Asian Studies Funding

Faculty Gaylord Research Grant


The Dean's Office and the Asian Studies Program have established a research fund for Colorado College faculty who participate in a variety of Asian-related activities. Through the terms of the Gaylord Endowment for Pacific Areas Studies, the Dean's Office and the Asian Studies Program support projects in or about countries/regions that touch on the Pacific Ocean. Typically, the call is issued via email and in the faculty digest in Block 2, with the deadline in Block 3. There is often a second call in block 6 with a deadline near or during spring break. In both fall and spring, after reviewing proposals, funding recommendations are put forward by an Asian Studies ad hoc faculty committee, but these decisions are then finalized through the Dean's office. Feel free to e-mail Vibha Kapuria-Foreman, the Director of the Asian Studies program, should you have any questions.

Eligible countries:

Through the terms of the Gaylord Endowment for Pacific Areas Studies, we are authorized to support projects in or about countries/regions that touch on the Pacific Ocean, as well as countries within South Asia. These include, but are not limited to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Comparative projects that involve at least one of these countries are also welcome. Please consult the Dean's Office or the Director of the Asian Studies Program regarding other Asian countries that are not on this list.

Project categories:

Categories of projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting a paper on an Asian topic at an international conference
  • Individual research or research with students in an Asian country
  • Research in the United States on an Asian topic with a goal toward publication or its equivalent
  • New initiatives (i.e. investigating new study abroad possibilities in an Asian country; creation of a new course that would be cross-listed with Asian Studies)
  • Purchase of research materials, including books, for a new or an ongoing project related to Asian Studies
Applicant priority:

Priority will be given to the following applicants:

  • Those who have taught core courses for Asian Studies (PA 290 Studying Asia; PA 406 Senior Seminar)
  • Those who have served as First and/or Second Readers to several Asian Studies theses as an overload and not been compensated through a departmental affiliation for this role
  • Those who have played an active role in Asian Studies projects at CC (e.g. organized an Asian- related conference at CC)
  • Those who have included CC students in their research about Asia (e.g. taken students to conferences to present research; co-published with students)
  • Those who have not been awarded Gaylord Research Grants in recent years, especially in the case of proposals of equal merit
Award levels:

Asian Studies Program anticipates allocating an annual sum of $10,000 for grant proposals.

  • $500 – Purchase of research materials.
  • $2,500 – creation of a new course in Asian Studies or one that would be cross-listed with Asian Studies
  • $2,500 – 10 days or fewer in an Asian country for conference or research; research in the United States.
  • $4,000 – Research in an Asian country that requires more than a 10-day stay and/or taking students to do research in an Asian country (students may not apply for this funding).

This funding may cover research carried out over the summer or during a non-teaching block.

Application procedure:
  • Submit one electronic version of your proposal with a budget, itemizing anticipated expenses, to Karen Obrzut in the Dean's Office. These will typically be due in Block 3 and at the end of Block 6. Please copy Tamara Bentley, the Director of the Asian Studies Program.
  • Applicants must be full-time or adjunct members of the faculty who will return to CC to teach the year following their
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply to other funding sources for the same
  • Each application will be judged on its own
  • Applications should include the following information, in this order:
    1. Name of faculty
    2. Current date
    3. Description of the
    4. Category of the project from the list above (#1 - #5).
    5. Detailed information regarding the priority category above (#1 - #4).
    6. Detailed budget (see below)
    7. A list of all external and internal grants (departmental, divisional, college) received in the last two years, specifying which other grants have been designated for this

Budgets for research or development projects as distinguished from professional meetings which involve travel or living expenses should be calculated in the following manner: transportation at .44 cents per mile or air coach or charter fare, whichever is lower; living allowances for off-campus maintenance at $125 per day for days 1-7; $100 per day for days 8-15; $75 per day for days 16-30 and $50 per day for days 31-42. To avoid paying taxes on the money received for the Faculty Gaylord Research Grant, receipts for reimbursement must be submitted to the business office with your research account number noted.

Decision-making process:

Asian Studies core faculty will vet the proposals and make recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty. The final decisions will be made by the Dean of the Faculty.


Questions? Please contact Vibha Kapuria-Foreman

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