GS100 - Gen You - Using Numbers to Investigate and Understand Your Peers and the Social World of Gen Z

What characterizes you and your generation, Gen Z, at Colorado College or elsewhere? Do specific factors indicate what you might study or where you go to school? Are there social, emotional, or geographic factors that connect to personal well-being or success? What are your generation's attitude about race relations and equity? Learn how to use numbers to explore questions like these in this course, which is designed to help you see both the fun and power in numbers, particularly if you think you have math anxiety, statistics stress, or data dread. Most social, psychological, and biological processes yield numerical information that can be studied in ways that enhance our understanding. We will explore diverse subjects related to the questions above, and discuss the vital role of analytical thinking in problem solving from the natural and social sciences, using a combination of logical thinking, mathematics (no calculus), computer simulation, and oral and written discussion and analysis. 1 unit – Chan, Getty.

GS105 - The Power of Data and Models

The ability to use data and basic algebraic models (economic, biological, physical) gives you tools to investigate more deeply key concepts in a variety of disciplines. This adjunct course is designed to help students improve their skills in college algebra and precalculus skills in a context of investigating datasets and basic models. More broadly, a course goal is to help students be more successful in rigorous, gateway or required courses to majoring in math, science, and economics at Colorado College. Parts of the adjunct will involve teamwork with data and models, while other segments will be tailored to the individual’s progress in ALEKS learning modules. 0.25 unit. Offered Pass/Fail Only. - Getty.

GS222 - R U Ready?! Starting with R Coding and Data Visualization

The ability to analyze and represent data using multiple platforms is a key skill for students to possess in their analytical “toolbox.” Students and faculty at Colorado College have been requesting an introductory course to the programming and data visualization language R. Especially as R becomes more widely used in an array of disciplines and professions, this new Half Block course will be designed to help students either begin or improve their skills coding in R, and then analyze and present data visualizations in R. The course will include either individual students or student pairs using datasets of interest to them to analyze, represent, and interpret an aspect of the dataset using R. 0.50 unit. Offered Pass/Fail Only – Chui, Getty.

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