user asked about Staff budget priorities.


In previous years, the budget committee has requested staff input on budget priorities. These staff priorities were presented, but not always implemented, as there are many different priorities and demands on the college budget, which is ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees. This year, we're continuing to provide the budget committee with recommendations and we'll post a response from the committee as soon as we have an answer (sometime in Spring Semester, after budget decisions have been made). 

Rumor Mill

A rumor has been circulating that there will be a usage fee for El Pomar facilities. Staff Council contacted Ken Ralph, who informed us that this rumor is false. He wrote:

There has never been a conversation about staff or faculty fees to use El Pomar. I am not sure who is starting rumors so if you could please put an end to them that would be very much appreciated. The only thing that has been discussed is the possibility of usage fees for people desiring permanent lockers in the facility, nothing more, and even that has not been determined.