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    Working Together, Making Progress

    As Colorado College moves forward with new strategic initiatives, our mission remains the same — to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country. 

    This simple statement helps everyone at the college to focus clearly on what is most important: connecting our daily work to our core values.

    Together, we will continue making progress in the following areas: striving toward excellence in the workplace; enhancing wellness for the entire campus community; and fostering connections across diverse communities, disciplines, and academic and co-curricular experiences.

    Recommendation 5: Workplace Excellence

    "I think every employee would like to work for a good leader,” says Pedro de Araujo, associate dean of the college and associate professor of economics, who participated in the program. “You want to work with someone who has the tools to not only make decisions, but also to allow you to grow in your area. Offering these programs is not only helpful for the individual participating but also the direct reports and others they work with.”
    Colorado College is expanding the skillsets and perspectives of leaders across the college with a significant investment in leadership development. Ten individuals recently participated in Advanced Leadership in Higher Education. This program is part of a new partnership with Academic Impressions, a professional development organization focused on higher education.
    Additional progress related to professional development and a focus on wellness for the entire campus community is available on the updated Strategic Plan Progress webpage

    Recommendation 6: Connect the CC Experience

    Building on the Block 2.0 added a new recommendation to help students to build connections across diverse communities, disciplines, and academic and co-curricular experiences, and to link their CC education to their future aspirations. Find out how two groups are already being assembled to look at initiatives within the new recommendation

    The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

    Education continues to be a key component of the museum’s strategic plan goals. In January 2018, the museum initiated two new programs that establish stronger connections between K-12 schools and our renowned collections. Read more about the FAC’s new admission policies in “Connecting Local Students to Exceptional Arts Experiences” by Rebecca Tucker, museum director, for the FAC’s Arts Focus publication