Direct Printing from a Mac

When you use direct printing, you bypass papercut and whatever you print will immediately come out of the printer you send it to. In most cases, we recommend using papercut instead.

Set up direct printing on a mac

  • "Address" should be
  • "Protocol" should be Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • "Queue" should be the printer name, for example lib1-bw1
  • "Name" can be anything, we suggest making it the same as Queue, for example lib1-bw1
  • "Use" should be set to Generic PostScript Printer
    • Note that if you want to print in color, you'll need the specific driver. Download the driver package from Apple's website and install it, then in the "Use" field, choose "select software" and search for the model of the printer you are adding.
  • Click Add

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