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    Upcoming Events

    District IX Qualifier &
    Last Chance Tournament

    February 29 - March 1

    Any regularly enrolled undergraduate in a two year or four year college is eligible to participate.  Eligibility standards for AFA will be enforced. 

    Individual Events:

    We will offer all eleven AFA-NIET events at both tournaments in the following patterns:

    Pattern A: Prose, Informative, POI, Extemporaneous, After Dinner Speaking

    Pattern B: Impromptu, Duo, Persuasion, Drama, Communication Analysis, Poetry


    Individuals may not exceed a maximum entry of six events.  Events are subject to the rules of the AFA National Individual Events Tournament.  Finals will follow two preliminary rounds with a maximum of seven competitors advancing to finals.  Semi-finals will occur in events where there are more than 36 entries.  Please note that we are not following the traditional AFA-NIET patterns so plan accordingly.

    Complete event descriptions can be found on the official AFA-NIET website:

    Tournament Procedures for “Last Chance” Tournament:

    Only one, open division will be offered at the “Last Chance” tournament.  Any event with 7 contestants or fewer will not have a final round.  For events with more than 7 competitors, a final round will be held. Any event with more than 36 entries will advance to semifinals.


    Advancing to Elimination Rounds:  No more than half of the field will be advanced to finals.  Students will be rank ordered first by cumulative rankings, then by the highest speaker points.  All attempts will be made to make a clean break (by cumulative rankings).


    Placement in Elimination Rounds: Students will be rank ordered first by cumulative rankings (with exception for majority first place rankings), then by judge’s preference, followed by the highest reciprocal score (decimal conversion), and finally by the highest cumulative ratings.


    At-Large Legs Records:

    Please prepare your At-Large Legs records and documentation utilizing the AFA-NIET At-Large Reporting Form.  Your legs records must be uploaded onto the google document and sent to Sarah Hinkle, District IX Chair, for evaluation no later than at Registration for the District IX Qualifying Tournament.  Please note that complete leg packets should include the At-Large Reporting Form as well as information that can be used to verify the acquisition of legs (e.g. participating school lists for individual tournaments, final round tabulation sheets, etc.).  If this information cannot be readily verified, legs may not be counted toward qualification. 


    Qualification to the American Forensic Association’s NIET:

    Ten percent of participants in each event at the district tournament will advance to the AFA-NIET, with the total rounded to the highest number.  In all cases, a minimum of three will qualify in each event.  NOTE:  Students who have already qualified in an event may NOT enter that event, but may enter others in which they have NOT qualified at-large.  If a student has earned two legs towards at-large qualifying, and that student earns a third leg at the district tournament, that student shall be certified through the at-large procedure, and all other students will be moved up accordingly for purposes of NIET qualification, if tournament entries meet the standards for at-large qualification.  Please review the District IX Constitution and Bylaws as posted at:

    Saturday: $20 school fee

    Sunday: If you haven’t paid your district or nationals fees, they are due at registration (Fee is $50).
    Entries: $10 for each individual event slot

    $10 will be charged for each uncovered entry in individual events. One judge covers 6 IE Entries.


    Lunch will be on your own.


    Coffee and light breakfast fare will be available each morning along with snacks and refreshments during the day for all participants at no cost.


    *Note: Fees will be assessed as of noon, Wednesday, February 26th, and schools will be expected to pay fees as indicated by their entry (at that time) regardless of subsequent deletions. Drops/adds after this time will be charged $20 for each change.


    General Tournament Information:
    We will be hosting this year on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Please note that this is a smoke free campus.  An update will be emailed and posted the week of the tournament with more detailed information, including location of rounds and other pertinent tournament information.  

    Tournament Facilitation: 
    The district chair reserves the right to make any decisions necessary to facilitate the timely and accurate completion of the tournament. 



    Please submit your entry no later than Wednesday, February 26, 2020, by 5:00 pm MST.

    FORENSICTOURNMENT.NET is the preferred method of entry.


    Weekend SCHEDULE: 

    Saturday, February 29th

    Registration 7:45 AM, in ‘SS’ Social Sciences Building

    Last Chance Tournament      
    Saturday, February 29th


    Extemp Draw              8:00   
    RD 1A                       8:30-9:45   
    Ext Draw                   10:00

    RD 2A                       10:30-11:45   
    Lunch                        11:45-12:30   
    RD 1B                       12:30-1:45 PM  
    RD 2B                       2:00-3:15   
    Ext draw                    3:30   
    Finals A                    4:00-5:15   
    Finals B                     5:30-6:45   
    Awards                      ASAP  

    District IX Qualifier
    Sunday, March 1st   
    Extemp Draw            8:00   
    RD 1A                       8:30-9:45   
    Ext Draw                   10:00

    RD 2A                       10:30-11:45   
    Lunch                        11:45-12:45

    RD 1B                       12:45-2:15 PM  
    RD 2B                       2:15-3:45   
    Ext draw                  4:00   
    Finals A                   4:15-5:30   
    Finals B                   5:45-7:00   
    Awards                    ASAP 

    *Schedule subject to change based on entry size and at-large qualifications