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Voice your concerns, suggestions, issues you want Staff Council to investigate, problems in your office, ideas for programs or events, desires for training, etc. We encourage you to also bring this information to your supervisor.

Please type your feedback in the space below and then click "Send" to send it to the Staff Council. We will address it in our next meeting. All submissions are confidential, and only seen by members of Staff Council. All identifying information is removed when answers are posted below. We request your information so that we may contact you directly to ask follow up questions, or answer your question directly. If you chose to submit a question anonymously, we cannot guarantee it will receive a response. See answers to recent questions.

Answers to Recent Questions

6/30/21: A question was received by Staff Council related to "hearing that a new parental leave policy was being considered." Staff Council reached out to Human Resources and received the following response from Acting Director Laurie Mozingo.  "I believe that the Compensation Committee did begin looking at the parental leave policy last year and that they suggested that it continue to be on the agenda for this upcoming year as a topic to explore but no recommendations have yet come out related to parental leave. You may already know that the state of Colorado passed paid family leave legislation.  Colorado employers and employees will start paying payroll taxes for that leave in 2023 and it will be available in 2024.  That would likely replace or modify our current parental leave. "

6/22/21: An Anonymous question was raised to Staff Council regarding Colorado College, and HR specifically, holding a “drawing for anyone that loads their COVID shot records to the website.”, but expressing concerns about those providing “exemptions” also being eligible for the drawings. Human Resources provided the following response: “While CC mandates vaccinations and is strongly encouraging all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, we understand that some members of our community have medical, religious, or personal reasons that preclude them from receiving the vaccination.  We would not want to discriminate against an employee because they weren’t able to receive the vaccine. The purpose of the drawing is to encourage every employee to register their status as soon as possible so the college can determine where we are with vaccination rates as a community before the August 1 deadline.”

6/22/21:  An anonymous question was raised regarding how the return of students is being handled since “students are starting to show up before all of the staff on campus are back.”  Several messages have gone out from the college regarding the plan for staff to return to campus in anticipation of an in-person fall semester including the “Update on Return to Campus” message sent on May 28. Students have been on campus and served by staff who have remained on campus as well as those working from home over the past 16 months. Students are on-campus and taking classes this summer, and necessary protocols are in place for their access to campus buildings and services. As staff continue to come back to campus in increasing numbers, many are preparing to be fully on-campus before the bulk of students return in late July and August. If any employee has concerns about this return to campus, they should be talking with their supervisor for additional guidance. Human Resources has been providing additional information to supervisors.  All COVID-19 Updates and messages can always be found on the college website.  

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