Project 2024 Connectedness Grant

Purpose: A central theme from Project 2024 is the desire for Connectedness. This pilot grant will explore the impact of creating affinity groups to build strong and inclusive campus connections. This is a pilot program initiated within the Office of the Dean of the Faculty to run through the end of the academic year 2023-24. It will be evaluated for effectiveness.

Faculty and staff affinity groups foster cross-departmental social interaction, professional networking, and community building. Affinity Groups (AGs) are employee-led, formed beyond departmental boundaries, and often formed around shared backgrounds, goals, and identities. AGs may be especially impactful for cultivating inclusive and welcoming climates for underrepresented or marginalized communities. Through engagement and community building in AGs, we can strengthen and build connected environments and positive workplace cultures of care, collaboration, ADEI, and sense of community.

Grant applicants should be members of the Dean of the Faculty administrative division (e.g., faculty members, or staff in Dean of the Faculty division such as the Library), but members of the AGs can be from any division.

An affinity group should have at least one leader/organizer and a total of no less than 8 interested individuals who plan to participate. Names are not required to be shared.

Note: Faculty and staff also have other avenues of forming groups with shared professional interest. For example, the Educator Learning Communities Program (ELC) from the Crown Center supports the gathering of small groups of educators to discuss new pedagogical approaches, materials and tools for teaching, or other professional development topics. Funding for ELC is based on size and activities. Contact Ryan Bañagale if you are interested in starting or joining an ELC. 

Information requested in the application: Name and mission/goals of the affinity group. What you hope members will gain from participation in this group. Confirmation that there is interest (number of people who intend to join, but no names are needed for the application or for later reports). Name(s) or the lead(s)/organizer(s) who are contact persons. You do not need to submit a budget at application --- we will contact you to discuss budget and resource needs.

Expected outcome: Community building activities to promote inclusion, connection, openness. Feedback sharing though the end of 2023-24 with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty on the program’s effectiveness.

Grant award: up to $500 per semester to support the AG’s activities—the amount will depend on the size of the group and the types of activities.


Application Form is Online

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