Baca Writer's Retreat Grant

The Baca Campus provides a special place for focused and quiet writing. This grant will cover the cost for Baca rental and standard mileage ($200) to go to the Baca Campus for focused scholarly work. This is for 3-6 night stays, and depends on lodging availability.

Eligibility: Tenure-track or tenured faculty, lecturers, yearlong (full time) visiting faculty in 2023-24. Individual or group.

Purpose: To support time away to attend to scholarship (research and creativity, as appropriate to the field).  This is for 3-6 night stays, and depends on lodging availability. The Baca townhouses have kitchens.

Applicants may apply as individuals or as a group of colleagues. While family and partners may join you at the Baca, this is meant to support focused time on scholarship. (They might go on full-day hikes, whole day trips to the alligator farm and hot spring; you need to spend substantial time to write).

This is a pilot program for the fall of 2024, continuing based on its success in Summer 2023. We will evaluate if this program effectively supports scholarly work.

Note: CC employees can book personal trips to Baca. If you are interested in going for a family or personal leisure trip, you can directly book using the “Book a Private Visit” link on the Baca webpage.

Expected outcome: Goal-setting for scholarship project, focused work and progress on scholarship. Time away to enjoy the beauty surrounding the Baca Campus. Upon return from the trip, you will complete a short form to report the work completed and the Office for the Dean of the Faculty will issue a standage mileage reimbursement for $200 (equivalent to round trip from CC to the Baca at approximately 320 miles).

Grant award: This grant will cover the cost of the Baca townhouse rental, and upon completion of the writing retreat trip, a $200 mileage reimbursement. There is no meal and incidentals allowance. Upon grant approval, book on the Baca page using the “book a class visit” link.

Visit the application form online
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