Information for New Students

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

How to: Prepare and Register for Classes 

Due to technical difficulties, the dates of registration have changed.  The Open Enrollment begins August 2nd at 9 am mountain time (MST) and runs through 5 pm MST on August 9th. Here is an overview of what you should do to be prepared to register for your Fall courses (Blocks 1 - 4):

  1. Complete (and/or review) the advising module here in Canvas, if not yet finished or if you would like a refresher; more detailed videos can also be found on the Hub website under the Advising Videos navigation.
  2. You should be registering for your own classes; if someone else needs to register for classes for you as your proxy because you will not have access to the internet, give that person permission by watching this video and following the instructions to add them to your multifactor verification. 
    • After registration is completed, if someone else needed to register for you, change your password as you should be the only person with access to your information.
  3. For each of the fall blocks, choose between 5 and 6 classes that you are interested in taking, for a total of 20 - 24 possible course selections for the entire semester. 
  4. Put your class choices into Stellic (our academic planning platform) including the CRN (class reference number); you can also store this information in another document to keep track of your selections.
  5. Watch the add/drop video which will show you how to add and drop courses to your schedule on registration day. 
  6. We will have last-minute drop-in zoom sessions to answer any final questions before the enrollment period opens.  Here are the links; no preregistration required:
  7. On August 2nd at 9 am (mountain time), you can start to add your classes through "Add/Drop" in Banner.  You will add your classes one at a time and in any order you like.  Be sure to PAY ATTENTION TO and READ THE POP-UPS. 
    • If you are waitlisted for any class, this means you do not have a seat in a class. Therefore, you should add another class that has an available seat and no waitlist.
    • If you have last-minute questions or if you are having difficulties adding classes, you can visit the drop-in zoom session on August 2nd from 8:30 am – 4 pm (mountain time). 
  8. August 9th  is the last day you can change your CC 100 and CC 120 and at 5 pm (mountain time) your selection will "freeze". 
    • After that time, you may only request a change of CC100/120 linked pair if you have a documented disability that needs to be approved by the Office of Accessibility Resources.
    • You will, however, be able to adjust your remaining courses from this point forward. If you have questions about the registration process, feel free to call or email the staff of the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub at or schedule an appointment with a member of the staff. 

Remember, you will have many other times to register for classes during your CC career. Please do not feel stressed or (too) disappointed if you don’t get into your first-choice classes for each, any, or all blocks during your first semester at CC. Instead, take a deep breath and know there will be many other opportunities to get into your top selection, courses that meet the general education and your major graduation requirements, those random courses that match with your areas of passion, and/or a class that just sounds like fun!

As a student of the liberal arts, we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, try an unexpected course that may challenge you (even, and especially, if it is not your top choice course for that block), and think creatively and critically about how you view and participate in the world around you. Get ready for "an endless unrehearsed intellectual adventure," as the British philosopher Michael Oakeshott once said during a campus visit, both in and outside of the classroom. 

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