Research Development Blocks

Each fall, tenure-track faculty, lecturers and regular, part-time faculty are invited to apply for a faculty development blocks to be awarded for the following academic year. The block of release time is intended to support faculty research and scholarship.

Faculty will be invited to submit a proposal via email attachment by the third Monday of Block 2 to Dale Willson (

Please await the call before submitting a proposal.

Four to six development blocks will be awarded to tenure-track or adjunct faculty. In most cases, recipients should maintain a five-block minimum teaching load; however, we will consider the particular circumstances of chairs, directors and lecturers. Faculty who are on sabbatical leaves are ineligible for a development block.

The Dean and the Research and Development Board encourage proposals that will enable faculty to complete critical stages of research or creative projects, produce research results for publication, or initiate study in new fields of interest. We will take into account the merit of a proposal and whether the timing of a release block in the following year would be especially valuable.

Faculty development blocks, like sabbatical leaves, are awards of time (at full salary) rather than money. Faculty may apply separately to the appropriate divisional executive committee for funds to support research-related expenses; the divisional committee may, but is not obligated, to support research activities undertaken during the development block. Though faculty recipients do not teach during the block, they are still expected to fulfill other departmental and College responsibilities.

Recipients will be notified in November. After the development block is over, recipients are to send a brief written report to the Dean detailing what they accomplished.

Application Guidelines

Applicants should submit a clear and concise proposal that is accessible to non-specialists, and includes the following information:

1) Faculty member's name, title, department, and title of the project.

2) Description of project:

  1. a) Project's main purpose and objectives;
  2. b) Explanation of how a development block will enable the faculty member to achieve their goals; a timetable of their day-to-day schedule that indicates when they expect to engage in and complete particular activities; description of the preparatory work they will do to take full advantage of a release block;
  3. c) Explanation of how the completed work will eventually contribute to a final product and how that product will contribute to your field and your development as a scholar.

3) Prior support (in time and/or funding) for your project; other kinds of support for which you intend to apply.

4) A brief paragraph from the department chair or program director indicating his or her support of the development block project and whether the faculty member will be receiving a release block during the following academic year. We do not intend to replace release blocks. However, if your chair supports your application and anticipates that the block will have a significant impact on the department's course offerings, the chair can make a case for replacement and we will consider difficult situations.

5) A list of courses the faculty member would propose to teach the following academic year (number and title of courses) were the faculty member to receive a development block.

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