Course Evaluations - Faculty

Students must fill out the all-college course evaluation for classes they take in order to see their grades. This page explains to faculty how to set up questions and options for evaluations of their courses.

How-to guide

  • 3.5 min video showing how to add questions to a course evaluation and other options
  • 2 min video showing how to view responses in SSB and order them as PDF or Excel reports

Customizing evaluations

  • You must customize your course evaluation by midnight the night before the evaluation is available to students.
  • By default, evaluations are available to students at noon on the last day of the block, usually wednesday).
  • Instructors may choose to change the date and time when the evaluation is available to the students, as long as the changed date falls between the last Friday of the block and the last day of the block.
  • Instructors may add up to 15 additional qualitative and quantitative questions.
  • In order to set up departmental questions, please contact the Solutions Center.

Viewing responses

  • Once signed into Banner SSB, order the reports in PDF, Spreadsheet or both formats. The reports will be delivered to you as an email attachment. Please note that it may take up to two hours for the reports to arrive in email after you have ordered them. If you do not receive the reports, please contact the Solutions Center.
  • All of the following criteria must be met before you can see the responses:
    • You've submitted your grades for the course
    • The Registrar has posted the grades
  • The deadline for students to complete the evaluations is the second Monday after the block ends. After the deadline has passed, you can view the responses even if all the students have not submitted an evaluation. If all the students have completed the evaluation before the deadline, you can view them at that time
  • Note that the academic deans can view responses for all faculty members; the department chairs and program directors can view responses for the faculty in their departments. By default, they can only view responses to the qualitative questions. You can release quantitative questions for review in the "Set Up" process.

  • Students need to submit the evaluation and the grades must be posted by the Registrar in order for the students to see their grades. Until then, the students will see a 'GW' code for their grade on their transcripts. Advisors and administrators with access to grades will be able to see the actual grades.

Department chairs

  • Once you sign into Banner SSB, go to "Faculty Services," and click "Course Evaluations." You will see a list of faculty members from your department. If you do not see the list, please contact the Registrar for the appropriate set up of department chair access.


  • Co-taught blocks will not have separate evaluations. The intention is to not burden the students by having them fill out more than one evaluation per block. Because of this, only 2-block courses, taught by 2 different instructors, sequentially rather than simultaneously are candidates for separate evaluations.
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