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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I take a single block off, drop a class, or take a class pass/fail?
    Go to the Registrar's Office in Armstrong Hall to discuss any changes to your schedule or grade track.

    How do I take a block off, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the college?
    Contact a member of the Advising Hub. They can walk you through the process and relevant paperwork.

    What if I have questions about Student Honor and Community Standards processes and procedures?
    The Student Honor and Community Standards can be found online in The Pathfinder, CC's student guide. For more information, contact the Student Life Office at (719) 389-6689 to set up an appointment.

    Do I have any disciplinary records? How do I report this to graduate school?
    Contact the Student Life Office at (719) 389-6689 to find out what is in your record and make an appointment. Also review CC’s policy on disclosure, as stated in The Pathfinder under (H) Policy on Disciplinary Conduct Records.

    Who do I talk to if I need emergency funds? What do I need to do to receive emergency funding?
    Resources for emergencies are available for high-need students and students in crisis facing unexpected financial needs. These funds are administered by John Lauer, Associate Vice President for Student Life, located in Bemis Hall 120, and can be reached at (719) 389-6200. Students in need are asked to meet in person with John or reach out to the Student Life Office. Emergency funds are made possible through the generous donations from alumni, parents, and friends of Colorado College.