Competitive Communications

Competitive Communications offers training and competitive opportunities for students interested in Speech, Debate, Mock Trial, and Model United Nations. All of our programs provide students an opportunity to develop skills in critical thinking, research, argumentation, oral communication, leadership, and listening. Additionally, students will develop cultural sensitivity and awareness, a nuanced understanding of current events and political processes/systems, and knowledge of how communication can be used to foster different types of relationships. 

Speech & Debate 2023-2024 Results

IFA, Mar 10-11, 2024 (Speech)

  • Impromptu Semi-finalist

YODL #4, Mar 1-2, 2024 (BP Tournament)

  • 1st Place, Novice Champions 
  • 7th Speaker (x2)

Vanderbilt University, Feb 2-3, 2024 (BP Tournament)

  • Semi-Finalists, Novice Debate

YODL #3, Jan 26-27, 2024 (BP Tournament)

  • Finalists, Novice Debate
  • 9th Speaker
  • 11th Speaker

University of Utah/University of Texas-El Paso, Jan 12-13, 2024 (Speech Tournament)

  • 1st Place, Dramatic Interp 
  • 1st Place, Poetry Interp
  • 3rd Place, Informative Speaking
  • 2nd Place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 4th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 3rd Place, Sweepstakes

Hofstra University, Dec 1-2, 2023 (Speech & IPDA Tournament)

  • Finalist, IPDA Debate
  • 3rd, IPDA Sweepstakes
  • 3rd Place, Impromptu Speaking
  • 4th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking

Al Johnson Memorial, Oct 28-29, 2023 (Speech & IPDA Tournament)

  • 1st Place, IPDA Debate
  • 5th Speaker, IPDA Debate
  • 1st Place, Dramatic Interp
  • 1st Place, Poetry Interp
  • 2nd Place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 2nd Place, Impromptu Speaking
  • 3rd Place, Impromptu Speaking
  • 4th Place, Impromptu Speaking

Rice University, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2023 (Speech Tournament) 

  • 3rd Place, Sweepstakes Day 1
  • 5th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 6th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking
  • 7th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking


Debate: Woke or Broke Culture

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