Funding for Visitors, Speakers, Experts and Collaborators

Faculty Visiting Speakers

Faculty can apply for up to $3500 to support visiting speakers for classroom and CC community enrichment. These funds support bringing distinguished visitors to the campus for a period of a few days. The visitors may give campus-wide lectures, lectures to or conversations with classes, informal seminars, or presentations to CC community student groups.

Crown Manuscript Workshops

The Crown Manuscript Workshops are part of the Crown Faculty Center's initiatives to support and promote productive scholarship at CC. The Manuscript Workshops bring together a CC faculty member and up to two experts in their field to discuss and provide feedback on the faculty member's manuscript.

Innovation at CC

Creativity and Innovation offers two kinds of funding opportunities for faculty and staff: Creative Exploration Grants and Changemaker Collaboration Grants. They also offer three kinds of opportunities for students.

Collaborative for Community Engagement

The CCE offers two opportunities for financial support for faculty working to integrate community work into teaching and research.


Each faculty member has individual needs regarding what kinds of investments would help them become better positioned to apply for and receive external research grant dollars. The SEGway funding program (Spurring/Supporting External Grants) is designed to support faculty as they become better positioned for external funding, as well as to support faculty who have active grants so that their grant-funded work is successful





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